Pattaya Hilton Hotel Beach Road 2019 Review 🇹🇭


okay hey guys welcome to my review of
the Hilton Pattaya this this room is beautiful this is stunning I’m going to
show you around now I really want to show you this if you haven’t seen my
other videos go check them out I do hotel reviews and how to travel also on
a on a budget if you don’t have much money but here today I’m showing you
something a little bit different I’m showing you the Hilton Pattaya which
it’s definitely not a budget hotel also not crazy expensive especially for what
you get and when you see some of the facilities in this hotel you know your
money is well-spent I got this on by the way links below if
you want to check it out. Okay let me take you on a little tour this looks
amazing so every room every room has a beach view so you can always see the
beach in the city always see the beach and the city from your hotel room which
is amazing you can also have a bath from back here and it has a view of the beach
while you’re in the bath that’s, that’s nice and everything, everything is just
luxury from the finish the hard floors the marble in the bathroom furniture
this is- I know I say two things if you’re not going to be in the hotel much
and you’re a backpacker then the budget hotels I show you more
up your street but if even if just for a day on your holiday you want that
escapism or if you’re really doing this for the escapism for the luxury you’ve
come away you’ve got away from from work or whatever and you want to really live
this this hotel in this city is about as good as it gets
it’s nice really nice alright let’s let’s take you let’s take you on a bit
of a tour here I’m gonna take you one I’m gonna take you on the phone – so
let’s let’s have a look around shall we let’s do this I’m not kidding you
I’m not just saying because I’m here now that was one of the best night’s sleep
I’ve had in such a long time excuse me I’ve just woke up but I mean I
slept for over 10 hours it was amazing and then you wake up to this this is
just the kind of thing I need every now and again on a break when I go
backpacking or budget holiday just every now and again I like this little break
like this I mean just to be in luxury for a little bit you know okay so this is luxury living in Pattaya
this is living like a king in Pattaya and it feels good a nice break from back
home relax travel we’ll see some stuff and just have a little bit of luxury
even if you’re doing this for a short amount of time maybe it’s a small part
or your bigger trip you come into a hotel like this it’s something I do
every now and again I just I have 2 1 1 I have to release half the completely
relax it just half a day doing this it might be the same for you but for me I
just need a day for now and again in luxury and to remind yourself why you do
this you do this to travel and see stuff I also do this to to not have more but
what’s the word I want to live past my expectations of living that I have back
home even it was just for a small amount of time because we work hard we all work
hard and we deserve a little bit of luxury you know that’s that’s what it is
I think that’s what it is anyway thank you so much for watching this review I
hope you liked it again I use check out the links below check out
Hilton everything is below my site for how to get more resources on traveling
all my other videos other reviews also this video is in 360 so check that out
means you can look around the Hilton Pattaya and see if you’re there there’s
a 360 camera meaning you can scroll around and look up I can’t fake this
room I can’t feed you luxury it’s not really there one it really is and to 360
I can’t cheat you you’re you’re in charge of looking around so go go and
check that out also to let you know I have to this was not an ad I was not
paid to do anything to do at the Hilton I just really wanted to check it out and
try it I get no benefits whatsoever this is
coming from from from the heart that sounds so sloppy but you know what I
mean just something I want to show you willing to share with you guys so again
thanks so much for watching maybe subscribe and notifications like it if
you like to also comments let me know have you stayed here maybe you say that
another in this city and you think it gives it a
run for its money let’s let me know let me know ok it’s again thank you very
much I will talk to you later thanks


14 Responses

  1. Dan

    April 26, 2019 8:59 pm

    Hilton's TexMex lunch buffet is awesome, around 550 baht, i think Mondays(?) only. Dont have to be a hotel guest or anything.

  2. Chuck 555

    April 26, 2019 9:52 pm

    Thanks for the solid review. 🍻. Great editing….
    Custom ordered those glasses from Ray Ban but in Green gradient flash…..

  3. paul hoskin

    April 27, 2019 8:51 am

    You go to Thailand to experience Thailand
    So you should stay somewhere where Thai girls stay. A room with one power socket a tiny toilet with no seat. Air conditioning is a desk fan. Walls paper thin so you can hear lovemaking next door.
    Its great try it no fridge no TV. Dinner s urrying around on the floor yummy .mosquito wars

  4. untold history

    April 29, 2019 7:08 pm

    I want to travvel to Pattaya this year. I am planning to stay at the Hilton for a week. I am gonna book like you from I have a qeustion for you: I am travveling alone. Should i book a 1 person room or an 2 person room? Because i want to bring lady's from gogo bar. Is it a lady free hotel? Or will they charge me extra money if i book a 1 person room? Thanks

  5. Wil Strong

    April 30, 2019 9:32 am

    Cheers for the vlog.
    Can you use the pool if your not staying there. I know at Siam Siam up near Soi 2 you could use the roof top pool which is like the Hilton and has a viewing area and good music whether it’s a Sunday afternoon or sunset mood.

  6. Brad Hewitt

    May 3, 2019 11:37 pm

    Dan. I thought someone punched you in the face!!! "Who did he piss off??" I thought. lol

  7. julia lokatour

    June 20, 2019 5:50 am

    I'm going to celebrate my birthday in here this June 22; Got the idea but you didn't cover buffet dinner which I love to see and experience; Wink

  8. Paul MOXY

    July 1, 2019 8:23 am

    The Grand Inn on Soi 15 (off walking street) is pretty "posh" with great views. Not quite to the Hiltons level, but if you want something a bit nicer but dont have the cash, thats one to bare in mind. I also like The Classroom Hotel Soi 13/4 right at the top near 2nd road (more like an apartment than a hotel room – staff are super nice too)


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