Our Australian Tropical Inspired Tiny Home | Queensland Road Trip


– [Stephen] So we’ve just
arrived at our tiny home here in Noosa. Kind of see where they
got the inspiration from, it’s kind of like an Aussie backyard shed. If we open this up, wow. Online, the space looked super minimal, but the way that they’ve converted this. Hey everybody and welcome to Australia. If you’re just tuning
in, we’re currently on a little bit of a Babymoon series and for the last nine days, we’ve actually been island
hopping around Fiji, living it up in aqua blue waters, – [Jessica] Sippin’ on coconuts, – [Stephen] Way too many coconuts. Thank you. – Yes, our first coconut! – And since then we’ve found
that the cheapest flights out of the South Pacific, were actually to Brisbane. Welcome back to where it
all began, here in Nadi. Have like a three, four
hours till our next flight. Feels weird to be back on a big plane. – I know, I’ve been
enjoying the little ones. – We’re flying Virgin
all the way to Brisbane, and we found out that if you live in the east coast of Australia, it is so cheap to get to Fiji and I don’t know why we’ve
never done it before. – [Jessica] Only three and a half hours and we’ll be back in Australia. – It feels so weird to
be back in Australia after a three and a half hour flight. – I know, an international
three and a half hour flight. – Uh-huh. Living in Perth, the only
time that ever happens, is if we’re coming from Bali, (laughs). – I know, this is kind of
nice, livin’ on the east coast. – Yeah. – But, and then we realized,
we’ve actually never properly explored Brisbane
and the Sunshine Coast, so, we’ve rented a car, and we’re going on an
Australian road trip. (rock music) – So we thought we’d kick
things off here in Brisbane and we’ve just checked into
a city hotel last night. We’re staying at the Calile Hotel and wow! For a city hotel, it is so beautiful. Woke up this morning, had
to wake up by doing a little dip in the pool. Honestly, nothing like a morning dip to wake you up in the morning. (water bubbling) And now, I’ve worked up an appetite, we’ve come up for breakfast and (exhales), I’ve missed Aussie brunches. – So we’re back up at our room, and before we go and check out the city, we want to show you the room
because it is so beautiful, but first of all, we are on our balcony, overlooking the pool,
and have you ever seen such a nice city hotel pool? Like, look at that! (handle clicking) So here is our beautiful room, we are staying in one of their pink rooms, so everything is basically pink, but I think our favorite
bit is the bathroom, it is so nice. – And they’ve got this
little divider mirror, which I thought was kind of cool, so if you wanted to like,
close off the bathroom, – I just think the
bathroom looks so pretty, like even the shower, like
look at the little shower room. – [Stephen] This is a room
that you’d find like, I dunno, by the seaside or something. – Yeah, that’s what, yeah it does. It feels like we’re staying by the sea, but we’re in the heart of the city. (handle clicking) So we’ve decided to start
our first morning off here in Brisbane, at Southbank. It is such a little beautiful spot right near the city. So across from us is the city. You walk over a bridge,
and then you’ve come to this place where there
is a beach, there is a pool, there’s a bunch of
places to eat and drink. Like, you do not think
that you are right next to a major city right now. It feels like you’re basically by the sea. – [Stephen] So there’s not
many cities where you’ve got, not only just like, one, two, three pools, but then you also have like a beach here, right in front of the city. I’m sure in the middle of summer, this place is just packed. I think after nine days
of beaches in Fiji, we’ve kind of been drawn towards them, but who knew that you could just kind of sit here, and get views of the city? – I did not expect that
this is how we were gonna be starting our day. (romantic instrumental music) – [Stephen] And then we left the beach to walk into a rain forest? (Stephen chuckling) – Brisbane just keeps surprising us, we didn’t even know this was here, I was like, “Is that like
a tropical rainforest just over there?” – [Stephen] Yeah, and
this is why you should explore your own back yard, like, we love doin’ Aussie trips. – [Narrator] A few moments later. (broadcaster sound beeping) – [Broadcaster] From
tomorrow, Brisbane can expect up to 80 millimeters of rain. The Bureau says anywhere between 100 to 200 millimeters
of rain could fall tomorrow between the Sunshine and Gold Coast. – [Stephen] What? (Stephen laughing) (rain pouring) Well that’s not what we were expecting. For the last couple of days, we’ve had flash flooding in Brisbane, but we can’t complain because
