Parrot Bebop 2 Skycontroller 2 Review – PROS and CONS after 37 Flights – Episode 3


Quadcopter brothers and sisters how y’all doing? Well I’m back with another Parrot Bebop
2 video so I’ve had the quad for a few months now I’m about 37 flights in so I thought this would be a great time to come back I’ve done a sort of a brain dump kind of typed up all of my thoughts about the the quad actually did this after 32 flights and I’ve flown it of several times since then but I’m gonna give you my real life experience the good the bad the ugly really isn’t any ugly but the good and the bad and after 37 flights I think I have a really good idea of what to expect out of this drone what it can do what its limitations are and I’ll tell you right up front I really really like it I really really do the main reasons I really like it are its portability its range out of the box and it’s it’s stable even in high winds and it’s just reliable overall so I’m gonna walk through all my thoughts so let’s just jump right into it shall we okay so first of all this thing is really easy to get in the air okay it’s
super easy its compact its lightweight I can throw it in the car it doesn’t draw
a whole lot of attention when I’m flying it’s fairly quiet so at a couple hundred
feet in the air no one really knows it’s there I mean that’s great for not
drawing a lot of attention I can leave the props on and have it
flying in just a couple of minutes you know you just throw it in the car just
like this I’m still waiting on my backpack that’s a whole other story and
I’ll share maybe share that in another video but yeah so yeah easy to get in the air…next it’s trustworthy the return to home works 100% of the time as it should I’ve
tested it a good number of times and it works every single time it’ll kick in
when the Bebop loses connection with the controller in the app you can set
how long before the Bebop starts back to home to the home point after the lost
connection I think you can set it all the way up to two minutes which I
wouldn’t recommend I have mine set to 10 or 15 I think 15 seconds is
long enough to try to reconnect but short enough to head back home and not
drain too much battery so that’s my logic there now the one thing Parrot did
miss on is a low voltage return to home and this really surprises me because
this is a standard failsafe even on less expensive and less advanced GPS quads my
Upair One at 10.4, 10.5 volts that return to home kicks in
automatically and it’s bringing its behind on home so that really surprises
me i I know I’m not the first I’ve seen out on the forums guys have recommended
this I’m sure it’s something that parrot can implement and one of their firmware
updates it’s a no-brainer I mean yeah so anyway so it’s really up to you
as the planet to keep an eye on the battery voltage and bring the bebop 2
in to within a couple of hundred meters when it hits around 20%
battery so you really should be landing at about you know between that 20
and 10 percent battery level so you should be pretty close at about 20
percent at 10 percent the app will give a low battery warning but at 10 percent
the battery starts to drain like crazy so you better be close so yeah now
another thing they missed on they meaning Parrot is the ability to set the return
to home altitude and I know this is it’s just I’m like man you guys so if you’re
flying below 60 feet the Bebop 2 will climb to 60 feet and return to home
so that’s its that’s its default okay it’ll gain altitude to about 60 feet and
return to home that’s if you’re lower than 60 feet now if you’re flying
higher than 60 feet it’s gonna maintain whatever altitude you are at
and it will come on home at that altitude okay so that’s good now the
return to home accuracy is decent it’s not as consistent as I would like it’s
not a big deal I mean it’s with it’s always within four to five feet or so
maybe four to six feet I should say so that’s not a big deal not a deal-breaker
by any stretch now GPS locks on within seconds maybe
thirty Seconds to a minute and you have the go for takeoff which is great
never had a problem with GPS lock I’m always ready to go literally within a
couple of minutes of pulling this thing out and getting it set up in the Free
Flight Pro app though you don’t see how many satellites you have you just get a
green arrow for the quad and the controller
if it goes yellow then that means you don’t have enough satellites for safe
flight and if it’s red you don’t have any satellites at all okay next Stability extremely stable
this little baby withstands pretty high winds I think I have some video if I do
I’ll put some footage up right now to show you the the trees can be going nuts
man and this thing it’ll it’ll kind of bobble in the wind a little bit but it
