OG’s comeback to win DOTA 2’s TI8 | Against The Odds

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we went into it with a mentality
that friendship will win
in the end.
But at one point in your life
something’s going to change.
Change always happens.ANATHAN PHAM:When I first
started, it was really hard.
I think I was inexperienced,
like, even in life.
I didn’t know myself.SEBASTIEN DEBS:In hindsight,that was an incredible
turning point.
I didn’t realize how big it was,but now looking back at it,
this changed my life.
believe how much things change.
It changed into something
that nobody would ever expect.
I’ve learned is that actually
I appreciate my teammates,
my friends.
I appreciate the people
who are around me.
Without these people,I think it would’ve been
a completely different story.
[CROWD CHEERS] ANNOUNCER 1:OG!Game Five!One last game!ANNOUNCER 2:At its heart,this is a story
about when games got serious.
There’s 25 million dollars
on the line,
the largest prize pool
in esports history.
We’ve got 20,000 fans
here in the arena,
millions following
from their homes.
It seems impossible
for this team
to take home a championship.A team ranked dead last
by the majority of pundits.
What do we think
about OG making it this far? They weren’t even the same team
a couple months ago. OG have had such a miracle run. ANNOUNCER 5:
Even when they’re behind,
you always have that feeling like
it’s never over. It’s never over.The ultimate underdog storyThe story could end here
and it could be a fairytale.
But this is a story about something
much more than a game.
OG!Because when the stakes are this high
and the odds are against you
you find out
who your true friends are.
My name is Johan Sundstein.
My nickname is N0tail.I play competitive esports.Me and Tal, we go way back.Hello, everyone.He was my first teammate like,
inside and outside of the game.
I have a question
for all the viewers. What do you think
about this hair? Yeah.
He’s not too sure about that. It was a close bond.
It’s like brothers. I can’t, like, look at your hair
and feel serious about it. I can’t. There’s nothing wrong
with my hair. Be careful. I might gash you. [LAUGHS] [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] OWEN DAVIES:N0tail and Fly, you
could ask anyone in esports…
This is the ultimate friendship.These are two guys that have
just stuck with one another,
thick and thin
throughout different rosters,
different years,
different teams even.
The way me and Tal met
was in a public game. We were playing almost
every day,like either practicing
or just pubbing or whatever.
So, we ended up
talking a lot all the time.
You know,
he’s like a brother to me. JOHAN:When we started,we didn’t really know
the esports scene
was going to be a thing.
It was just us playing games
and we got kind of thrown into
what was this whole movement. [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] ANNOUNCER 2:We are here live
at Gamescom 2011
in beautiful Cologne.It is the International
1.6 million dollar prize pool.[ALL CHEERING] We’ve got some of the world’s
best teams here in Dota. They’re handing out a tournament
prize of 1.6 million dollars. GORDON BELLAMY:TI which is
short for “The International”
is the biggest competition
in Dota 2, which is one of the most popular
esports in the world. [ALL CONTINUE CHEERING] Every single competitive Dota
player wants TI above all else. JORIEN VAN DER HEIJDEN:
The first international,
it was 1.6 million dollar
prize pool, which had never been done.
It was revolutionary. Before TI
there was almost nothing in terms of career viability
with esports. PETER RUBIN:
Esports, in the earliest days,
started with
Donkey Kong tournaments and Space Invaders tournaments, just to see who could get
the highest score. Being paid at all for winning
a tournament was crazy. PETER:But with the rise
of The International,
you had this sort of
apical shift. DAVID WHARTON:When you talk
about The International,
it’s a really big deal.The super bowl of pro gaming,
the biggest tournament. A prize pool
of millions of dollarsand each year it’s increased,
it’s got bigger and bigger.
And the more money,
the bigger the stage. [ALL CHEERING] GORDON BELLAMY:
The people you see
playing at The International
are the best in esportand that’s because Dota 2
is a game with lots of nuance
and detail to play.ANNOUNCER 2:Joking here.JORIEN:It’s a game
of high skill, high focus.
Make no mistake.
It’s not just about skill.It’s about how you play
This is a team game. JORIEN:The goal is to destroy
the enemy’s Ancient
which is the main structure
in the base. [SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING] Dota 2 is a five on five game
of capture the flag. OWEN DAVIES:You spend the gamebuilding up the power
of your heroes
which are selected before
the game in a draft sequence.
With over a hundred
different heroes,
each hero having different
there are seemingly infinite
that make each game
as unique as possible
and one of the reasons why so
many people around the world
love to follow Dota 2.DAVID WHARTON:
It’s growing so fast.
You have no idea how far
it will go, how big it can get. [CHEERING] PHOTOGRAPHER: Tilt your head
slightly, good, that’s it. JOHAN:
Our first international was TI3.
PHOTOGRAPHER: I need to get
a picture of all five of you. JOHAN:It was in 2013
and we were playing
under the name Fnatic
at the time. PHOTOGRAPHER:
Get as close as you can, please. JOHAN:
I remember we were so stoked.
We’ve been working
for a year now to get here. It’s been a really long ride
and like, it means so much. TI, you know? That’s like… PHOTOGRAPHER: Closer. Then you came a long way. [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] ANNOUNCER 1:
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the 2013
playing in front of a crowd.
This is our chance to prove
that we could be the best.
It was intense, like,
it was on a whole other level. [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] ANNOUNCER 2:
And he’s going in.
Say hello to my missile bladeSmash and bash!Bring ’em down fast!Two more fall and GG. Fnatic
are guaranteed
a top eight finish
at The International 2013.
GG, Game over.They’ve made top eight
at The International.
A huge win.Fnatic, I think they’re capable
of winning against any team. ANNOUNCER:
We’re rooting for Fnatic.
We started high, but then, yeah,
you play somebody that’s been doing
this for a long time and, oh, boy. ANNOUNCER 2:
We have to remember Fnatic,
this is their first TI
They are already a top eight.It’s a great performance, but
Fnatic going up against Orange,we do say Orange
are the favorites.
Orange versus Fnatic.
ANNOUNCER 6:My bet is
on Orange,
they will take this bottom rackand there is nothing that Fnatic
could do to stop them.
Double kill for Mushi.Buyback by Doxia,buyback, and Mushi!
Triple ultra and GG.
We got put in our place.
ANNOUNCER 6:Fnatic have been
eliminated by the Malaysians.
Orange will advance themselves
Back then we were not ready.
we did have a serious talk
and after every TI, there’s a
lot of roster shuffles.
You know, the grass
is always greener,
I want to play with different
players, things like this.
But we thought experience
matters, we learned together.This will do us good
for the next TI.
PLAYER 1: Gonna be
another Q now. PLAYER 2: Okay. JORIEN:
If you make it to TI…
Before you get to play in front
of the crowd in the arena,
you have to play group stages, and you do that
from a hotel room.There’s a chance you will never
make it out of that hotel room.
JOHAN: Could have maybe gotten
a kill but that’s it. MALE INTERVIEWER 1:Here with
N0tail, this tournament,
you know, it didn’t go the way
you guys wanted it to go.
What do you think
the reasons were? All in all I think
there’s been a bunch of thingscoming to this disappointing
and there’s not so much
we could’ve done about it.
I think we did try
our best still. AUSTIN:
Despite working an entire year,
they couldn’t even get out
of the group stage. ANNOUNCER 7:Yes, we are here
for what could be
the very last gameof our grand final 2014.JOHAN:
Losing this one, the way we did,
all that is stuck in your head
is you’re out.It’s over.ANNOUNCER 6:They take
the victory against B.G.
Somebody else is going to win.
Over five million won by…
And it’s not going to be you.
And it’s a really hard pill
to swallow.There were some issues before
this TI and everybody in Fnatic,
they were ready to burn
some bridges
that they weren’t ready
to burn a year before. [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] [CROWD CHEERING] AUSTIN:After TI4,Fly and N0tail found themselves
on a new team,
and in their minds, this is going
to be a superstar roster. Team Secret,
we did feel like a super team,but then there was this
StarLadder Tournament.
And it’s onto the throne.
They got Secret by the jugular
and they take home…
But we ended up losing
and that hit us really hard.And after that,
I kind of saw it coming.
AUSTIN:With just months
to the next TI, Fly and N0tail
found themselves kicked from the
very team they had just joined.
They were forced to join
different teams. JOHAN:Shit, man, I…this is really not
what I wanted to happen.
This is not how I meant
for things to go down. CASEY: Hi. Casey.
Good to see you again. TAL:
Casey. Hi. Good to see you. CASEY: Thanks for doing this. TAL: No problem. Just going to get you
all mic’ed up. MALE INTERVIEWER 2: Cameras
rolling. N0tail, take one. So, we’re just going to start
with some basic questions. What are your biggest strengths
as a team? compLexity.
