On The Wings Of Love: Will you marry me?

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Leah Olivar, will you marry me? Leah Olivar, will you just marry me already! Cut! Clark, what is that? Leah Olivar, will you marry me? Come on. Yeah. Do it. Leah, will you marry me? Yes Cut! Cut! What are you two doing? That doesn’t look very lively Put some feelings into it It really looked like you don’t love each other. Auntie Jack, we really don’t love each other I know that. But do they need to know that too? That you don’t love each other? Am i right? Clark, put some feelings into it Be affectionate You are proposing. And you. If someone is going to propose, you should be a little bit teary eyed. They said, that’s how it’s supposed to be. If the boyfriend proposes, the girl should cry a little bit. Sorry, auntie Jack, but I can’t really feel anything especially if his face is the one I’m seeing You mean to say, that you don’t really know how to act You can’t even cry Hey! As if you are better than me at acting. You’re just there acting cute. “I love you” “Will you marry me?” That’s it? So easy Easy? Why? Do you think it’s easy to pretend that I’m i love with you? Wow! Sorry! My role is harder than yours. With me, I have to act in love and then with tears Why don’t you try crying! That’s it? What kind of acting do you like? Brad Pitt? Johnny Depp? What? /- Wow. You’re so arrogant Go! Let me see then Easy. Game! I hope there’s also something like that. Like the one you with feelings, okay? Wait Tell me if you’re ready. Ready Clark & Leah proposal. Take 21 Action! I know it’s hard to believe, Leah, but it’s true The moment I laid eyes on you I knew that you were the one The woman I’ve been waiting for my whole life The woman who’d complete me And now that I found you I want us to be together for life Leah Olivar, will you marry me? Boom! Top that! Perfect, Clarkie! You did so well. /-Right? It’s your turn. With tears, okay? Auntie Jack, can I just put eye drops? You can do it. Just think of any moments in your life that you cried of happiness. You can do it. Go Go. You can. You can do it Okay. Action! Leah Olivar, will you marry me? Yes! Yes! Yes, I will marry you. Cut! Perfect! You are so good! Boom Panes!


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