just stays put I love that and the image do to the digital image stabilization
is rock-solid too I mean that right there I am super super impressed with
there’s times when you can see you know stuff just rustling like crazy but the
footage it’s as still as a photograph when it locks on the GPS it holds its
position without much fluctuation at all and the fact that it does not have a
physical gimbal and is able to output such smooth video is just amazing to me
so I think Parrot leads the way with digital image stabilization by far in
terms of what I’ve seen in other quads okay now let’s talk about image quality
since we kind of touched on that so images are super smooth and still but
it’s not going to be that professional level video or photos okay and I knew
that when I got it but it’s good enough it’s good enough we’re like you know
YouTube videos and kind of sharing videos with people on Facebook and stuff
like that even nice enough to like you know maybe put together like a montage I
mean I’ve seen some guys do some really really cool stuff with the footage and
it’s it’s pretty good it’s just that when you compare it to I’ll even say
that my Upair One has better quality footage the only thing about the Upair
it does have the wide-angle lens so you do to get the distortion on the horizon
but in terms of crispness the sharpness of the video it beats the Parrot out but
the Parrot is much more stable it’s much more smooth and it’s very the the video
footage is very very usable and in the right lighting conditions the photos
come out really well as well okay bright sunny days are the best conditions for
getting video and photos it only shoots at 1080p and 720p at 24 25 and 30 frames
per second and adjustments are limited to exposure settings and you can adjust
white balance I take that back there are some white balance adjustments you can
make as well and I believe you can lock your white balance and exposure so put
it like this I have never been disappointed by the video I’ve captured
from the Bebop 2 but I would not use it for professional purposes when I see
blue skies and sunshine I’m grabbing my Bebop 2 – that’s the first quad I’m
grabbing for all the mention all the reasons I mentioned earlier so I’m very
happy with the video quality overall now I’m going to be doing a separate video
specifically covering the app the flight plan waypoints and automated flight and
the follow me functions but I’m going to briefly touch on them in this video now the one bummer right off the bat is
that the flight plan and follow me functions are not included in the free
flight pro app each of those functions costs 19.99 so you might as well add 40
bucks to your cost of this quad to get the automation features and you’re gonna
want to get those so I think that’s a little bit of a bummer but again I
highly recommend that you go ahead and get those because it does add a lot more
functionality at your disposal so overall the free flight pro app is
pretty good it tracks each of your flights by date by time GPS location how
long the flight was et cetera et cetera it attracts your crashes now all of this
data and more actually gets uploaded to the parrot cloud if you want if you set
it up to do that and there’s even a third-party application for your PC that
allows you to access this data and I use it all the time but again I’ll talk
about that more in a separate video now after 30-plus flights I have not had
the app crash on me once not once knock on wood
now the one thing I’m not crazy about with the app is that your GPS indicators
are just green arrows for the Bebop and the sky controller 2 so I mentioned
that earlier okay now that data is available but it’s just
not displayed in the app you can get that data after downloading your flight
data from the Parrot cloud onto your PC and again we’ll talk about that in
another video now you also don’t have an actual flight
time clock the video recording timer serves as your
flight clock this is perfectly fine if you record video for the entire flight
which is what I always do but if you don’t you won’t really have a real sense
of how much how long you’ve been flying now you will have a battery level
indicator so you can keep an eye on that in terms of battery level now you can
snap photos while you fly and the video will continue to record it’s really cool
and the other thing about the bebop 2 is it will start recording automatically
when you launch and it will automatically stop when you land so I
don’t know how many times I’ve forgotten you hit record on my up air 1 and I’m
thinking I’m getting these great shots it makes me sick just to think about it
so this is a perfect feature for me I love it and the follow me functions work