We’re kind of an underdog. We’re a very new team. We’re only together
for about three months. MALE INTERVIEWER 2: What role do
you play right now, currently? Right now, I play support
for Cloud9. What about team Fnatic? You guys seemed to scatter
a little bit. Are you still in contact
with a lot of those guys? TAL: Mostly N0tail. He’s a really good friend
of mine. We’ve been playing together ever since I’ve been playing
competitive. Obviously, N0tail’s here. I saw him
and we were having a fun time. But I miss being together
as a team. JOHAN:Every good Dota teamunderstands the phrase,
“a good teammate.”
The perfect team
would have these sort of traits,
like kindness,
and, you know, empathy.
Dota is a team game.
It is not about you. It’s about everyone around you. [CROWD CHEERING] MALE INTERVIEWER 2:Do your
teammates understand this, too?
JOHAN:I’ve tried to talk to my
teammates about these things.
They don’t view them
the same way as I do at all,
but I’ve been very happy
playing for them and I’m very excited going
into the TI with Cloud9. MALE INTERVIEWER 2: Awesome. ANNOUNCER 9:That’s it.Cloud9 call it GG.They know they are so far behindthey will give up their position
here at The International.
BG Gaming will move forward.ANNOUNCER 10:
Natus against compLexity.
There are no buybacks on the
four dead heroes of compLexity.
And GG,compLexity will be eliminated
from The International five.
the lights have gone out
on compLexity’s yearfor The International in 2015.[SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING] [WAVES CRASHING] TAL:Ever since I was a kid
I always…I hated losing.
I hated losing so much,
but I also loved competing.
I always thought,
maybe I would go into like,
being a fighter like my dad.I was very good at judo
and jujitsu
and all these things I did.
I was very talented.
You know, I wanted to make
my dad happy to, you know,
be strong for him, to win
things, to kind of compete. [CALM MUSIC PLAYING]It’s something that’s always
been with me whatever I do.
Losing is kind of not an option.[CALM MUSIC CONTINUES PLAYING] JOHAN:After a TI5 failure,personally, I was probably
at an all-time low.
There was one night
I ended up vomiting
and I thought about every loss,and every time I thought about
a loss, I felt even worse.
And it just kept going
throughout the whole night.
I think that was probably the
sickest I felt in my whole life.
I was ready to call it quits.But then I had a talk with Tal
about playing together again.
TAL:Myself and N0tail,
we know each other very well.
You know, we’re friends,where you rely on each other,
we lean on each other.
JOHAN:And we decided to go into
this together to make it,
make it as friends, make it
as a team, do something new. [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] TAL:Team OG was formed
by myself and N0tail.
The big idea behind OG
is a mindset of friendship, but also want to win. JOHAN:
It’s a mix of hunger, talent,
atmosphere, team dynamic.This is what matters.We just want to do things right,
like, do things our way. OWEN DAVIES:They were going to
create a team from the ground up
just finding three like-minded
individuals. Historically,
in esports the elite teamswill pick up fresh talent
from the tier two
and tier three teams.It was highly unusual
to pluck amateur talent
from the broader public.I never thought that anyone’s
going to come talk to me because I was a pub player. JOHAN:Miracle,
I looked at his game play
and he completely carried
the game.
Pub players play public matches.
It’s in this like, casual
at-home environment playing with nobody
watching.So, Miracle was a playerthat had limited
competitive experience.
But this was the guy that
I really wanted to play with. TAL:And then I brought Moon
over from compLexity.
I knew he’d fit our style.And the last one was Cr1t.Fuck you, Moon. TAL:He was always around,
never really on a top team,
but he shared
a similar mindset as us.
And I’m the captain.I try to, you know,
be the pillar for everyone.
You have to have five players
who are on the same page.
GORDON:I think
it’s the oldest tale in sports.
You can buy speed, you can buy
height, you can buy strength.
You can’t buy trust.You can’t buy communication.But you need all five
in order to win a championship. [CROWD CHEERING] ANNOUNCER 2:Live here in
Frankfurt, the first ever Major.
As the popularity of Dota 2 grew,the sheer volume
of those competing
meant the sport could sustaina season of high profile
leading up to TI.After TI5, Valve introduced a
new competitive system in Dota 2. It was called Majors. ANNOUNCER 8:Who will be claimed
the champion?
JORIEN:Three million dollar
on the line for Major
and implications
of getting an invite to TI
if you would win a Major.OWEN DAVIES:N0tail and Fly’s team,a band of unlikely individuals
that had never really had
any crazy amount of success
previously in Dota 2.
They were the underdogs
coming into the first Major.
Nobody expected anything. ANNOUNCER 8:OG have done it!They will be crowned
the champions
of the first ever Dota 2 Major,
live here, in Frankfurt.
JORIEN:The power couple
was reunited once again
and it seemed like
they could do anything. CROWD: OG! OG! OG! OG! TAL:It’s so amazing.We’re winning
and everyone’s cheering OG.There’s nothing better
than that.
of a new type of athlete
and these esports athletes
are coming
into incredibly high pressure
situations immediately. JORIEN:Playing in front
of 20,000 people,
in front of millions online,and for millions of dollars,
is big. DAVID:When you look at the
really big time high-level teams
they are looking for any
competitive edge they can find. JOHAN:Around that time,all these Majors
and big prize pools,
it was super intense.It was like a pressure cookerand so a couple of teams
started getting coaches. PETER RUBIN:So, finding a coach
in conventional sports
you get someone who was a star
player in a previous generation,
or just maybe a good playerwho had a really good mind
for the game.
In esports you don’t really have
a previous generation of star. So, where do you get your coach? SEBASTIEN DEBS:Beginning of
2016, I was living in Paris.
I was actually focusing
on future life plans.
I mean, university, college,
all these things.
[CALM MUSIC PLAYING]And at that point
I hadn’t played competitive
for three years or something. [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] ANNOUNCER 8:
This is when it gets real!
Counter Logic Gaming
going up against MTW,
the guys from France.SEBASTIEN:My nickname
is Effing Mad
my real name is Sébastien Debs. I love the game, obviously.I wanted to be the best
but I was really far from it.
TI2, yeah, I competed.ANNOUNCER 8:Fucking Mad! He wants
the blackhole. He picks up…
SEBASTIEN:But my team was like
bottom tier of the tournament.
ANNOUNCER 8:MTW are the first
team to be eliminated
from The International 2012.SEBASTIEN:
The sacrifices were too heavy.
I think I was kind
of losing myself.
I had put everything aside
for Dota
and it just came back
and kind of hit me in the face. [CALM MUSIC PLAYING]And then I got a message
through Twitter.
OG heard that I wasn’t
an active player anymore
and wanted to see if I would be
interested to coach them.My first reaction was that
I didn’t want to
because I had given up on Dota
pretty much.
JOHAN:Sébastien, he had played on
a lot of different teams.
I know Sébastien
was working really hard,but he was caught in these teams
that couldn’t really make it.
SEBASTIEN:I was watching
a lot of Dota still
because I mean, I’m very
passionate about the game.
The way he spoke about the game
you could tell
it wasn’t just passion,
it was brains,
and this is kind of what we saw.
OG, I had watched
almost all their games at the Frankfurt Major,
maybe all of them.This was a team that was playing
already on the highest levels.
Like, these guys
are champion material.
This coaching thing, it was
a very unique opportunity.
You might not get this chance
again, so seize it.
Next thing you know, I’m on
a plane to the Manila Major.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to The Manila Major.[CROWD CHEERING] JOHAN:The idea of a coach,
we kind of did it
because it was just like
what other teams were doing.
I wouldn’t say forced,
but a tiny bit forced. [CROWD CHEERING] ANNOUNCER 1:Welcome on stage,
JOHAN:I definitely
didn’t realize the potential
of Sébastien’s role in the teamuntil Manila Major.ANNOUNCER 12:
N0tail trying to lock down
Matumbaman, finish him off.The wolf will fall.OG getting the core kill
but the…
JOHAN:He told us what
the other team is going to do
and it was one hundred percent
on point.Draft.-Ooh!
-That’s a new hero. JOHAN:Game play…ANNOUNCER 12:N0tail.
He’ll engage forward Miracle
there with the BKB…Basically like their strategy. ANNOUNCER 12:
OG are doing it.
Liquid, they can’t withstand
the punishment.
JOHAN:We had the team.We just felt ourselves like, we were just feeding off
each other. ANNOUNCER 12:OG are
The Manila Major champions!
The Manila Major…
It was incredible. A huge shout out
to our coach Ceb. This would have never happened
without him. Sébastien, great job to him. ANNOUNCER 12: Yeah. GORDON:Part of the value
of winning a championship
is who you win it with.OG, they were known for their
teamwork and communication.That was the anchor.You win together,
you lose together. You want to create this feelingthat everybody
has each other’s back.