this part of Australia really does need the rain. So we’ve just picked up our rental car and we’ve left, and we’re
heading up to a place called the Glasshouse Mountains, and that’s where we’re gonna spend the next couple of nights. I’m about to turn off
onto Steve Irwin Highway. (“Real Thing” by Danica Dora) ♪ Like the real thing ♪ ♪ Running circles ’round
your heart strings ♪ – So one of the main
reasons you come out here to the Glasshouse Mountains
is for the hiking. Now, there are a bunch of mountains scattered all over the National Park, and of course some mountains
are harder than others, so we have tried to choose a mountain that isn’t too crazy for me for hiking, so we have chosen the
sixth tallest mountain. Meant to be amazing views at the top and they said it’s around
a kilometer each way. So we’ll a, see if I can make it. – Oh I’m sure you will. (insects buzzing) (“Smoke and Mirrors” by De Joie) ♪ I was the moth you were the flame ♪ ♪ You lit the fuse I took the blame ♪ ♪ But I know better now ♪ – All righty. 28 minutes in, they said it
would take about half an hour to 40 minutes and I think,
we’re almost at the top. Look at Jess, so proud of my wife. Six months pregnant, in a dress (laughs), about to climb to the top of a mountain. Oh wow! (soft guitar music) How nice is this? ♪ I’ve got a match and I’m takin it ♪ ♪ To everything you’ve said ♪ ♪ A gust of wind in my lungs ♪ ♪ A wildfire in my head ♪ (soft guitar music) – [Jessica] I’m proud
of myself that I did it. – [Stephen] I’m proud of you! Like what a hike, like what
six-month pregnant women out there are hiking up these mountains? – I feel like you can
do it though, I did it. – [Stephen] You did it, high five? – High five and, I
think what’s really cool is that whenever we come
to places like this, we really appreciate being
able to call Australia home, and I can’t believe that only an hour outside of Brisbane city, is like, natural beauties like this one. – So I actually really
didn’t know too much about the Glasshouse
Mountains before we came here, and I think it’s quite unique ’cause it’s not just
like, a mountain range, it’s almost like, very flat land, and then you have these
structures just uniquely, just placed up. This hike, I highly recommend it because two of them,
are perfectly lined up, you can kind of see like,
two of them, right here and there’s another one right there, and you get just 360
degree panoramic views. Wow, (laughs). (turn signal ticking) – So we’ve arrived at the National Park and we are staying at an ecolodge, and they have very unique
accommodations here, and one is a train carriage that was built in the late 1800s and they’ve converted it into like, a little hotel room. It is really cool, super authentic. – [Stephen] So as you can see, this is a full Victorian train carriage and the guy that checked us in was saying they were about 20, 20 odd of them built, and the rest are in museums and he’s the only private owner of one. – Which is pretty cool, so
this is probably one of the only you can actually stay in. And so as you can see,
the front of the carriage, they’ve converted into a little kitchen. They even have like the old railing where you would hold your bags, and a really old phone. Like, – [Stephen] Wind it up. (bell ringing) (Stephen laughing) – Whoa that’s so cool. And then, down here is where you sleep. So they’ve converted
the rest of the carriage into the actual bedrooms. You come in here, and look
at the old light switch. (light switch clicking) Oh my gosh, it looks so cool in here. And there’s even a bathroom. – [Stephen] Which is so cool, so yeah, this was a first-class
carriage in like, 1884, 1885, – Yeah, I saw a sign here
saying something about London and Northwest Railway, May 1901. – [Stephen] Wow. This is him bringing
in the actual carriage and he’s actually placed
it onto a train track, so that’s what we’re
currently placed on right now. (“She’s a Betty” by Husbands) So here at the lodge we’re staying at, they claim to have the
world’s smallest cafe, and it’s the afternoon,
craving some coffee, and this little box caught my attention. (upbeat guitar music) ♪ Static faces blinking off and on ♪ ♪ She’s always sleeping with the TV on ♪ (laughs) Yep. Officially the smallest self-service cafe that I have ever been into. We have the coffee machine here, we have some pods, it’s
a two dollar honesty box, I brought my milk and my little cup. Let’s make a coffee. (coffee machine whirring) ♪ Ain’t my girl a Betty ♪ (coins clanking) (upbeat guitar music) ♪ Do you believe in love after life ♪ ♪ Lend your friends a