very very well but will lose track of you if you set it up too far away and I
think if you if your clothing isn’t if it isn’t too distinguishable from your
surroundings like if you wear maybe a light-colored shirt against grass it
might not pick that up so it might get confused there but overall I feel like
it works really really well the additional follow me function is
like orbit and boomerang they work very well but there are some limitations to
it you can’t really make any adjustments to speed or distance once they are
initiated range okay now I can unequivocally a
test that the Bebop 2 absolutely gets the advertised 1.2 miles of range and
I’ll just leave it at that okay there are there’s geofence that you
can set in the app you can set your height which is limited to limited to
400 feet so you can set it from anywhere from 400 feet and below and the distance
you can set that at 1.2 miles and less okay flight time
all right I’ve already done a video on this flight time is definitely as
advertised okay I consistently get about 20 minutes if I’m landing at about 10
percent battery running the battery down to 0 is about 25 minutes exactly and I
kind of showed that in my video but it’s probably not a good idea to get into the
habit of doing that so you you I’d say land at 10 percent at the lowest okay
and that’s probably better for the battery as well though I did read
somewhere that 0% on the battery here is not actually 0% so that’s just it’s the
kind of a built-in failsafe there all right batteries okay
batteries the batteries charged up in about 45 minutes to an hour doesn’t take
long at all that the sky controller 2 here charges up a little faster than
that now these aren’t smart batteries so
there’s no battery level indicator on them they don’t self discharge the the
battery level indicators are in the app but man it’s just so easy to deal with
these you know just so easy to get them on get them off take them off charge
them up they click in real nice it’s just a nice compact bundle man really
really like this thing okay now the sky controller 2 let’s take
a look at that feels good man it’s it’s actually pretty lightweight is very is
its it when I picked it up it was a lot lighter than I thought it would be now
when you put your phone on there it’s gonna give it some more weight actually
but it’s not bad it’s a little top-heavy with the phone on it but it’s not bad at
all the sticks feel pretty good the location of the trigger dials is good
everything feels comfortable now the buttons here they give you a quick way
to access settings return to home take off and land so I think I put I’m
putting this in another video but this is your takeoff and land button this is
to take a picture B is to take video this is your return a home button here
and this is to go right to your settings and then you have to trigger buttons –
all of that stuff can be done from the app as well but it’s it’s super
convenient to have these buttons right here kind of like hot buttons okay now landing the one thing I wish
were different is the Auto landing you can’t actually manually land the Bebop 2
there’s a sensor on the bottom show you that so you’ve got this downward sensor
here that you know will keep it in position indoors so when you give it
full stick down and you’re bringing it down you know throttling down it’s gonna
go down to about oh maybe a meter maybe a little higher than that and it
won’t go any further so to actually land it you’re gonna have to push the auto
land button okay and the landings are a little bit down little hard it is
they’re a little bit hard it just kind of drops and hits but this thing is
really really um built well it’s not rigid it’s not super rigid here but you
know I honestly I’m planning on getting a landing pad one of those fancy landing
pads and I recommend landing on a landing pad in grass just to kind of
soften those landings a little bit because it does land hard and so I kind
of wish they will allow you to to auto land this thing I’m to manually land it
I should say FPV now I tried the FPV using the
cockpit glass cockpit glass goggles and it’s alright I mean I was really not my
thing with this particular bird but I did test it out and it does work
now this sucker man it can really move I mean it can be you can change the
settings here you can change pitch angle and that will obviously change how much
velocity you can get this sucker moves man it’s it’s it’s really really fast I
don’t think I recorded I mean write down how fast to go I think I’ve gotten up to
like 48 it’s at 40 meters a second I think or 40 feet per second something
like that I forget what it was yeah obviously have to convert that to
kilometers or miles per hour but this thing really moves out man I really like
