Our C-17A Globemaster crews are getting ready for Sunsuper Riverfire


G’Day I’m Nessy, 36 Squadron Training
Flight Commander and I’ll be the captain for the C-17 flypast at Riverfire this
year. We have a very stringent mission planning process where we’ll assess all
obstacles we can expect to encounter within the flypast. This includes
terrain, towers, and obviously the large buildings within the Brisbane CBD. We’ll
then come up with a flypast route and aircraft manoeuvres to maintain a safe
distance from those obstacles at all times.
The C-17 simulator is a full motion simulator and it replicates the aircraft
performance very closely. It also replicates the building and terrain data
within the Brisbane CBD very closely, which allows us to conduct pilot
training and flypast rehearsals with a high degree of safety. During the lead up
to Riverfire we’ll practice the flypast multiple times in the C-17 simulator and
also in the aircraft a couple of days beforehand.
This ensures we are very well prepared and very well rehearsed for the event
itself. Our involvement in Riverfire is a great opportunity for Air Force to say
thanks to the Brisbane community. Keep an eye out for us on Saturday afternoon and
don’t forget to bring your cameras.


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