surfboard for a time ♪ (blinds clanking) ♪ Rotating cast of losers ♪ ♪ Trade ’em all for one ♪ ♪ My girl the Betty ♪ (key clicks) (upbeat guitar music) – All right, where are you taking us? This whole trip, we’ve
made it so we’ve like, taken turns of where we’ve gone, so I was the one that chose
the Glasshouse Mountains and Stephen was about to tell
me where we were going today and then he decided to
pull out the camera. So I know this is gonna be good, where are you taking us? – I mean, it’s good for at
least one of us, (laughs). – What? We’re not skydiving? – It’s, no (laughs). It’s three hours away. – Three hours? Okay. – And what’s my favorite drink? (Stephen screaming) (water rushing) (quirky instrumental music) In Germany, oh! If you see Bundaberg on the menu and you’re like, “Hey, Stephen and Jess “love Bundaberg ginger beer.” – Ginger beer? (Jessica laughing) – No. What’s my specific favorite ginger beer? – Bundaberg Ginger Beer. We’re goin’ to Bundaberg aren’t we? – We’re goin’ to Bundaberg. – Three hours to go and taste ginger beer? (laughs) Okay. (car door slamming) So, while we’re on our quest to go and get Stephen’s famous ginger beer, we’ve stopped off at a
spot called Eumundi Markets and they’re open every
Wednesday and every Saturday and they’ve been open since 1979. So they’re very very iconic and now they have over 600 stores, so we’re gonna go shopping,
go get a nice Aussie coffee, and then hit the road again. – [Stephen] First of
all, this just looks like it’s gonna pack a punch, but I’m waiting, letting
Jess have her market moment, and then it’s mine. Jess, can we get this for the baby? – That’s cute. (soft singer-songwriter music) – [Stephen] That was
really cool in the end. So, they had a bunch of food stalls, bunch of like, homemade
crafts, had some good coffee, there was some live music,
you could easily spend most of the afternoon there. (rain thudding) – [Narrator] Three hours later. – Can you move it along
I’m all out of time cards. (soft piano music) – We’re in Bundaberg (laughs). – [Jessica] This kid is
way too excited (laughs) to be in Bundaberg right now. Oh my gosh, Bundaberg,
I think you may have a number one fan. Oh, Stephen, it’s the Bundaberg Barrel! Is it worth the three hour drive? – I’m (mumbles) yeah. – [Jessica] Look at it. – [Stephen] Look at this beauty. – [Jessica] This is where
your dreams are made. (dramatic piano music) – Oh people have got
like, 24 packs with them! (Jessica laughing) – [Jessica] After three hours of driving, we’ve finally made it to Stephen’s Bundaberg Barrel, and this is where all of
Stephen’s dreams come true, inside this barrel is where they make Bundaberg Ginger Beer. – This is like the
Australian Disney World. Welcome to Bundaberg everybody. Just getting some inspo when
we finally have a house. Let’s do the tour. (“Flight of the Bumblebee”
by Rimsky Korsakov) – That’s good! – [Stephen] That is good. (bottle caps popping) (frantic string music) – Christmas special. (frantic string music) (bottle caps popping) (frantic string music) – [Bartender] We had more
of those bitters, (mumbles) (bottle caps popping) (“Flight of the Bumblebee”
by Rimsky Korsakov) – 19 drinks in, last one,
Bundy Barrel exclusive. – Bundy Barrel exclusive. (Stephen laughing) I cannot believe you just made me taste 19 different sodas. I’ll be sick. – This is my type of wine, beer tasting. I’m in heaven right now. (quirky instrumental music) Got some roadies. I know I just had 19 tastings, but I think we can have one more. – [Jessica] Look! (Stephen laughing) – Worth it driving the three hours? Worth it driving the three hours. (Jessica laughing) (camera shutter clicking) (distant engine running) – [Jessica] So, after a three hour, actually more of a six hour detour, we’ve finally arrived in Noosa, which is where I wanted to
go to in the first place, but, Stevie, I’m glad that
you got all your Bundabergs. – I’m not not saying it’s
worth the six hour detour, but that’s the most fun I’ve had all week. – [Jessica] (laughs) No! So ever since we went to Byron Bay we’ve always wanted to come to Noosa, a bunch of you told us
that if we enjoyed Byron, we’ll enjoy Noosa, and I think
you guys are gonna be right, and one of our favorite
things down in Byron Bay was the brunches, so now
we need to go check out what the brunches are like here in Noosa. (singer-songwriter music) ♪ Something always takes me back to that ♪ – [Jessica] Breakfast was so nice and I love places like this where they have restaurants
right on the beach. It’s where I want to sit
out, watch the waves come in and have an amazing breakfast, but we also went shopping and we found the cutest little thing, and I needed to show you, ’cause we actually haven’t bought too much for the little baby yet, but we thought, imagine if her first ever