that about it as well and the video footage stays rock-solid it even does
flips so you can do flips I’m not going to flip my Bebop 2 okay
I’m not flipping it I don’t have need to flip a GPS drone
okay I’m not flipping it but you can do it it just doesn’t seem right
so I think I went through everything so at this point really the only thing I
really don’t like is the limited storage capabilities so let’s talk about storage so the bebop
2 comes with only 8 gigabytes of internal storage huge miss huge miss in
my opinion that only gets you about 35 to 40 minutes of video and photos so
that’s about a battery and a half a flight time now you can transfer your
video files over to your phone after your flight but that takes forever and
in between flights unless you’re picking up another drone and flying I mean
you’re you’re literally landing taking out the battery maybe doing a few things
you do it doing maybe a few preflight checks and you’re sticking another
battery in there and you’re going you don’t have time to wait 20 minutes for
this stuff to download at least I don’t so I honestly I don’t actually know how
long it takes because I’ve never had the patience to wait
I always cancel it out because I’m trying to get back in the air y’all so
I once even tried taking my laptop out with me to download the files but
that also took longer than I was willing to wait so the next thing I’m going to
try is to get one of those actually have one it’s a little OTG flash drive
with micro USB on one side and a 3.0 USB on the other side and my hope is that
I’ll be able to transfer files from the bebop 2 to the drive after flights at a
little faster rate I did find a youtube video out there it
looks like after each firmware update the ability to do that is taken away and
there’s guys out there that have written scripts that you have to kind of play
with and upload to your drive and get that all set up and I’m going to look
into that and see if that’s a possibility for the sole purpose
of expanding the storage from 8 gigs to at least 32 gigs which would be perfect
for two flights two batteries Parrot does regularly improve the
quad with firmware updates I have seen out on the Facebook page the one of the parrot Facebook
groups where guys seem to be having having a lot of trouble with updates and
it seems like it’s isolated to the guys using Android but I can’t really claim
that now I’ve had 2 firmware updates maybe it may have been 3 no it’s been
to two firmware updates so I had the initial one when you first get the quad
I believe there was a firmware update and then there were two more after that
never had a problem zero problems at all and they just pushed out one I think it
was 4.2.0 and guys had a lot of trouble with it so parrot
pulled it back they retracted it so so yeah I haven’t I hadn’t downloaded it so
I didn’t have any of that trouble anyway but since they retracted it I don’t
have to be concerned with it but there were a lot of guys that downloaded it
and didn’t have any trouble and one of the improvements parrot made was to the
electronic gimbal the panning they made that a little more smooth and I’m not
sure what the other updates were but nonetheless the point is just take note take it with a grain of salt some guys have trouble with their firmware
updates I think that you know that’s probably the same with pretty much any
of your advanced drones ok people so those are my thoughts after
37 flights ok it’s I think this video is about 20
minutes long or more but if you want to know about the parrot bebop 2 real-life
experience watch this video and you know go back
watch it if you really want to know about it if you have specific questions
put them in the comment section and I’ll definitely respond
but bottom line is I really like the Parrot Bebop 2 I do wish the video
quality was better but I can live with it and I’m still saving my pennies for
that professional level drone such as a phantom 3 pro or a
phantom 4 Pro so I have my sights on that but in terms of fun getting in the
air quickly and just just reliable flying and with a nice flight time
decent range man this thing is great alright so as always you guys thanks for
watching if you liked the video like the video if you haven’t subscribed yet
please consider doing so I’d love to have you onboard here on the channel I
have a lot of fun here with this hobby with other gadgets so you’re if you’re
interested in that kind of stuff check me out see if you’ll you’ll you
know enjoy my videos I try to put out quality videos I really like the editing
process and all that so join me if you want and if you know anybody that would
like this video share it with them for me
and until next time be good to somebody and be good to yourself later


