NEW JUSTIN BIEBER discovered in The Voice | Journey #61

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Hello, what’s your name? Mitch. My name is Mitch,
Mitch Paulsen. I’m 17 and from the Gold Coast. Just finished school, I’ve only been
really singing at home… in my bedroom…that’s,
that’s been my life. My childhood was spent performing little
shows out in the back for mom and dad. I never had microphones
back then but I used to have… a bit of pipe and then I’d have like
a little ball in and then I’d tape… it with masking tape and then it
formed like the shape of a microphone. Similar to…I don’t know
if it’s similar to The Voice one… but yeah anyway, I was having a good time.
So yeah. It”s gonna be really terrifying
going up there. Because I mean, I’m used
to singing in my bedroom. And when I’m coming on stage to sing
in front of artists… like Guy Sebastian,
yeah that’s daunting so… This is a pretty big step for me. What was interesting
about your performance… when everyone turned you
started to really perform. Yeah.
– How often do you play? Every day, at home that is.
This is a big step for me. I’ve only performed like twice.
But, for nothing this big actually. I’m shaking but… And what do you want?
What’s the aspiration? The dream. Do what I love, this is what I love to do
I found that out when I picked music up. And I wanna get bigger,
I don’t wanna sit in my room and… play music, I’m here to show
you what I got and… You got four chairs! Hey buddy!
– How are you doing? How are you bro?
– I’m good, I’m good. You feeling good? You should be.
– I’m still shaking but I’m good, I’m good. You know what I loved?
You were just undeterred. Like everyone turned around and
the crowd was going crazy. And you’re like, cool you do your thing.
I’m gonna do my thing, I’m not gonna like try harder,
I’m just gonna sit in it. And I think that just shows musical
maturity and you probably don’t… even realize you’re doing it.
And that’s what I love. it’s just natural for you to
just sit in a song. Can I, can I?
Well one, I love when artists come here… and they are open. You know what I mean?
You’re open to all the possibilities… that come with being here at The Voice
and that’s so exciting to me. And if I can be constructive,
I want to hear who you are. You know what I mean,
I want to help you find your identity here. As your coach that’s what I know
I can bring to the table for you… if you’re on Team Kelly,
So I want you on my team! Sorry Kelly but I’m gonna go with Guy. I’m gonna tell you what
you’re gonna be singing. Or at least who you’re gonna be singing. Ariana grande, all three of you. Well your song, God is a woman. Ooh You have to figure out
what your fuel is in this. Because, at the end of the day
you’re a bedroom singer. You just got this raw
talent and I love that. I’m just a bit worried about Mitch.
Mitch takes a lot longer to absorb… certain technical things,
because he is so new to music. I can tell already like,
you’re super raw. Like I’m asking you to sing notes
and more established singers… who have done this for a long time.
They’ll be able to pick those notes… really quickly.
For you, it’s gonna take a little bit longer. Because your ears aren’t
as trained as everyone else. Being the youngest and the most
inexperienced in this knock-out… it makes me anxious, nervous.
They’ve had many more years of experience. Guy told us that he’s only gonna
take one of us through so… This is do or die and I really
want to win this knock out. You’re only taking one of
these artists through. I have to say I am a
little bit thrown here. Because all of you guys surprised
me there and I feel like that… was the best all three of you
performed that song too. Thank you. These three to me, they’re all young guys.
they’re all in a semi-similair space. The thing that I’m looking for
the most is an upward trend. And the one that I saw the most
improvement and the most versatility… from in that performance… Was Mitch,
so I’m gonna go with Mitch. Mitch! Congratz! Bro, you killed that man. You absolutely killed that. Seriously. This next battle is between Mitch,
who’s the bedroom singer. And then we’ve got Elsa who Kelly
viciously rejected and I saved. I paired these two together
because they both are so effortless. And so current. The song I’ve chosen for Elsa and Mitch is
East Side by Benny Blanco. I think a song like this could be both
of their debut single. It’s effortless, it’s soulful.
– It’s a love song. Just look at each other and sing it
like you’re both in love, you know. And tell the story to each other.
“When we were young”. If we want to pull it off, man we
gotta act like we’ve been in love… and connect with everyone. Are you okay Mitch?
– Yeah. Whenever you gotta stand right
in front of someone… and speak to them and look at them,
it can be a bit awkward. the danger to Eastside is it’s not a big
show-off song. Connection is so much
more important than anything else. Ooh, I love this guy. I feel like you were in such a really,
really good pocket Mitch. With your tone and your whole vibe it’s like,
just like water down my back. It’s so cool and it’s not even tried and
that’s what’s so great about it. You have your own lane, just run,
blaze it, set it on fire. You know what I mean? So that’s my my love to you.