OWEN DAVIES:Everyone else
was switching people in and out
but OG were able to stay
as a unit and it was paying off.They were winning
major tournaments
and going into that year’s
they were pitted to be the teamto take the championship title
at TI6.
Ladies and gentlemen,
to The International 2016…
WOMAN 1: Whoo! Good.
Who’s ready? Who’s ready? MAN 1: The teams are arriving,
the players, the fans are hyped
and we’re all here waiting for The International
OG up against MVP.
What a terrific series to
kick off The International 2016. SEBASTIEN:For TI6, our chances
were obviously great.
I think we were feeling
really good. ANNOUNCER 15:
OG entering the key arena.
SEBASTIEN:We were considered
as like one of the best teams,
if not the best team,
in the world.
ANNOUNCER 16:Starting from
the Frankfurt Major
and then Manila
they really cemented… They are the top team right now. They are absolutely the team that everybody’s looking
to take down. JOHAN:We were seat one,
so much hype around us.
Anything but top three
would be like,
a huge disappointment.
OG definitely proved.
that they are ready to try
to have a five-on-five.
ANNOUNCER 18:Miracle now
stifling – dagger QO!
He rips apart Miracle!Double kill inside.
They’re pounding OG.
Almost an impossible ask for OG
to come back from this.ANNOUNCER 18:QO jumps down,
he finds Miracle!
Holding Miracle there…
GG!Well played.MVP have trashed
the two-time major winners,
the guys who were hoping to put
a TI win under their belt.
They may have to do it
through the lower bracket.
They have a longer journey…SEBASTIEN:OG TI6 was
one of the best teams
that ever played Dota,but the mindset that we had
going into games, of course, it impacts the Dota part. We are going to return
to a lower bracket now. JOHAN:
We went into this TI like,
I think we felt the highest
amount of pressure that we have ever felt before. ANNOUNCER 19:
We do have two teams,
who if they lose now
are done for another year.
Which is not where OG
thought they’d be, let alone where we all thought
they’d be. MAN 2:Most Dota tournaments,
if you lose in the upper bracket,
you still have a chance
to make a run to the finals
through the lower bracket.PETER RUBIN:
Double elimination,
it’s about being able to take
a beating and maybe come back. ANNOUNCER 14:
It is time for TNC versus OG.
JOHAN:We all knew
that we were so good.
We were so good.But we were definitely playing
We almost hit the hour mark,
as TNC, they’ll enter the mid.Do they go for a GG push?
Yup, they are!
They’re attacking
the tier four towers
and are ready to jump forward.Cr1t, he needs help now!That wall, will it be enough?Kuku still there in the corner,
Miracle, too.
They’re coming right back to it.
They’re going for the kill.
And TNC have done it.Two time Major winners,
you are gone!
on day number two of TI6,
something that I would never
imagine myself hearing.
I cannot believe it.
is about that tournament.
When it ends, I don’t think
you quite accept it.
The brain just doesn’t process
the fact that it’s over.
You can’t really believe it.It’s like, there’s no way
we did all this.
It’s like a blackout.You know, the mountain
that you’re supposed to climb, it just keeps getting higher
and trickier. Like from the beginning
of the season you look at something so tall and so hard to get up,
and you don’t know how to do it. You don’t even know
where to begin. You feel so small,
like, and helpless.After TI6, we were able to dodge
the roster shuffle.
MoonMeander was not a good fit
for me as a player
and Cr1t, he had other avenues
he wanted to seek,
like he has for a long time
wanted to play with EG
and some of the players on EG,and I think when Miracle saw,
you know,
the team like falling apart,he also looked at something
that looked a lot nicerthan trying to rebuild this.OWEN DAVIES:But the N0tail-Fly duo,
it doesn’t break.
These two want to just continueand build a new team
with them two at the core of it. Right out of the gate,
they added top tier talent. KEVIN:
They got S4 from another team,
very, very talented
former TI winner. ANNOUNCER 22:
The Alliance just won! Won!
You know, everybody remembers
when Alliance won TI3. [CROWD CHEERING] Just another day in Finland. Getting JerAx made sense. I’m about to make the biggest
mistake of my life. JORIEN:He was the best
four position during that time.
Hello. I’m going. [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] SEBASTIEN:Having JerAx join
was super hype.
He’s incredibly good
at the game. You’re very confident,
but you’re also humble about it. I think it’s a very Finnish
thing in the end. If you win TI,
can you be a little excited? -Will you brag a little bit then?
-Yeah. [LAUGHS] You can do better than that.
Come on. Yeah. And then they picked up Ana. Ana was like, “What?” [SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING] ANATHAN PHAM:
So, I was born in Melbourne.
I lived here
with two of my sisters
and one of my brother
and my mom.
And I pretty much lived here
my whole life until I went pro with Dota. They got the…
this Australian kid. OWEN DAVIES:He was a bit
of a shot in the dark.
People didn’t know
what to expect from Ana. He was complete unknown.
He came out of nowhere. ANATHAN:I was just playing pubs
every day.
I was a bit, not cocky,
but like, actually I was cocky. [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] We went through with the roster
and like finalized itand JerAx and S4, there was
no doubt in our mind, but Ana?
I kind of went out on a limb. ANATHAN:Like I just play
like, whatever I want to play
and like, it’s like so easy, like, I don’t know
how to say it. He’d never really played
consistently on a top team. But, Ana, like, I mean,
he was truly talented.We saw it really quickly.The way he approached the game,it wasn’t influenced
by other players’ play-style.
It wasn’t influenced
by how people think,
it wasn’t influenced
by anything.
It was pure. It was kind of a risk in a waybut from my perspective
first conversation with Ana,
Ana said,
“Let’s go win some Majors.”
And there was an “s” there,
you know?
So, one was not enough.There’s that insane confidence
in him.
“Let’s go win some Majors.”[CROWD CHEERING] ANNOUNCER 1:
Welcome onstage OG.
JOHAN:Going into Boston Major
with this new roster,
we felt really good.
We felt really confident. SEBASTIEN:But even then, the
rebuilding from a two-man roster
and you’re going to have
to prove it,
just like you’re nobody. MALE INTERVIEWER 3:How are you
feeling about this tournament?
I think there’s no team here that can beat us
in a best of five. The Fly and N0tail brothers
have been kind of holding hands through it all,but I mean, the team has
undergone some real shuffles.
he’s an interesting character.
Can you hold a conversation
with him? JOHAN:JerAx, he would dictate
the tempo of the game.
He’s like a dog
that’s chasing a ball, but you can’t really see
the ball.You’re just trying to run
after the dog
who is running after the ball.ANNOUNCER 23:
Gets kicked back by JerAx.
My position, it’s more
of like a roaming type.Mostly, I’m just moving around
the map and disabling enemies.
ANNOUNCER 23:Looking to kill
off the Rubik spies
and he’s going
to be able to do it.
And it’s very crucial
that I’m left to do my thing. ANNOUNCER 2:
He’s sitting there saying,
“Let me do my own thing.”And they’re seeing the results.
Who’s to stop him? ANNOUNCER 23:
Cornered again by JerAx,
jumps forward
with the boulder smash.
OG.No joke,
they’ve won three Majors.
It’s an incredible thing.JOHAN:Boston Major
was the third Major we won.
The roster had changed,but the one thing that was
consistent was me and Tal.
It felt like nothing
could stop us. SEBASTIEN:This team,
this roster felt so, so good.
JerAx, we knew how good he was
as a player, right?
Ana was the opposite. Ana had incredible potential,
flashes of brilliance,but Kiev, Kiev made him
a different player.
ANNOUNCER 24:Welcome to the
Kiev Major, the last Major
before we head
to The International of 2017.
[CROWD CHEERING] JOHAN:Kiev Major for Ana,it showed like, what kind
of a player he is. ANNOUNCER 2:It’s committed and
Ana feels it’s the opportunity.
JOHAN:He doesn’t really think
of the things that can go bad.
He thinks about what he can do
and then he goes for it.
No hesitation.I’m just going to run in
and fuck with them, you know. That is the best way to play and
Ana, he had it inside of him. ANNOUNCER 2:
Ana with a double kill!
I think joining OG
was the best day of my life. JOHAN: Ah! ANATHAN: [LAUGHING]The fact
that I was given a chance.
ANNOUNCER 2:This could be
the enchilada right now!
Ana focusing on the racks…ANATHAN:Before Kiev Major,I didn’t know if I was up
to the challenge. ANNOUNCER 2:But they just don’t
have the damage to repel OG.
OG will be claimed,four-time Dota 2 Major winners,
here in Kiev.
JESSE:Kiev Major, it was really
a shock when we won.
I always thought VP
was a really, really good team.
Taking a win from them,
you really want to celebrate. FEMALE INTERVIEWER 3:At the
Boston Major, N0tail said,
“Nobody can beat OG
in a best of five.” Three was incredible. Four, I think, I mean,
it’s even more so. ANNOUNCER 2:
What comes after legend?
