Pattaya Ladyboy Show WOW was not expecting this!


ladyboy ladyboys let’s talk about
ladyboys and I’m gonna take you to a ladyboy show you’re really really gonna
enjoy this ladyboys sounds like such an offensive
term to us in the West doesn’t it just to clarify I do not say any of this
or any kind of malice or negative intent when I say ladyboy but it’s a term
that’s used here and not in an offensive way at all it’s such such an interesting
topic to us in the West isn’t it because these are not transsexuals these are not
people trying to be the opposite sex these are not men trying to be women in
the complete way this is something completely different
ladyboy is its own gender if you like and there are lady boys everywhere here
and they’re beautiful I’m gonna say it they are beautiful let me
explain and then let me take you to a ladyboy show I interviewed a lot of lady
boys when I came here before we made a documentary here in Pattaya and i asked the question – warning warning I get straight to it here so if you do not
want to hear about “bits” again please stop watching right now I
said so you have breasts implants and you take hormones to be female so that
your hair growth will ultimately stop also your develop female aesthetics and
he said yeah yeah I take the hormones and I said but you you don’t have a
vagina you have a penis no it is the p-bomb he said yes I have a penis and I
said will you ever remove the penis and be female he said no of course not I am
NOT female I am NOT trying to be female in the sense that we understand it I’m
not a man I’m a ladyboy I look feminine and they look stunning
I was said I’ll be the looking straight Englishman these girls looks stunning
Anna and I said I’m female in the way I look and I have breasts and I will keep
my penis I am a ladyboy that’s what I am seeing bataya there are a lot of ladyboy
bars you’ll see them ladyboy gogo bars one near LK Metro also on Walking Street
and if you haven’t seen my nightlife on Walking Street the craziest Street in
the craziest party city then please go and check those out but also there are
world-renowned amazing ladyboy shows here and that’s that’s where I’m taking
you today I’m gonna take you to one called Alcazar let’s go and let me
explain Alcazar is an incredible incredible show link below where I
bought tickets I don’t it’s not an affiliate link I don’t get anything for
I just want to show you and I was not paid to endorse to go to this show I
went for curiosity and it’s amazing really really good costume dance is in a
nutshell it’s a dance by lady boys huge choreographed amazing dancers from all
around the world together by coverts Alcazar you are really really gonna
enjoy this so I’ve and I cut my tickets that I
ordered previously that day and then I head on down into the theater to take my
seat and get ready it is amazing it’s truly incredible they say not to film please the
beginning of this show but I look around and everyone is filming and you know
when in Rome or Thailand or Japan China USA England then you know film a ladyboy
show the show itself is like a continuous stream of dance and music
from around the world they go through countries and then they perform a song
and dance and costume is incredible too from that country it’s amazing it’s so
good the choreography the costumes lighting performance everything and
comedy that’s in there too it’s so good so so good I really didn’t think I was
going to come to a ladyboy show but I’m so glad that I did and after the show is
finished you can go down and the performers wait outside and you can have
your photo taken with your favorite ladyboy just tip them a hundred back and
of course I take full full advantage of this so thanks for watching my video
about the ladyboy show Alcazar really can’t recommend it enough and only like
11 pounder ticket and I booked it on the day and there are multiple shows and
seats still available go and check that out and if you haven’t seen any of my
other videos I’m a budget travel blogger meaning I go around the world and I show
you how to do things cheap that’s cheap flights cheap hotels cheap activities
like today cheap food cheap drink how much stuff costs I’m doing on a budget
so that if you’re in a budget you can do that too so I’m going to check those out
and get time and subscribe we really appreciate it and I will see you on the
next video thanks


19 Responses

  1. Frank Anderson

    April 29, 2019 6:15 pm

    Nice video. I've been looking for an inside view of one of the shows. Think I'll take in a show while I'm there this summer. Very entertaining.

  2. David Eddolls

    April 29, 2019 10:54 pm

    Glad you have included it Dan they are the 3rd gender in south east asia and yes many are stunning, I expect you talk to them in the bars like I do and treat them like decent human beings, they can be good fun but you don't want to fall out with them either. I have never been to the shows yet. Thais are mostly honest and will tell you if you ask in a nice way. I will stick to the ladies I think. Excellent vlog Dan you deserve more subscribers maybe you need to befriend some of the other pattaya vloggers if you can.

  3. The Neon Icon

    April 30, 2019 5:00 am

    I ain't going to Lie… I have been with a Ladyboy from Walking Street. Fitter than anyone girl in Thailand.

  4. mikeymuscles

    April 30, 2019 5:15 pm

    Hi mate. Like your vlogs, very entertaining and informative. Went to Pattaya in December for the first time in 15 years and it was amazing. So good I have booked for December this year! Stay at hotel climax on soi buckhao, cheap as chips but really clean and in an awesome location. Did not try ibar last time but will next time, and buy a bottle as in your other vlog. Keep up the good work mate, will buy you a drink if you are there in December!

  5. exnihilo415

    May 1, 2019 2:44 am

    Some ladyboys think of themselves as their own unique 3rd gender. A big part of that is that Ladyboys have been a cultural part of South Asia for hundreds and hundreds of years. Waria in Indonesia. Hijra / Kinner in India, etc. Other ladyboys think of themselves as men. Others think of themselves as women. There is actually a diversity of opinion, on this topic. Language just isn't the same either. Even a ladyboy that thinks of himself as male will, like all ladyboys, use the female particle, Ka to refer to themselves just as women do.

  6. exnihilo415

    May 1, 2019 2:50 am

    There are a number of ladyboys that do have bottom surgery. Visit Straps (Get it?) in Nana plaza and there is an entire bar full of post-op ladyboys. Thailand actually does as much SRS as the rest of the world combined and Thai surgeons are world renowned. For countries without socialized medicine or trans medical insurance coverage it's a very good option.

  7. YouTube Newbie

    May 1, 2019 9:41 pm

    I like your open minded, non judgmental approach to these kinds of performers

  8. Brad Hewitt

    May 2, 2019 10:55 am

    I will watch all of your vblogs DB and I am wondering…data. You're all about the cheap so what about all that data you have used to share these experiences? Is reliable data cheap too?

  9. SociallyWired

    May 5, 2019 6:52 am

    Was going to sub, but don't like your style of not showing the actual footage. Can you do a commentary mixed with actual full screen footage?

  10. Ron Floyd

    July 30, 2019 8:31 am

    I intended to go there but didn't. Next time I hope. I assume it's much like the Robin Williams movie "The Bird Cage."
    Thanks Dan!


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