Nationwide sponsors 6th Honor Flight

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Ninety senior Veterans made up on
a flight Columbus’ eighty-fifth flight. Excited for today? Yes, ma’am. It is the sixth time Nationwide has
sponsored the all day visit to our nation’s capital. Associates were eager to sign
up to help out on the ground and serve as guardians to the veterans. It’s about a culture of being more than
just about yourself and giving back and it’s a huge part of why
I love the company. The trip was right on time for associate Chris Rodriguez who escorted his
father Juan, a World War Two Army veteran. My sister text me about eight the morning
and said you know dad’s beginning be about ninety two we should probably think
about getting him on a Honor Flight. And I told her,
that Nationwide does Honor Flight, let me see if I can check into this maybe
they’ll be doing another one coming up. And about twenty thirty minutes later
there was an e-blast that went out to all the employees that said we are doing
one more Honor Flight on October 21st. And all I could think of is you know
is this divine intervention or what. It was real nice.
I enjoyed, I enjoyed being with so many people who congratulate,
us, me, for they, u, service, that serving in the army. People have been very nice. It’s wonderful. Finally these proud veterans spent their
final moments on the ground visiting the Vietnam and Korean War Memorials. The visit was important to Korean War
veteran Jim McFarland since his face is etched on this sacred stone. And this picture, I was,
rebuilding the switch. But a day visiting their
service memorials can’t compare to the crowd that greeted these
veterans back in Columbus. Many years after coming home
without proclamations and parades they finally got the thank
you they so rightly deserved. I’ve had a lot of,
thrilling experiences at my life, but this really touched my heart.


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