TAL:We just hit like, a stridewhere we really found
what’s good for us. [CROWD CHEERING] SEBASTIEN:When the highest
level of Dota is played,
when every little detail
is thought through,
it’s something
that is beautiful in the sense
that I’ve never found this in anything else in my life. JESSE:Kiev Major,
we found our strengths
and, Sébastien really brought us
together as a team.
He’s like one of the players and he deserves the moment
to celebrate with us. [ALL CHEERING] OWEN DAVIES:So at this point,
OG with N0tail and Fly, four Majors,
it’s an achievement that I don’t
think we’ll ever see anyonebe able to reach again
in the world of Dota 2.
JOHAN:I did feel like
a big sense of achievement,
you know,
“Wow, four tournaments.” A lot of people were telling me
nobody has done this before.This is way better
than winning a TI.
This to me
wasn’t really the truth.
I always looked at TI as being
worth more than anything. [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] WOMEN IN COSTUMES:
Welcome to The International. ANNOUNCER 26:
The International Seven.
Nearly 24 million dollar
prize pool
with for the first time,
eight figures for first place. Ten million goes to the winner. JORIEN:
OG was already writing history
with winning four Majors
at that point.
Next up, The International. SEBASTIEN:Going into TI7,we knew that we were good enough
to perform really well
at that tournament. [CROWD CHEERING] ANNOUNCER 27:
There we go! OG taking on LGD.
A lot of eyes are on them,
of course.
Yet, we didn’t have the results
we expected. [CROWD CONTINUES CHEERING] ANNOUNCER 28:They’re going
to bring them down!
Chewing through Ana.LGD outlasting OG here.We just didn’t adapt
well enough. We didn’t play well enough. ANNOUNCER 28:
LGD they do it again.
Three deaths for Ana early
in this middle wave.
You know, from a Dota 2 point
of view, it was catastrophic. ANNOUNCER 28:And N0tail’s next.
No buybacks on three.
The end is nigh.ANNOUNCER 29:GGANNOUNCER 28:LGD slay
the beast! They move on.
We got completely outplayed
and just dumpstered
by a better team. [CROWD CHEERING] SPECTATORS:
It’s a bitter pill to swallow
for OG, for their fans,four-time Major champions,but it’s just something
about TI
that OG just can’t seem
to get it together.
It sucked. It really sucked
to lose another one. It sucks, you know?
It sucks to lose. Everybody knows that. MALE INTERVIEWER 4:
Thank you, Fly. I appreciate you
taking the time. KEVIN:Fly and N0tail,they have all these incredible
but the capstone
for every player is winning TI. And for OG,
another TI unsuccessful. It’s really shitty to say,
but you got to win TI. AUSTIN:As Dota got bigger,
The International got bigger.
The prize money got bigger.The stakes got higher
and as the stakes got higher,
the pressure intensified on OG
in every single way.And they simply
weren’t stepping up to it.
OWEN DAVIES:Fans started to question
what is it about OG
that seems to stop them
from being able to have success at an International? I mean, I don’t know. I, to be honest, I don’t know what makes you able
to come into TIas a favorite
and then still win.
I-I think it’s incredibly hard.What is it
that we’re doing wrong?
Why is it that we’re not able
to become the teamthat can win this title?So, yeah, I mean,
to be honest, I don’t know. JESSE:There was problemsof like, being too emotional
in the games.
We were kind of like, shattered,
I would say. JOHAN:You can only take
so much, right?
Like, every time you go for TI
and every time you lose,
every punch feels different.After TI7, there was a bit
of fatigue, especially in Ana.
SEBASTIEN:People can get
really, really harsh,
even towards a 17-year-old boythat is thousands of miles
away from home.
And it happens
very often in Dota
and that’s what it was with Ana,I mean, he was getting
a lot of flack.
A lot of players,
they just break because of it.
I was quite weak mentally.
I was just like, young
and, I mean, after TI7,I would hear
about what the haters would say
and, it affected me.JOHAN:If I had to go through
what he had gone through
at the age of 17,I think I would’ve crumbled
way before he did.
Everyone’s talented in the game,
but not everybody
has a good mindset.
You have to be strong.If you want to be
the absolute best,
you have to be mentally stronger
than everyone else.
It’s so easy for people to just
crumble when they start losing.
It’s just one tournament,
but you screw it up once
and like, it’s gone.It’s a lot of pressureand I didn’t really enjoy
that pressure.
JOHAN:After TI7, Ana,
he wasn’t ready to keep going.
MAN 3:Time to get into our draw
very shortly
for game number two for OG…After TI7, after they lose Ana,
OG, they just, they seem lost. MAN 4:Fly, though, is going
to stay calm and collected.
He’s been in this…KEVIN:They found this player,
He’d been playing amazing
at TI7, so OG, they grabbed him,
they threw him in their team,
but then for the rest of the year they played utterly mediocre. MAN 6:There’s the GG,
good luck cord by Fly…
They fall flat in qualifiers.
They fall flat in tournaments.KEVIN:Ever since then OG
has not been consistent.
They’re just not having
any success. Over time, because they won
so much and were so dominant,it’s only natural that watching
OG flounder a little bit,
definitely, was enjoyable
for some people.
MAN 7:Not much you can say
about OG, really.
They got dominated
in the second game.
MAN 8:It was definitely
a tough game to watch.
MAN 7:
Yeah. Very tough indeed.
JESSE:When you lose a lot,
you also lose trust.
Things get hectic.And you can have a conversationand then suddenly
it’s an argument
and suddenly the argument
makes distrust.
[SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING] JOHAN:Sometimes bad weeks
can turn into bad months,
and by the time
we got to Birmingham,
it was definitely
a downward spiral. ANNOUNCER 29:Raise the roof
here in Birmingham.
duo, 905 career wins.
You know the next closest
is over 200 behind.
JOHAN:I felt that something
was in the air.
On the side of OG,
you’ve got S4… JOHAN:Gustav and Tal, they were
talking more with each other,
talking about some
of the problems
we were having in the team.The team was starting
to be a bit dysfunctional. ANNOUNCER 31:
On the road to title,
N0tail jumps in trying
to kill him, but he just…
JOHAN:Evidence is there, nobody
really wants to acknowledge it.
But some kind of outside
pressure definitely got in.
And OG, this is the last hurrah.
[CROWD CHEERING] JOHAN:Birmingham.We flunked out.MAN 9:All of a sudden,
OG just falling apart there.
[SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING] We lose, and then
we go back to the hotel. JOHAN:It’s raining.
It’s thunder outside.
It’s like electricity
is in the air.
And, well, we just got called
into a room
and I learned that two players
are leaving,
and one of them
is my best friend.
Tal and S4, they’re going to EG.JORIEN:S4 leaving?
Sure, I could understand that.
But Fly? Leaving OG?He’s not just the captain,
he owns part of the team.
His girlfriend is the manager
of the team.
It would tear the team apart
if he would leave.
It was a huge shock, like, we
for sure didn’t see it coming. JOHAN:Not much was said.I think max three sentences
were spoken in that room.
Then they left.We spent eight years together
and now it’s over. That was how that happened. JESSE:Tal leaving
is a captain leaving.
He was always there for you
when you needed,
so you don’t expect it at all. SEBASTIEN:I just trusted him,
as simple as that.
I just trusted him.
He was the captain.
That means something.
At least to us. JOHAN:I always thought me
and Tal, something so strong,
how can it break?This was probably
the shittiest moment ever. SEBASTIEN:The second he learned
that Fly was leaving,
his face changed.-It was like, you know?
CHARLIE DEBS: Yeah. SEBASTIEN: He started surviving.
You know what I mean? Like, it’s like the face
of a guy that is like, surviving. [SOMBER MUSIC CONTINUES PLAYING] Dota has given me so much.
When I’m really sad or when things
aren’t looking so good, I just join a Dota game
with all the rest and it’s all back to that,
just playing the Dota game. It is done in the wrong way,
you know? Like, without the respect
that you deserve as a friend. SEBASTIEN:We just all
were staring at each other
and it was like, “Okay, guys.
What’s next?”
And then obviously
what would have been next
is Jesse goes to Finland
and I go to France.Johan goes to Denmark and we
just like, grieve what happened.
JOHAN:It was almost as if each
of us were looking at the other
waiting for that person to crack
and say, “I can’t. I’m out.I’m going home.”Either one of us could have
probably just ended it all
right then and thereand it would have brought
the other two with them,
but we only had each other and
we were there for each other.
I was like, “Hey, guys.
I think it’s a really bad idea
that we go our separate ways.
I think you guys
should come to Paris.
You know, I don’t really know
what we’re going to do there,
but we’re just going to be
together for each other
and we’re going to talk about
what we should do.”
JOHAN:I always believed that
the hardest choices in life
are the right ones.The ones that are easy
are usually the wrong ones.