little swimsuit is from Noosa? So we found a little shop. – [Stephen] It’s a little cossie. – It’s a little cossie, it’s so cute! So it’s yellow. See? And in the back, it’s a little crisscross. Isn’t that so cute, so the
first ever little swimsuit is gonna be from here in Noosa. – This is also dangerous by the way because for the first six months we didn’t know what the gender was, and now that we know it’s a girl, – I keep going shopping, but it’ll be cute to
buy like, little things from all around where
we’ve been traveling. – [Stephen] Yeah, yeah. So we’ve just arrived at
our tiny home here in Noosa and I just love how they’ve done it. It’s actually at the
backside of someone’s house, and I can kinda see where
they got the inspiration from, it’s kind of like an Aussie backyard shed, and they’ve made the bigger version of it. Cannot wait to show you
guys how cool this spot is. (birds chirping) – All right, welcome to our
tiny home here in Noosa. – [Stephen] Let’s give
you guys a room tour. If we open this up, wow! Online, the space looked super minimal, but the way that they’ve
converted this into a tiny home, it actually feels super spacious. We have a kitchen, we
even have a lounge room, and then of course the
bedroom is upstairs. I just wanna give you guys a room tour. So as you walk in, we have a dining table and honestly, there’s ample space here to have all your meals just up here, and if you look to the left, I would say you’ve got
a full-service kitchen. So we have a fridge-freezer
just over here, we have the kettles if we wanna make some coffee in the morning, and honestly, I think
the aesthetics just fits Queensland and Noosa. Plenty of greens, plenty of woods, we’ve got some like, antique
gold vases just up there. Even love another ultimate
way of living is in a van. Then to the left as we
come in through here, is the bathroom, and we
have our toilet here, we have a shower. It almost feels like the
tiny home is raised, like, I’m not the tallest person, but I definitely feel comfortable in here. That’s where we’re gonna be sleeping. So it’s kinda cool. The ladder is on wheels,
so if you wanted more space in the living area, then when
you’re ready to go to bed, move this across, and
I’m gonna take you guys on a little tour of our bedroom. So this already makes it fun, already feels like you’re staying
inside like, a tree house. Coming up here, there’s our bedroom. So as you can see, they’ve
pretty much just put the, it looks like the mattress
is just straight onto the, onto the floor, so onto the roof. There’s even just an area here if you wanted to get some extra blankets, there’s a fan. I will say it’s a little bit hot up here, we’ve started cranking the air-con, but that’s of course, if you’re here in tropical Queensland, the humidity is generally the next level. And this is kind of cool. You can crank open, a
bit of a roof in here to let in some air, huh. That’s our view from the top there. – Hello. – [Stephen] That’s so cool. I think for our final,
kind of accommodation here on our Queensland trip, this has gotta be my favorite. Hey bubs. – I was just thinking, imagine living in one of these houses. They are so nice here in Noosa, you can live in these like,
huge houses right on the river, but seeing as it’s our final
night here in Queensland, we’ve decided that we are going to go on a sunset river cruise. (soft guitar music) ♪ My dear ♪ ♪ The days seem dull ♪ (soft guitar music) – This is kind of nice up here in Noosa, near the beach, near
like the main area is, they’ve built a lot of canals here, and there’s some super
fancy houses here as well. And then you just jump on
like, your little river cruise, they’ll take us up and down. I’m sure on a normal,
non-crazy weather day you’d get a beautiful sunset. At least it’s not raining, that’s what we’re happy about anyway. (romantic instrumental music) (soft ambient music) (wood creaking) (soft ambient music) (water splashing) (soft ambient music) – So we’ve just arrived
at Brisbane airport and we’ve just realized
that, in our little tiny home we have left the six-pack
of ginger beer in the fridge with our faces on it, so our Airbnb host is gonna think we’re a little bit strange. – When they go to clean it out in probably a couple hours time. – But they’re also lucky, ’cause they have six cold
Bundaberg ginger beers in the fridge for them. But anyway, we are now at Brisbane airport and we have one more adventure
that we’re going on to, before we go home. – Yes, we are heading – [Both] To Hawaii! – So if you guys are new ’round here and you enjoyed this
little Aussie road trip, please do hit subscribe,
give the video a thumbs up, and we’ll see you guys next time. – Bye!


