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Hey everybody It’s your cue! Ok! It’s Damon And Jo It’s Damon and Jo I need hair products Damon needs tapioca and farofa I’m in need of those too Where can we get this? Brazil Supermarket We made a video in this supermarket back in the time, you should watch it We are getting everything One of each, please I’ll have the whole store And this is the return of Damon and Jo in the Brazilian Supermarket Let’s go! Oh my god, do you see how many guaranas? Damn, it’s late already You can’t? They’re stuck together Oh, you can That’s because I’m weak It’s always like this, we put our bags in the cart She’s getting all of these Oh, boy I was looking for this I got a whole bucket of this and it lasted a month Actually a week, but I’ll say a month Don’t you wanna get one of these? Actually I think I can pull it off Jo, look a this! This is for you I do need this! And you need the therapist Of course I need chocolate trakinas Bye! What do you need here in the Brazil Supermarket? I need tapioca, farofa Leaves with a mandioca in hand A wrap with tapioca! And this little purse, so cute Wait a second everybody Is this a feijoada? We made feijoada once but it was nothing like this It was like this Pao de queijo! Should I get it? Or should I make it myself like that time… I want to eat this so bad… I don’t need it, I can do it myself A homemade pao de queijo Of course I’m getting excited, because this right here is Brazil Brazil mixed with American culture… Cream cheese? Damon knows I want to cook some feijoada And the main ingredient is right over here If I ever want to make a sandwich I’m prepared Kick her out of here! He just learned this word and now can’t stop using it Someone kick her out of here No, but actually we need this Is that coxinha? Chicken coxinha Where my carinho?(affection) Our carrinho? (shopping cart) Is over there Where’s my carinho as well? Your carinho does not exist with me Jo Do you want some sweets? I just decided that we are making brigadeiros Amandita is good What’s mocoto? What’s the difference between milho suave and tradicional? You don’t get it like this because you like to get the homemade one Ok, I didn’t noticed how many carbohydrates was inside of this Do you know what? I don’t know if I want this I’m a little overwhelmed right know because everyone knows all of these products and I don’t Mucilon? Nothing reminds me more of my grandma’s house than this olive oil I learned this word in our video Rice seasoning? Isn’t just salt and garlic? Caipirinha set Ok, now we are talking! But where’s the cachaca? Can you get the Massa de pastel(Pastry dough)? Ok What is this everybody? I don’t know what this is… Massa de pastel, massa de pastel… Ok, massa is… flour? No that’s farinha Massa is pasta… No Ok, pastel is a little thing Massa de pastel? Pastel! Chicken Pastel, pastel, pastel… Two hours later Jo, what’s massa? Dough Yeah, but where? I’ve never seen this, mococa Found it! Pastry dough! We are going to cook a really good pastel A cheese pastel, because you dont eat meat I need mineiro cheese Is this the new toddynho? I don’t know, mococa Do you know? Have you heard of this? I’m finished with my groceries Damon… Damon have you finished? Alright, we are ready She’s paying for all of this I’m paying for the things I’m eating No, just kidding, I’m paying I’m such a good friend Damon I thought you were married Married? Can you imagine… The whole store No, this is for our videos, ok? You came here to get only one tapioca That’s all Jo Do you know how to make this tapioca? Why? There are different types of tapioca? I didn’t came from Brazil This tapioca is used to make a… like… Oh is this one? Rapioca Really? Rapioca? Rapioca is the brand name Is it your decision to choose what comes to the store? Is is not, but I do help with that It’s based on our clients, what they need the most You guys don’t have toddynho anymore? We get here and there’s no Toddynho I’m going to… Just… Forget it How often do you go back to Brazil? I’ve never went back there since I came here And are you healthy (saude)? I mean, do you miss there? (saudade) Saude and saudade I miss some things Look at this, you are in Brazil That’s all everyone! It’s over I cleared my bank account already We got a lot of brazilian products Which you are going to see in the next videos On the big sunday Because we make videos every sunday Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel And share! Because there are Brazilians all over the world That would love to know that there’s a Brazilian community here in Los Angeles Kisses everyone! See you next time! How did this get in our… To make our brigadeiro Toddynho? Toddy? Isn’t this like a Nescau? I don’t like Acai to eat, but I’ll put it on my hair


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