And in this case,
there was only one right choice
and it was the hardest one
by far.
It was to rebuild. So forming a team three months
before TI and having a shot at winning TI?
No, not happening. For TI8, we were going to have
to take risks.We needed soldiers,we needed people that were ready
to listen and ready to play.
Three months left
till The International.If somebody was good enough
to be on a team,
they were already on a team. SEBASTIEN:
So I scout players a lot online.
I spend a lot of time playing
pubs and there was this guy.
I get frustrated
when I get outplayed, you know,
and when I get outplayed
it usually means
that the guy’s pretty good
at the game.
MAN 11:I’m going to focus
on up and coming talent who,
in the future, will have
maybe some more spotlight. And I remember being really
frustrated playing against him,so as soon as we got a spot,
I definitely thought of the guy
but the majority was like,
“Who the hell is Topson?”
Yeah, we might be able to call
him and find out for ourselves. Topson, you there? Topson, I learned quickly
that he was, well,similar to other Scandinavians,
maybe a bit more reserved.
I mean, everybody’s good
at something and for me, it’s playing Dota. MAN 11:How many pubs
do you play on average a day?
It’s around ten to 15,
like that.
Fifteen is pretty hard core.
I’m going to give you this. Playing games with your friends
is very different from playing in a competitive
environment. SEBASTIEN:It’s a risk,but that guy was like
extremely underrated
and he was,
as far as I was concerned, one of the best players
outside of the pro scene. [SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING] The next logical choice for us
was Ana. JOHAN:Ana hadn’t played
for a long time.
We knew Ana though.We knew how powerful he was
as a player. JORIEN:Ana coming back, I mean,
people at that point were like,
“Probably the last person
still available. Sure, why not?” ANATHAN:After TI7,
I felt really drained.
I went back home and I just
thought about, like, the year.Having a break, there was
a lot of self-reflecting,
like, I guess I grew up.[UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] AUSTIN:But, there was still
one spot left to fill.
This was, perhaps, the most
interesting choice of all. JOHAN:The real question is:Why not Sébastien as a player
instead of a coach? I’m happy when we achieve
the highest level. That’s the only thing
that matters to me.If I have to coach then
I’ll be coaching.
But Johan really wanted me
to play.
Sébastien is somebody
that talks about the game and understands the game.
I thought he was the best. It was a huge challenge, I mean, I had never played
at that level. [UPBEAT MUSIC CONTINUES PLAYING] So, what can you say,
can you guide us? No? And suddenly they like,
needed a coach and I was like, “Okay, man.” SEBASTIEN:It’s not like that.I trust him,
and then we needed a manager. I hate being the camera guy. JOHAN:I mean, I considered
them all my brothers,
but here we had a literal
brother of Sébastien.
Charlie was there for us. The idea for me was help them
as much as I can. JOHAN:Our boat caught fire
during Birmingham,
the ship was sinking,
everything was shit,
like we probably had
half a ship,
but we managed
to save it somehow.
And made it into the most
beautiful ship ever and, yeah,
I had to be the captain. JORIEN:So, new team,
and coming into TI8
they did not get
a direct invite. There was only one route
for them, open qualifiers. AUSTIN:In 2018, there were over
5,000 teams competing from home
for just ten open spots at TI8. Anybody can play in these
and it’s do-or-die matches. CHARLIE DEBS: How’s the house?
-It’s pretty good. Open qualifiers
can be incredibly brutal. SEBASTIEN:
You have to play a lot of games.
It’s a whole different
It’s about staying focusedand it’s about looking
at every game one by one.
But, uh, at the end of the day
our understanding of the game
was ahead of these teams. OG, they make it through
the open qualifiers,make it through
the regional qualifiers.
But they still might not even
get to play on the main stage. JORIEN:Eighteen teams from
across the world make it to TI8
and of those 18 teams, only 16
will play on the main stage. ANNOUNCER 32:
Even this fight here,
they over dive on the
They throw a lot…SEBASTIEN:The group stage
started off not very good for us.
MAN 12:OG!
What did you expect out of that?
We went one win, five losses.
We were almost bottom
of the group.It forced us
to start reflecting.
We had a long talk as a group.The thing that often happens is,you learn a lot
about your opponent,
but if you forget who you are
along the way,
you’re going to lose
no matter what.
We decided we are ourselves
when we’re together,
win or lose, we do it together. ANNOUNCER 33:
Tornado comes out
and that’s
enough to finish Mount…
Ceb get the marauder as well
and that’s it! GG is the call! SEBASTIEN:Started winning
pretty much every single series.
GG called yet again.
OG, doing it big
here in the group stages.
From the bottom of the group,
we made it all the way
to the upper brackets.
OG going to the main stage.
It’s good to be back. JOHAN:TI main stage.We wanted so bad to just wake up
and play those games.
Regardless of the result, we
just wanted to play those games.
The opening ceremony!
I’m going to get goose bumps!ANNOUNCER 35:
Every TI, I’m like,
“Oh, yeah, it’s another TI.”And then I get here I’m like,
“It’s as magical as ever.”
It is, isn’t it?
We’ve got six days
with the best Dota 2 teams
in the world,
25 million dollars in total,the top team taking away
11 million of that.
The largest esport prize pool
in history.
[CROWD CHEERING]For the fans.Without you, guys,
none of this is possible.
Can we hear from the fans,
The moment is once again at hand
for the chance to wage battleon the world’s biggest stage!Please, give a warm welcometo the finest Dota teams
in the world.
Veterans and newcomers alike.ANNOUNCER 2:
The third iteration of OG.
Old rivalries rekindled.
Capture the fire and the glory.
with the explosive VGJ.Storm
coming in against OG.ANNOUNCER 37:VGJ.Storm,
they’ve had a fantastic season.
They have to be
the favorites here. ANNOUNCER 37:There’s a lot more
pressure on OG right now.
Ana’s got some experience here.
And obviously Ceb’s got
a ton of experience,
as has N0tail and JerAx as well,
but what about Topson in there?
What’s going through
his mind right now?
First TI, big, big stage.SEBASTIEN:Going to TI
main stage for the first time,
it’s a different pressure. This Topson story
has got me just tingling.It’s so ridiculous.He’s got 3K
in his bank account
and he’s stepping into TI,
playing for 11 million.
It’s just absurd.TOPIAS:You see all the Dota
players, the biggest fans,
just gather for this one event
that you, yourself, have been watching
for all the yearsand now you’re actually
right there in the middle of it.
It’s unreal. [CROWD CONTINUES CHEERING] JOHAN:His first international
tournament on a high level,
I can’t put myself in his shoes. I have no idea
what that must feel like. [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] ANNOUNCER 39:
They got to be careful.
There’s a lot of damage coming
in with the hurled boulders.
First game was really rough. ANNOUNCER 39:
Ana now on the run
trying to get
the heck out of here,
but they are isolated.
They are killed.
We played from behind
almost the entire game. ANNOUNCER 39:To stay away
from the damage coming out…
SEBASTIEN:But it ended up
the fighting spirit
of everybody on the team
was like, through the roof.
Ana, specifically,
the way he played,
he showed an immense amount
of confidence.
[CROWD CONTINUES CHEERING]He went for like, really big plays
knowing that we got his back.
And I realize, that guy,
that guy’s feeling great. ANNOUNCER 39:
You can start to feel
something building here for OG.KEVIN:The previous year at TI7,
it seemed like Ana,
he was the one that was playing
inconsistently, not doing well,getting the most heat
from the public.
And now all of a sudden,
people started looking back
and being like, “Maybe Ana
was the magic to their team.” ANNOUNCER 39:
Ana taking the tier three tower,
now moving on
to the other barracks.
How quickly things change.ANATHAN:I was playing my best.[CHUCKLES] [CROWD CONTINUES CHEERING] SEBASTIEN:We all got
a lot of momentum
from that first game
against VGJ.
[UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] Best placement that
that organization has ever had
at The International.Can you believe it?SEBASTIEN:And game two was
pretty much us riding the momentum,
and then just like
not giving them a chance. ANNOUNCER 39:
OG on in the upper bracket.
Unbelievable performance
for a team that feels like
they just formed.Showing up here on the main
stage and taking down VGJ.STORM
that’s looked like one of the
best teams in the tournament.
ANNOUNCER 39:Looking at OG
and how they played today,
do you think that momentum
is going to carry on?
It’s definitely possible.
But the next round is going
to be very, very tough for them. Destiny had it in for us.
It just… it had to happen. What are your thoughts on facing
OG and some of your old pals? And it did happen. Obviously, there’s been
some history there.So, I’m just going to focus
on the game.
Doesn’t matter who I play.[CROWD CHEERING] I treat it the same way. ANNOUNCER 2:The chase
for the Aegis of Champions
continues here in Vancouver.Welcome back
to day number three.
The ultimate semifinal upper
bracket between two teams
who know each other
far too well for their own good.