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    oh my god you have no idea how much i freaked out when y'all said you were going to Bundaberg…you were like 300 metres from the school i graduated from and 7 minutes from my house stop it i can't believe this…..and i had to be on the other side of the world doing my own travelling 🤦🏽‍♀️hahaha
    no but for real i am so happy you guys appreciated our lil' town! so cool to see it on your channel 🙂

  41. Megan McIntire

    March 3, 2020 2:56 pm

    Love all of your videos, been following you from the beginning and think you are the most relate-able couple on YouTube. Also have to say your music is such a vibe. Super unique and has certainly crafted your style of vlog! Love the whole package!

  42. No name. Harmonizer

    March 3, 2020 6:57 pm

    I’m living my best life here in San Diego since January and you are making me want to travel to Australia 🥺😂
    I can’t do both

  43. Chloe Smith

    March 4, 2020 12:04 pm

    The glasshouse mountains actually are volcanic plugs that’s why it doesn’t like like a “mountain range” per sae

  44. Laura Elle

    March 5, 2020 2:05 am

    Wow! 😍 The views from that mountain, the beautiful train car, the quaint tiny home… Ginger beer!

  45. Sally Townsend

    March 5, 2020 11:41 am

    The Sunshine Coast is my home! <3 So cool to see your adventures there, though I have to question your decision to drive 3 hours to BUNDABERG! Hahahaha! You know there's Buderim Ginger Factory about 15 minutes from where you were at Glasshouse? Not as famous, but just as good. Something for next time 🙂


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