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    This drone only goes to 400’? Has that changed? The laws state that I (under part 107) can fly 400’ ABOVE whatever structure is in my way. So, if this bird can’t climb above an obstruction (building, water tower, tree line…whatever), it’s useless. Was gonna pick one up to use with my Spark, but the Spark can climb to 1,641 feet…for a reason. Glad I know now.

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    Good morning Gadget inspector! It's Big Joe from New York City… I had a crazy question for you, I got my Bebop 2 and I've been flying it and if you're right if flies really good, I like the user interface of the Free Flight Pro. My only gripe would have to be the camera quality. Now obviously I know I'm not alone I watch a lot of videos on here with other people talking about the camera quality. The thing about it is I had a mavic pro, and the camera quality was excellent, my question is do you know if anybody that sells an aftermarket replacement camera that has better quality that can be retrofitted into this drone? That would be great if they came out with a better camera that can fit right into the Drone! Or if that's not feasible, Maybe someone on here you know has modified their drone to accommodate a better camera. I noticed that in low light conditions the Bebop 2 does struggle and it gives you a lot of grain.

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    Nice flying toy to bad they don't have a warranty and customer service will not help you if something goes wrong. Mine a motor went out after 8 flights and they wouldn't replace it. Anything you do with it voids the warranty.

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    Started off of the phantom 2 and. 3:I found them too expensive and not very reliable constantly updating so I thought to myself I would get a Bbop 2 I have had no problems at all of it and I’ve had a few over six months absolutely beautiful little machine, I also have a parrot disco it’s a little bit more challenging to fly book great fun

  35. Chuck Capage

    December 24, 2018 4:53 pm

    Great review. My Parrot gives me ABSOLUTELY terrible video and picture. Very grainy, blurry, and pixelated. What do I do to fix it?

  36. Wes Hedrick

    December 29, 2018 4:26 pm

    Thanks so much for the review! I have a question. Video feed–what is the range? How far out can you fly the drone and still be in first-person? I am considering buying a Bebop 2 now (2018). So, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

  37. James Darr

    January 2, 2019 9:42 am

    Thanks! Just got mine….The sky controller 2 wouldnt connect to my samsung galaxy note 4 via the usb for some reason,(the wifi worked though). So I bought a 10.1" tablet and its fine now…Do I need to keep my internet connection on for gps? Seems like I have trouble loading the gps maps if I dont…My tablet is gps enabled,but I have to connect it to a internet connection to get the maps working ,if I don't,when I tap on the map icon at lower left on free flight pro,it just stays blank…..

  38. Peter ToXiN

    January 18, 2019 4:38 pm

    i feel the same way you do about flipping the me it sort of cheapens the quad like its a cheapo toy drone

  39. FantasyMindedMan

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  40. Brave Traveler

    February 23, 2019 6:19 am

    Before the update, I was able to interrupt the return home process at any time, just by touching any command. Not any more! Now I had a few really closed calls because this thing does not let me take control until is back to home. One time landed on a neighbor's roof, and another almost in the ocean. Don't know if this is an android glitch or Parrot's glitch?! Loved the video by the way

  41. Steven Mauer

    February 25, 2019 11:07 pm

    I wanted you to know that these videos made me a believer of this drone. The range, it's reliable and it is fun to fly. My Granddaughters have flown it and, well, it is just the best. I believe it is best with the original sky controller. I like the newer version, but the original is the best for range. I have over a dozen drones now and have flown many hours. I am so glad I found your videos. Between you and Mr. Dunnill I have enjoyed my new hobby. Be safe my friend..

  42. Ben Play's

    April 17, 2019 1:08 pm

    For about $400 with the controller, we can't complain.. some Chinese drone cost $200 and it's a piece of shit. The Parrot Bebop 2 is a very very good drone for the price range.

  43. hrburrell

    April 19, 2019 2:03 am

    GI you mentioned the bebop taking a while to wifi transfer the video/pics from the drone to the phone. It is slow but I found that you can run a cable from the drone to the phone just as you would from the drone to the computer and its a bit faster to transfer files. I have an LG smartphone that takes a micro USB C cable so I bought a micro USB C to a micro USB cable to connect the two and it transfers the files right over.

  44. Edvin Komarov

    May 15, 2019 3:56 pm

    Nice video. I have a question , which controller you will recommended for this drone ? Thank you.

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    ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC REVIEW VIDEO!!!! Love, love, love the format. You hit all the key pluses and minus with this video…One of the best review videos I've seen and I've seen a LOT. It's a blue print of what a Drone review videos should be..I really like that you hit on all the key concerns/weaknesses of the product but you also said what you really love about the drone. Honestly I hadn't considered the Parrot Bebop 2 but now I will give it serious consideration.
    This video literally saved me HOURS of research!