OG versus EG.I love me some spicy stuffand OG versus EG is probably the
spiciest match of the entire TI.
ANNOUNCER 2:Yeah. It’s nothing
to do with the players
and I’m sure they’ll be
perfect gentlemen
and they’ll be sportsmen-like.The hype around the EG-OG match
was incredible,you know,
a classic sports story.
The grudge match. The rivalry. It’s a rivalry, right?
It’s a bit of drama. ANNOUNCER 4:There’s some stuff
to talk about there.
ANNOUNCER 39:Some stuff?I mean, there’s a lot of things
to talk about there. ANNOUNCER 2:
There’s no more iconic duo
in the history of Dota 2than N0tail and Fly
as a player combo,
and to see them break up…OG, they’re the ones who kind
of got left on their own to scramble to find
these last minute replacements.They bring in Ana,
they bring in Topson.
They just had their leadership
leave the team.
They’re motivated
to get some revenge.
Why did you leave OG?
The team hasn’t worked
for a long time. I felt like this is really
a team I could win with as opposed to the previous team where I felt like
we kind of hit a dead end. And yeah, I want to win, and I want to do it
with teammates I believe in. JOHAN:When Tal says
that he didn’t believe
in the team anymoreand that it wasn’t
going to work,
I know for a fact there was
more to it than just that,
and let’s just leave it at that.SEBASTIEN:No matter
what I think about them
and what they have done to me,I’m just looking
at the Dota part
and they were playing
incredibly well
and they were a very scary team
to go against.
I think it’s fair to say
that EG are the favorites
going into this
They looked super good
in the group stage.
They looked really convincing in
their first upper bracket match.
EG is one of the absolute
strongest teams here.
GORDON:EG was highly favored,but it depends
on what you favor, right? I think a lot of people’s heart
was with the story of OG, even if their minds
were with EG. ANNOUNCER 1:
OG versus Evil Geniuses.
SEBASTIEN:But again, against
EG, the upper bracket semifinal,
our strategy was to force them
to pick heroes
that they weren’t used
to playing.
I didn’t want them to live
in their comfort zone at all.
I wanted to force them
to just think on the spot.
ANNOUNCER 41:With the
traditional set up for the kill,
nice micro there from N0tail
as to be expected.
What really stands out
was specifically Topson,I mean, he has to play
against Sumail.
Sumail is definitely
very confident in himself. Sumail, what’s your motivation? -Money.
-Money? Yeah. Definitely. He did win TI when he was 16.He’s had these long periodswhere he was genuinely
the best player in the game
and everybody knew it. I’m the best at it, but I can
also make money out of it. So, it’s just a bonus. And Topson was gonna have
to play against that guy, right?It should be a really
rough game for Topson.
Oh! Sumail outplays Topson.
But he didn’t get affected
by it at all.He actually played
extremely well.
S4 getting solo
killed there by Topson.And now looking to Fly, Topson
finds the double kill and…
He went on and just like,
destroyed the game. ANNOUNCER 42:
Tornado, Topson he’s back,
with the save!
He was moving straight up alone. ANNOUNCER 42:Capture the black
hole to the corner for Topson,
straight up to the line
and he takes him out.
He didn’t have to say much. There was always somebody dead
from the enemy team. ANNOUNCER 42:Might as well,
GG is called and game won.
I let my playing do the talking. ANNOUNCER 43:
Topson definitely coming out
strong on that invoker.[CROWD CHEERING] JOHAN:
I think we did a pretty good job
of winning in a good way.Winning in a way that also
damaged their mentality. ANNOUNCER 42:In a serious way,
I think a lot of people
expected to see something
quite fantastic from EG.
OG absolutely crushed it,
32 minutes in,
18K, the pressure, the speed
that they could play at,
it just never got to a point
where Sumail or Arteezy
could really offer much
in the fight.
They were always playing
from behind
because of how well OG
kept the pressure up.
ANNOUNCER 44:Yup. Pretty much.OG currently leads 1-0
in this best of three to try to remain
in a secure top three spot. ANNOUNCER 1:Game two.ANNOUNCER 44:
Can they keep it up in game two?
[SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING] Game two, we got off
to a good start. ANNOUNCER 44:Sumail,
trying to back away.
There’s N0tail, he gets the kill.[CROWD CHEERING] Sixteen minutes in or something
it’s like we’re stomping them. ANNOUNCER 44:Ceb, he’s ready for
round two. The question is,
are Evil Geniuses?JOHAN:
Game two was a pretty good game
if you look
at the first 20 minutes. And then it stopped being good. [CROWD CONTINUES CHEERING] SEBASTIEN:The fact that we beat
them once just means that
they’re as dangerous as a
wounded wild beast, you know?
Like, it’s going
to try to kill you as soon as it gets the chance. ANNOUNCER 44:Topson on
top, charge out straight away
to get the go-through as well.The shards will come down
to hold Sumail back,
but it’s not enough
to save Topson.
[SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING] We let our guard down. ANNOUNCER 44:
The Ancient exposed,
GG is called and EG…ANNOUNCER 45:What a comeback!ANNOUNCER 44:…take the series
to a game three.
I’m kind of worried for OG
for the third game. ANNOUNCER 47:Can they win?SEBASTIEN:
They were better game two.
They just outclassed us in
every single aspect of the game.
ANNOUNCER 48:I’m expecting some
much bigger plays from Sumail.
With how strong they started,
it just all shattered.[SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING] ANNOUNCER 44:
This game determines
which team gets to secure
a top three spot
here at The International.SEBASTIEN:Game three,
from the very beginning
they were in charge.ANNOUNCER 44:
Starting to get messy
now for OG,
it was a 3K lead, now for EG.
SEBASTIEN:EG was a lot
about controlling the map.
It’s a very structured
and thought through play style.
It’s really good though.So, it’s really hard
to get out of it, like we’re talking, we were just
trying to survive that game. ANNOUNCER 44: Pressure is hard felt
by Sumail! Topson is dead.You need the five players to be
aware of what they’re doing
in order to break it, right?This time,
Topson didn’t carry us. ANNOUNCER 44:Take it down
inside to Sumail again.
Double kill.JOHAN:I think Sumail got really
angry after that first game.
ANNOUNCER 44:Sumail comes in
for the triple kill!
Sumail another ultra-kill.Back-to-back ultra-kills
for Sumail.
Back for round two,
they have lost Fly, EG.
At that point, the game
had spun out of control. ANNOUNCER 44:Sumail into
the combo finds himself N0tail.
OG they just have to get
themselves the hell out of here.
They cannot stand anyway.
They had us in a chokehold.
But we somehow escaped
this chokehold. ANNOUNCER 44:
Can they get it anymore?
[CROWD CHEERING] We clawed our way back. ANNOUNCER 44:Absolutely doing
it the buybacks there from OG.
We ended up forcing them to play a game they did not want
to play.And they started slowly,
slowly playing into our hands,
which ended up
turning the tide completely. ANNOUNCER 44:
Ana still alive, put down Sumail,
double kill for Ana.[CROWD CONTINUES CHEERING]It’s OG looking
to close things up.
Going to the Ancient.OG wins the series 2-1!JOHAN:I remember
hitting my keyboard so hard
that the keys fell off.ANNOUNCER 44:…OG moving
one step closer to The Aegis.
SEBASTIEN:I mean, Johan had
the look I’ve seen him have…
you could tell,
it was about what had happened.
I felt extremely angry.
I felt really happy. I felt really sad.I felt like I wasn’t really
in control of anything.
It was just everything
coming back to me.
The whole Birmingham situation,what the feeling was in the room
when we got the news,
how things were handled.Everything just came back to me
after we won. ANNOUNCER 44:
OG against all odds
were able to bring
this game back around.
ANNOUNCER 49:What unbelievable
comebacks we had.
JOHAN:Shaking his hand
being the winner,
it was very gratifying.ANNOUNCER 49:
OG with the fortitude
to stick through it after…ANNOUNCER 44:Whoa!
Oh, the look there from N0tail.
Revenge and anger, it’s not
the healthiest emotions.But right after
we walked off stage,
Sébastien snapped me out of it.SEBASTIEN:These guys
didn’t believe in you.
They thought
you were not worth their time
and now not only
you proved them wrong,
it’s like
you’re better than them.
into TI as the underdogs.
You are now guaranteed
top three.
SEBASTIEN:Sounds like a dream.Or like it doesn’t sound like
reality.We have faced so many failures
in the past,
that we’re not ashamed of.
We’re proud of them.
That’s what made us.ANNOUNCER 2:
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the penultimate day.We have just five teams
By the end of today,we will know
who the grand finalists will be.
Let’s welcome team OG!Making it to the upper
bracket finals,
they are ready the face
their opponent, PSG.LGD.
