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Waaah, salut ! – What’s up it’s Damon!
– It’s Jo! And it’s Damon and Jo! – Welcome to French Fridays!
– Or the Friday video, as you want. Recently we tweeted something like that. What is French rap ? Who are the French rappers ? So we created a list of all the rappers that you guys recommended to us. And they were gooooooood And if you see the police behind us, please comment below because- Yeah cause we’re really about the hip-hip culture. I think it’s illegal to be here. Everything we do is illegal. Not everything… It depends on the country. *laughs* First song : Nougat. Cut, cut ! Okay, what are they saying here ? I think even French people don’t know. Okay, I heard… Vladimir Putin. “cocaine” and “shooting”. Okay Booba ! Réseaux, by Niska. Okay, a bit slower. I am a gangsta! What are they saying here ? Did you understand ? Are you seriously asking me that ? If you know Cardi B, for example, can you in France comment below- cause like Cardi B like… It’s that Cardi B ! The only female rapper I know is Diam’s. ♫ A man that could give me wings, a man, faithful and who’s not afraid to be loved- ♫ So if you’ve got it all babe, give me your email ! Is that the police ? Hide the camera ! Is that on ? It is on, okay. That was such a dad thing. And the next song is, Papaoutai ! Yeah, dad… If in all the comments in our… what ? Gross, like- Papaoutai. Dad where are you? Yes, I know ! I know the song, I’m not stupid. *unintelligible banter* You, are a baby, you’re not a dad. I, am like- Yes I am ! I’ve got two kids in France. ♫ Where is your dad ? ♫ Tell me where is your dad. ♫ You don’t even need to talk, he already knows what’s wrong. ♫ Oh cheeky dad, tell me where you’re hiding. ♫ I think I’ve counted my fingers at least a thousand times. This is too sad for the theme of a video. No but, I think I’ve cracked my neck. Where is your dad ? Suprême NTM, That’s my people ! In English, even though it is a French song. *sings* Smoking spliffs. If you don’t listen to NTM I will stop following you. Do you know what NTM means ? Oh yeah yeah yeah, okay, it’s like- Well it’s not good ! *sings* smoking spliffs. NEXT ! Oh !! Oh the police ! Juste pour dire- I liked this. It’s good ! There are seven parts. This is the seventh part. The power. Next ! Cut ! Cut ! Didn’t get it. Tha’s too bad, cause I liked this one. Yes, you can dance to it. It’s me ! It’s me ! Cut, cut ! But, you didn’t even listen to the chorus. But that’s not rap. People are walking by. Yes, I’m listening to Katy Perry here it’s alright. He might be French. What are the most popular rap songs right now ? Did we forget anything ? Are there things like Drake, Nickie Minaj, or Cardi B? It’s not exactly rap, like that. That’s too much like rap. Like hardcore rap. So, I don’t know if you’re aware, but we have been French rappers for seven years. Yes, it’s been seven years since we did a small video, that you guys are going to see now… *unintelligible banter* Hit it ! ♫ Who says studies says a job, who says a job says money, ♫ Who says money says expenses, who says credits says debts ♫ Who says debts says baillif, says sitting in shit. ♫ Who says love says kids, says forever and says divorce. ♫ Who says close ones says mourning cause troubles don’t come alone. ♫ Who says crisis says you world says hunger and says third-world. ♫ Who says tiredness says waking up, still deaf from the night before. ♫ So we dance to forget all the problems. ♫ So we dance. And were leaving you with a small announcement : We are… going to Paris ! Together, together, together ! Kisses, guys, see you in Paris. I hope I’m not sweating too much. You’re going to sweat even more with Paris when there’s no aircon. If you haven’t noticed we’re here in Venice Beach. Where all the rappers live. Sorry ! It’s always men, like, you know ? Where are the French Cardi B ? That’s because men bring strength. *goofy sounds*


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