    I've subscribed to your channel and I'll be coming back often to see what other Drones you've reviewed.

    Keep up the good work brother!!!

  46. Milton Smith

    May 30, 2019 11:51 am

    Hey Gadget Inspector, Best Buy has the Parrot Anafi, 3 batteries, nice carry case for $799.

  47. Travelwithus2there

    June 15, 2019 12:48 am

    thanks for the video. love it! I am a mavic pro fan, with 4hawks range extender and booster, I can send the puppy out 3.5 miles and only limited by battery. With that said however, DJI software is so restrictive sometimes it will ground me on a nfz zone without proper cause, even if it's safe to fly. Does that happen with Parrot? has it happened to you?, I did buy one of these, coming in Monday, hoping it fills the gap when we travel and my mavic gets grounded, Parrot going up !!

  48. Michael Luque

    June 16, 2019 7:37 am

    Thanks so much for this great video. Looking forward to moving up with my drones experience. This looks like the one will be trying next. Keep the videos coming.

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    July 10, 2019 3:01 am

    Most comprehensive review I've seen for this, real world real person perspective. Thanks for being unbiased and real about it.

  51. Ian Gregory

    July 26, 2019 8:02 am

    mine was returned to home with 30% of battery and direct line was over a swimming pool halfway across it decided it had had enough and came down in the pool it continued to film for 3 seconds underwater .took me 6 months to repair .

  52. Welly Nurse

    August 5, 2019 10:45 am

    Hey is there anyone flying this drone on andriod os 8 and above? some ppl claims that the software crashes leaving the drone sitting in the air..

  53. Adrian Mateo Drones

    August 7, 2019 5:34 pm

    Good afternoon my drone brother. How are you Sir. I’ve never flown a Bebop yet, but they aren’t that good looking, however they look and performs very well. I am seriously thinking on buying one of these. Keep up the good work and thank you for the video and review. Please keep those good videos coming.
    Thanks for all you do and please keep flying.

  54. Chad Schulze

    August 24, 2019 2:27 am

    What drone did you like better the upair one or the bebop2 ?I'm really trying to choose between the two of them.

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    You really did an excellent job reviewing this drone bro. I watched it like 2 or 3 times to make sure I took in all the info that you presented. I still kept coming to the same conclusion after each time after watching your review… I gotta have this joint man lol. I'm currently looking for different drones within the same price range that, offer the same , if not more features. So far I haven't found a product that delivers these pros vs the small # of cons even according to your scale. I totally appreciate the honesty that you put into your review… I'll let you know how my experience goes after my purchase… Thankx again for the excellent review .

  56. collera05

    August 31, 2019 2:38 am

    Awesome video man. I'm curious, How far before video cuts off on your bebop? I feel like something's wrong with my bebop 2. I only had 150meters of distance with 35M altitude, and the video is already lagging. I thought I can go up to 1.5 miles. I get nervous when i see nothing on my screen anymore, and I just hit RTH.

  57. Chip Mitchell

    September 4, 2019 11:11 am

    Thanks so much for your videos — They have helped me with purchasing the Bebop 2 — Its awesome! Here is one of me first flights

  58. Oscar Aguilar

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    Love your videos!. I would like to ask you how do you keep the round circle information for gps mapping on the left of your phone screen ?? mine is always in the bottom center and this location is not the most appropriator one. maybe is a simple setup on the sky-controller 2. I would appreciate your feedback on this.Thanks Oscar

  59. Derek Tauch

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    Hi brother Gadget please I need your help can you make a video clip about how to connect bebop 2 to sky controller 2 .Because , I got the problem about my bebop 2 after I taken off about 1 meter then it’s showing me that bebop2 unconnected to sky controller 2 ? I try everything it’s not still reconnecting to controller and I just let it hangs on the air until the battery low then it landing by itself and I hope you will help me thanks my brother and have a good day …god bless.


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