LGD had had very impressive
recent tournament results. ANNOUNCER 4:LGD’s round
of the last few tournaments,
they’ve won two Majors very
close to the end of the season. ANNOUNCER 2:
I’m on the LGD hype train.
My bracket says LGD.It said LGD from the beginning
of the very tournament. JORIEN:Their squad
was the Chinese Chosen One.
They looked strong.
They had a good strategy.
They had their star player.They had all the ingredients
to win at TI. Most analysts thought this team,
there was no chance for OG. ANNOUNCER 4:We have the
top teams in the Dota scene.
And OG, which is maybe
the surprise. ANNOUNCER 3:What do we think
about OG making it this far?
They weren’t even the same team
a couple months ago.
OG have had such a miracle run.
I mean, it is.
It’s an absolute remarkable run.You know, even if they don’t
end up doing so great
at the end of it all,they defeated their nemesis
already, right?
Game one against LGD,
it’s like, we have been looking
at them destroy other teamsand now we have to play
against them.
A lot of LGD fans.
Are they still around? [CROWD CHEERING] ANNOUNCER 50:
Hearing the roar from the crowd
every time LGD is mentionedhas to put a little bit
of intimidation onto OG.
These guys were here
to win the tournament.But we’re so passionate
about the game
that once the game starts,
we just dive into the game.
Ceb is just all by himself
able to tank through everything.There’s no LGD,
there’s no OG, there’s no TI.It’s just about the game
that is in front of you
and you have to win it.ANNOUNCER 51:
That’s double kill to OG.
Now we’re spamming in Chinese
instead of spamming in English.
We’re feeling great.
We think it’s really funny
and we’re having fun.
Unstoppable Enchantress.
We were in control of the game.
They just eliminate Ame.
ANNOUNCER 52:So OG defeating
one of LGD’s best strategies
in game number one.DAVID:When you’re an underdog,
that can really help you
to play more freely
and be more successful.But if you start thinking
about winning,
that’s where you run
into trouble.
This game should be over.
There’s too many heroes down.Topson and – Ceb!SEBASTIEN:They’re a great team
and we knew that.
We knew they were here
to crush us if they could.
ANNOUNCER 51:A triple killsends LGD
into a deciding game against OG!
Game two’s done,
and they won it.But you just like
set your focus on what matters,
what’s in front of you,
and that’s game three.
ANNOUNCER 1:Game three![UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] [CROWD CHEERING] So, they’re tied 1-1. If OG can win this game three,
they are in the Grand Finals. JOHAN:Game three versus LGD.[CROWD CONTINUES CHEERING]They’re making good moves.
They’re picking us off.
And the pressure will continue.
SEBASTIEN:Game three…ANNOUNCER 51:It’s going from
bad to worse for him.
I remember we were just
getting slaughtered.They’re just opening us right,
left and center.
ANNOUNCER 51:N0tail under the
tower. And FY can do no wrong.
LGD they have a good opening
to actually pull us
out of the game
but they go for the throne.ANNOUNCER 51:LGD want this now!JOHAN:They basically try
to win right then and there
and that was a big mistake.They weren’t patient.
They couldn’t wait.
“Oh, this is ours for sure.
Let’s just grab it.”But it wasn’t the time
to grab it.
There’s no way
this is going to work.
And we started to counter
their play.
ANNOUNCER 51:There’s the slash!There’s the duck, JerAx!This guy’s an NBA all-star!Topson is there.They push forward.
They gather control.
LGD with four heroes
who do not have buyback!
OG, they are going to push.Topson, he showed up
in a huge way. ANNOUNCER 51:Topson and JerAx
start coming through the mid.
Topson was talking about
how his hands were shakinglike, the amount of adrenaline.TOPIAS:Tried to focus
on clicking the Ancient.
The Ancient, the Ancient… ANNOUNCER 51:LGD!
My, how the tables have turned!
KEVIN:A few months before,
Topson was sitting at home
a very unknown,
unproven pub player.And now he’s dominating
the winner bracket at TI.
LGD has nothing left!
TOPIAS:I just felt so powerful
in that moment.
It was a really great feeling. ANNOUNCER 53:
Call it the craziest game
in the whole tournament
that we’ve had so far.
OG, they have reached
their first TI Grand Final.Holy shit!
You’re going to the Grand Final.A year ago right now
if someone had told you
that you would be playing
in the Grand Final of TI8,
would you have believed them?No. No. No way. [SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING] ANNOUNCER 2:
Ladies and gentlemen,
our final day is upon us.I can feel the excitement
inside the arena.
SEBASTIEN:We’re gonna play
the TI Grand Finals.
I’ll be a player
in the TI Grand Finals.
That’s just,
that sounded unreal.
It’s been a lifelong dream
for me
to get to the finals of TI.
I’ve always wanted
to just get there.
We were so excited
to play those finals. ALL: OG! OG! OG! OG! ANNOUNCER 54:
The Grand Finals of TI8.
We kick it off with OGbattling all the way
through the upper bracket
defying all odds
and all predictions.
SEBASTIEN:The bad guy dies
at the end of the movie,
you think it’s the end,
but it’s not. ANNOUNCER 54:
And it’s none other
than a rematch against PSG.LGD.[CROWD CHEERING] LGD had to fight their way
back to the top bracket. LGD ended up battling
through Evil Geniuses. ANNOUNCER 54:
LGD smelled blood.
EG trying to stem the bleeding.PSG.LGD are moving on
to the Grand Finals.
They crush EG 2-0. [CROWD CHEERING] Shout out to LGD
for playing such a good game. Good luck to you, guys. JOHAN:LGD, they were not done.They were coming.They were coming for more. [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] ANNOUNCER 1:PSG.LGD!KEVIN:OG was able to beat LGD
in a close best of three,
but when you have to rematch
again in a best of five, everything goes out the window. ANNOUNCER 5:
Most likely outcome for me
is probably LGD winning
by three to one. Going up against LGD again
in a best of five,there’s some of the doubters
online would’ve still said,
“OG, this lineup cannot win
a best of five. They cannot win a Grand Finals.” ANNOUNCER 5:
It almost feels like
we’re looking
at a matchup of heart
and then closer to machine
perfection on LGD, right?
And I mean, LGD had to carry
that pressure and pride
for the whole Chinese scene.There’s been one reoccurring
theme for every International and it’s been
the East versus West.West won the first,
East won the second.
And ever since then,
it’s been taking turns.
We had it in the back
of our heads,
we heard it around us,
because people talk about it. We’re a Chinese team
in an even year and it’s the eighth year,
by the way, which is very lucky in China. MAN 13:And then I was like,“Do you think this year
is Chinese year?”
And Johan, he was like,
“No, don’t think like that.”And I was like, “Come on, man.Ana is a little bit
We were fine either way.
If the curse was real,
then it’s on our side, you know? ANNOUNCER 55:
On the control. JerAx straight in.
Everybody’s too late.
Somnus finds no time…
Going into the Grand Finals,
OG is comfortable
with their strategy.
They know that their best hero
is Ana’s Spectre
and they’re able to dominate
LGD again
in game one with that hero. It was like one of the really
bloodbath kind of gameswhere both the teams
really want to fight,
but there was just no way they
could fight us in this game.
ANNOUNCER 55:OG!The first game lineup,
it was amazing. Woo! ANNOUNCER 56:
What teamwork by OG.
Every little thing
coming together.
OG one game up at the start
of this best of five ANNOUNCER 57:LGD coming in
looking so much more dominant.
ANNOUNCER 58:Oh, my God!The fact that we beat them once, doesn’t mean
it’s going to get easier. JOHAN:We never got
our foot in this game.
ANNOUNCER 2:…there in third,Ceb’s trying to get out of it,
but he’s not going to make it.
They tried whatever they could
to get some advantagesin lane, but PSG.LGD
just not letting a beat go. ANNOUNCER 2:It’s just looking
almost impossible for OG
to come back into this game.SEBASTIEN:
We tried our best, honestly.
We really tried
but we just couldn’t. ANNOUNCER 60:PSG.LGD seems
to have the momentum now.
1-1 in a best of five
for the Grand Finals
here at TI8.
Dota is a very complex game.
Part of Dota
is to try to anticipate
what your opponent
is going to do.
I didn’t think that they would
have a really good plan.
And a matter of fact,I still don’t think
that their plan should’ve worked,
but it ended up working.ANNOUNCER 62:They’ll get
the Aegis out of his hands.
They do lose.Again, the Aegis, can they get
them a second time for the team?
JOHAN:The things that should’ve
worked for us,
didn’t work for us.
It’s Dota.
Shit happens.Obviously, this is a rough loss.ANNOUNCER 62:
2-1 now for PSG.LGD.
This series just heating up now.ANNOUNCER 4:I’d say a couple of
OG players need to step it up.
They’re making those clutch
mid to late game plays, but they can’t, they need those
individuals to step up,whether it’s Ana, Topson.ANNOUNCER 63:They can play a lot
better. We’ve seen it from OG.