I think you are so unique. Guy, who do you want to take
through to the finals? You are why I do The Voice,
I see two artists in both of you. I feel like with the right song either
of you could work in this industry and… There’s one person whose path so far has
has stood out to me and keep surprising me. And that’s Mitch. For me as a coach,
I just need to stretch you a little bit. You rest on the fact that that you’re
cool and you lean on it I feel like now… we just need to show a little bit more
attitude. I know that there’s more than… just this bedroom singer thing that
we’ve talked about this whole time. I think I’ve got something special in Mitch.
But I need him to be something different than what we’ve seen before. I’m a massive fan of Billie Eilish it’s Bad Guy I’ve heard of it but…
– Don’t know it? No not at all. It’s not a song that I would sit
at home and listen to. Like it’s not something that
I would usually sing, so yeah. I don’t even know
how to feel right now Your energy at the moment can be really down.
You’ve always got this kind of thing. And it’s very inward.
You just need to be like…. You can’t sing those lyrics cute.
I want to see the badass Mitch coming out. To hear a guy sing this song,
it’s kind of hard to get your head around it. But I feel like this song is
gonna let him breathe a little bit more. I really think you’ve got what it takes
naturally to just pull this off. Big gamble. But it’s worth it.
If it pays off it’s great. I hope so. It’s the finals we can’t
play it safe now, you know? but we have to take a risk.
In doing so it could pay off… but it could go badly too. How are you feeling after the final? In my opinion it wasn’t
my strongest. We tried something, it didn’t all the way
work but it wasn’t a complete failure. But I think now is the time to really
get back to just what you do best. You know, who do you say are your heroes?
– Bieber for one. And then theres (John) Mayer. I can tick one of those boxes with
your next song. It’s Bieber and Ed with I don’t care.
– Ah, good track. That song is definitely up my alley. I’m back where I feel best and there’s
no excuses if I mess this one up. Kelly, what did you think? Yo, you loved it so much, you had a little
shuffle at the end it was so cute. Honestly Mitch I’m a fan.
I think you’re so talented. And this is quite
the way to recover. Thank you. Guy, did Mitch redeem himself tonight? Oh absolutely, that’s my favorite
performance of yours since your Blinds – That’s better. You know the reason I’ve backed you this
whole way Mitch… as a coach it’s really hard
sometimes in the mix of so many people… to make that decision as to who
you’re gonna take to your finals. And you know we’ve got all-stars on
this show there’s so many people… who have so much experience that’s
on that stage. But then every now and then… somebody like you comes along
and there’s just this rawness to it. You know even in our
mentoring sessions you’re trying to… to learn how to tune your guitar cause
normally you just do it on YouTube… And by it, you learn songs on YouTube.
And I love that because you’re not necessarily… somebody who’s got all this baggage and
all this stuff to deal with. You’re fresh and you’re so easy to mentor.
I love it, I love being your coach. And you proved why you
deserve to be here. Shows like this exist
for people like Mitch. He’s fresh out of school trying to decide
whether being an artist is an option. We’ve experimented, for some of
it’s worked and some of it hasn’t. Bad Guy was a little bit
dark, it didn’t go to plan. the last performance really worked. It’s so good to see him back where he shines. Every stage I get further in this competition.
My confidence just goes… through the roof more and more
and I just feel more comfortable on stage. The song is Better Now by
Post Malone and we’ve put a bit of… a reggae twist on it. Cool, with this one you just you
can’t be too late lazy. Yeah.
– It’s got to be… You know it’s got that energy to it
whereas you feel like…. That’s gonna get too lazy.
– Yeah. Mitch hasn’t really had any training
but in this performance he has to… pronounce his words. And he’s got to
attack this song a little harder. Like if this just floats by, I don’t know if
it’ll be enough. So it has to be special. You know what I mean? If you’re the
only guy that really kind of brings this… really cool sort of party vibe to the
semi-final, I think it’ll be enough. – Yeah, I’m gonna be enough. I will now announce the third artist who
did not receive enough votes… to go through to the Grand Finale. From team Guy… it’s Mitch. Come on down Mitch. You’ve been such
a memorable part of the show. Right from the very beginning.
What do you want to say? I just think you know the show’s
been everything and more I could…. have hoped it to be. And massive thank
you to Guy obviously, for believing in me. You know you’ve always
been someone I looked up to. My family they’re sticking with me
I love you all. And everyone at home… that’s just supported me.
You know this is only the start. And too you other three too. All your kind words and you know
positive criticism, I take it on board. And yeah you’ll see me soon.


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