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[Jo] It doesn’t work. Because your bike is too old. So I just bought something that doesn’t work ? [Jo] Yes exactly. [Damon] Damo and Jo, is that you ? Hey everybody it’s Damon. Hey everybody it’s Jo. And it’s Damon and Jo. [Damon] Welcome to our house ! [Jo] Imagine. [Damon] Here is our car. [Damon] No but really, our house is here. It’s actually here. [Jo] Anywyay…that’s true. [Jo] It’s like Paris. [Damon] I will be here everyday. [Damon] Eighty yeah ! [Damon] She’s watching our video. [Damon] So this is not Paris, but this, is quite parisian. [Jo] It’s pretty ! This is called a tropézienne. Honestly… no ok i’m kidding. Of course I ordered the 100% chocolate pie. This is called a tropézienne, Saint-Tropez, not Paris Damon and Jo. It’s French. Everything that is French isn’t parisian. Like Rihanna. I think it’s important to take little breaks to have coffee. Here in the US we have coffee to go, not like this. I love this because it gives me a moment to think about life. One thing I thought was interesting when I was in France. I wanted to eat eggs, and my French friend asked me how I could eat something so salty in the morning. I thought it was interesting because here we’re not used to eat sweet things like this, but in France you are. So we were saying that it was too noisy, too sweet. We’re literally trespassing. You know I just planned a trip to Paris. And I will stay in New York ! I swear, we pick places where there are nobody, and all of a sudden people start like… They’re coming… He lives here, we’re tresspassing again. It’s his house. [Damon] It’s crazy right ? [Jo] Is this how you imagined Los Angeles ? [Damon] And then the tree breaks.
[Jo] We’re going to end this. Be careful. It’s going to be alright. What were we saying, suddenly everyone comes out. Anyway. Hi! It’s ok. We were in this bakery, and the cashier asked if we were dancers. So we said yes. Yes, of course we are. Because in Los Angeles you always say that you are what people want you to be. What you’re not. And what you’re not. To put yourself in trouble when they present the situation. A casting, and you fail it completely. Like the Friends episode where Joey says he can speak French but he actually can’t. Suddenly it’s the busiest street in Los Angeles. You wanna go there ? No ! [Damon] Here is ok ! Ok that’s it, here we go. Fucking shit, literal shit. Why aren’t you coming to Paris with me. Because important people are waiting for me in New York. I have a few lovers to visit… Someone very special. No but really, I know that Paris isn’t the only city in France. That, we know. There is la tropézienne, Saint Tropez ! What city in France are you from ? For example I’m going to Paris, I know it’s not the only city blabla. But where are you from then ? There are a lot of other cities in france. No but you agree that Paris is the cool place, don’t you ? Next video we’re going to try and bake croissants. So please comment below the most popular croissant recipes. Please comment below recipes for croissant and other pastries because we’re going to cook at home. And you need to do it right now because we’re going to do that next French friday. And we’re leaving you with this. He started with his machine. This is illegal. Ok now they’ve got my prints, they’re going to find me they’re going to say I crashed my car and hid it. I need to go, I need to leave the US and go to France, get a new identity because here it won’t work anymore. Can we got the gym please I have too much energy. It’s important to support the small dogs- But the small dogs, I don’t know like, the little guys, The small guys, the small businesses, they need our help.


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