So, they’re not
out of this series.
KEVIN:If you’re in
the biggest match of your life
and you’re down 2-1 and you’re
one game away from losing,
you can’t freak out,
you can’t play worse. Don’t let the nerves get to you. JORIEN:
Not everybody is able to deal
with the amount of pressure.Everything is tested.But N0tail,
he has the motivation.
He has the drive.
He has the experience.
He knows what to do to get
the best out of his squad. ANNOUNCER 63:
Game number four,
as PSG.LGD leads the series 2-1.When you’re down 2-1 your back’s
really up against the wall,it’s very easy to succumb
to some kind of pressure.
LGD, they’re warmed up, right?
They’re a team that wants it.The crowd, I think,
is driving them on too.
-You hear them.
ANNOUNCER 65: Absolutely.
ANNOUNCER 4:Every time LGD
wins a fight, they’re chanting.
They’re chanting LGD.They’re chanting and shouting
the lines and LGD’s going to just
make them look worse because of how amazing they are. JOHAN:
You know, one more game of Dota,
like, that was maybe
going to be it,
but we were going to enjoy it,
you know?
We went through shit together. Well, Chinese year, though. -Chinese year.
-Yeah. Now it’s time to see
if the curse is real. OWEN DAVIES:OG now, one game away
from losing in this Grand Final.
JOHAN:It looked like
we had no chances.
It looked like
we were going to lose. It looked really bad. OWEN DAVIES:OG, now,
truly has to fight back.
It’s not just about
the momentum anymore.
They are behind.[SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING] You have to believe in your guts
that it’s not over.Because obviously,everything around you
is telling you it’s over.
That’s twice in the series
that xNova just comes out
of nowhere.
SEBASTIEN:The crowd is cheering
against you,
it keeps getting harder,you know,
you lost one fight, two fights. ANNOUNCER 66:
Still Ana holding onto that…
SEBASTIEN:You feel like shit.
You feel like it’s impossible.
OWEN DAVIES:Really want to force
this to come back here.
It’s now up to Topson.
Stay focused, guys. OWEN DAVIES:Another tier three tower
pulling incredibly hard.
SEBASTIEN:You have to believe
it’s fate. Trust your teammates.
OWEN DAVIES:There’s the buyback,the cataclysm isn’t enough
to do anything…
SEBASTIEN:Trust in your team,your ability to turn
situations around.
Get ready for the fight. [CROWD CHEERING] SEBASTIEN:And that very moment
is the turning point.
Don’t break,
that’s when you pass the test. [CROWD CONTINUES CHEERING] What Sébastien said in the game
is like, “Don’t worry, guys.I’m going to carry this game.
I just need some time.”
This is my game, boys. [CROWD CONTINUES CHEERING] JORIEN:Then you got ODPixel
commentating the match.
When you hear a guy
that normally talks super fast
just stop
and shout one word “Ceb!” OWEN DAVIES:Ceb! He gets the call!I see Ceb making the play,I think about this beautiful
French man
and all I want to do
is shout his name.Three dead now on LGD…Fight! SEBASTIEN:I got the chance
to prove myself.
ANNOUNCER 67:He hasn’t played
in a TI since TI2
and now he’s back in the
Grand Finals of all places.
It’s been such an incredible
journey for him.
When it really matters
he came out strong and I’m really impressed
by his performance. SEBASTIEN:Before this TI, I had
almost given up as a player.
When I met Johan and OG,it’s just crazy,
this changed my life. [CROWD CONTINUES CHEERING] JOHAN:If you’re LGD
and you watch that,
like, you must be thinking thatGod’s not on your side
or something. OWEN DAVIES:OG, hitting the Ancient!
Hitting the Ancient!
We are going to a game five.
ANNOUNCER 68:There we have it,
OG coming up tying it up 2-2.
I’m just glad I’m still alive.
That’s all I can say
after that game.
My heart was actually really
pounding during those last, I don’t know, 20 minutes? That’s probably the game
of the tournament for me. Unbelievable how OG
somehow seems to end up in every game of the tournament then they make the next one
and the next one. This is, in and of itself,
already a miracle story. I mean, this squad
left in shatters and then they come back
and now they’re top two. I mean, the story could end here
and it could be a fairytale. [CROWD CHEERING] [SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING] SEBASTIEN:We felt really hyped,like, “Guys, this is game five
of the freaking TI Grand Final.” JOHAN:It was just
the energy that we had,
like really good energy.The electricity was in the air, but there was nothing bad
about it. SEBASTIEN: I think we’re already
probably there and you should be proud
of yourselves. We earned five game,
sorry, game four, so let’s fucking enjoy it
and do it together. Lose together, win together,
slay together, slay together,
and stay together.How crazy is it that
we’re going to get the chance
to play that game. They’re just super happy
to play together and super happy
to be on the stageand they just enjoy every game.MAN 15:Everyone’s ready
for another close match
and OG opens up
with a really unusual pick.
JOHAN:Me and Sébastien
started talking about the draft
for the game fiveand like, favorite heroes
of all time, signature heroes. What hero am I going to play
to try to win TI? JOHAN:I was personally
very confident on Prophet.
PROPHET: I speak for the trees. JOHAN:JerAx, he was like,
“I want Rubik.”
RUBIK: Rubik. SEBASTIEN:JerAx was feeling it.
He was liking it.
Sébastien, for a very long time
has been Magnus. MAGNUS:
Behold the horn of Magnus. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,
I want to play Magnus. This is it. JOHAN:
For Ana, it’s always been Ember.
EMBER: Ember Spirit. It was like a risky sort of
pick, but yeah, I just felt it. JOHAN:And as for Topson,
he ended up playing Zeus.
ZEUS: Zeus. The priority was not to get
what would have been perfect, the priority was to get
what would make us happyand make us enjoy that gameand play it
as well as we could play it.
We kind of YOLOed it
in hindsight.
ALL: Go, team! OWEN DAVIES:They’ve managed
to obtain five heroes
that all players
are incredibly comfortable on,
but at the same time,you shouldn’t be able to win
with these heroes.Can they really do
the impossible and destroy LGD,
the strongest team in China,when there’s 25 million dollars
on the line?
PSG.LGD gets that first blood.
Whatever we try, they counter.
Whatever we do, they anticipate. ANNOUNCER 71:
Is N0tail also in trouble?
SEBASTIEN:We give it our best
but it’s just not good enough.
ANNOUNCER 71:He’s turned up and
he’ll be able to take down Ana.
Ana, kill after kill.It was a bit rough,
I’ll be honest. ANNOUNCER 71:JerAx,
another casualty for OG, as…
But we just played
our hearts out. [CROWD CHEERING] Keep trying, we keep fighting. We keep feeding each other
energy, confidence. ANNOUNCER 71:
They’re confident knowing Ceb,
can sit there on the high
ground ready for…
Suddenly JerAx turned…
Go! Go! Go! Into like a whole
different beast. He was screaming. No, this guy.
No, this guy. Yo, yo, yo. SEBASTIEN:
I’ve never heard him scream.
JOHAN:If he had been a wild dog
off a leash,
he turned into like a racetrack
dog that was going ham. ANNOUNCER 71:
It’s OG. They fight through.
Guys! It was unreal. We’re
playing the TI Grand final. ANNOUNCER 71:
He’ll go down as well.
JESSE: Guys. It was almost likewe were playing drunk party pubs
or something.
It was crazy, man. ANNOUNCER 71:He chased him down,
they get through tier one.
I think that was one of the most
enjoyable games for me to play.[UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] Things can go so wrong
and then still so right. ANNOUNCER 71:OG! OG!And they just crumbled. ANNOUNCER 71:They have done it.TOPIAS: Yeah! ANNOUNCER 71:The power
of flowers and friendship.
[CROWD CHEERING]Have done it here,
ladies and gentlemen.
Your grand champions of TI8.It’s OG.Can you believe it?OG, a team tipped by some as…[SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING] [SCOFFS] [SNIFFS] [CHUCKLES] Unreal. That was freaking unreal. [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] Best moment of my life. Go get the Aegis. It’s yours. [CROWD CHEERING] What we achieved together
through something bigger than us is something that some people
pursue for a lifetimeand that thing
will keep us going.
Wherever that takes us.JESSE:I think
we built something really great.
I think all this needs
is friendship
and a little bit of care
from everybody. JOHAN:We got way more than
we could have ever asked for.
[CROWD APPLAUDING] My family was there.That’s one of the stars
that aligned.
It was the first time
they came to see me play. ANNOUNCER 72:
And somehow they did it.
WOMAN 3:What an incredible run.All six of them.All six of them.[CALM MUSIC PLAYING] I was playing video games.
It’s very simple. [CROWD CHEERING] ANNOUNCER 72:And that’s what
it’s for. That right there.


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