Pedestrian Safer Journey

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>>RACHEL: Wait, excuse me. We do not need
to watch this.>>NARRATOR: Why not?>>LISA: We already know this stuff.>>NARRATOR: You do?>>RACHEL: Yea-ah.>>TOMAS: We’re not stupid. I think we know
how to walk. See?>>NARRATOR: All right. Dazzle me with what
you already know.>>RACHEL: Walk on the sidewalk, not the street.>>NARRATOR: Unless…>>LISA: There’s not a sidewalk, then walk
on the side of the street.>>TOMAS: And walk facing traffic so the cars
can see you better and you can see them.>>NARRATOR: Because…>>TOMAS: It’s safer if you can see them and you can get out of their way if you have to.>>NARRATOR: What else?>>RACHEL: Don’t push and shove when you’re
walking in a group.>>NARRATOR: Because…>>TOMAS: You might accidentally shove somebody
into the street.>>RACHEL: Or they might shove you.>>LISA: And you might get hit by a car.>>NARRATOR: Okay, that’s pretty good.>>RACHEL: Told you.>>NARRATOR: So you three could walk safely
anywhere?>>ALL THREE: Yea-ah.>>NARRATOR: What about here?>>RACHEL: Sure. What’s so hard about this?
Come on.>>TOMAS: We can’t go now.>>RACHEL: Yes we can, it’s a green light.
Come on.>>LISA: We don’t have time before it changes.>>RACHEL: Yes we do. Come on.>>TOMAS: Told you.>>RACHEL: It’s not my fault. I can’t help
it if the light changed.>>NARRATOR: Actually, you can. But you have
to pay attention to the walk signal and make the right decision. Let’s try it again.>>NARRATOR: You have a major intersection
here and a lot of lanes to cross to get over there. And that flashing hand is not an Applause
sign. It means stay where you are, don’t start now. So what do you do?>>LISA: Wait.>>NARRATOR: Until?>>RACHEL: It says you can go. Duh.>>NARRATOR: And when it looks like this, you
go?>>RACHEL: Yes.>>TOMAS: No. Look both ways and make sure
nobody’s trying to make a last minute turn or something.>>NARRATOR: Right. Even when you see the Walking
Guy, make sure no cars are coming before you start across. Look left, then right, then
left again, just to make sure. Look in front of you and behind you because cars could be
coming that way, too. When you’re sure no one’s coming, then you start across.>>LISA: And you run across as fast as you
can before it changes.>>NARRATOR: Nnnno. You don’t run across,
you walk.>>LISA: Running’s faster.>>NARRATOR: But when you run you’re not
as careful, you’re not paying attention. So don’t do that. Just walk straight across
at a nice steady pace.>>RACHEL: Okay, fine. We made it across and
we didn’t die. Are we done now?>>NARRATOR: Nope, not yet. That was a pretty
easy one. You had a signal to tell you when to cross. Let’s see how you do without one.>>NARRATOR: Can you cross here?>>TOMAS: No, it’s too busy.>>NARRATOR: Right. There’s a lot of traffic
both ways and it doesn’t look like it’ll ease up enough for you to cross.>>LISA: And it’s hard to see with all the
bushes in the way.>>NARRATOR: So what do you do?>>RACHEL: Keep walking til we find a better
spot.>>NARRATOR: How about here?>>RACHEL: Yeah, this looks okay.>>NARRATOR: You can see cars, and they can
see you — that’s important. So show me what you do.>>RACHEL: Left right left. Nobody’s coming.
Walk across. There’s nothing hard about this.>>NARRATOR: Then let’s make it a little
bit harder.>>NARRATOR: Now try it.>>TOMAS: Is it clear down there?>>LISA: What?>>TOMAS: Is a car coming?>>LISA: What?>>NARRATOR: Earbuds are great when you want
to listen to music, but not on a walk. When you’re on a walk you need to hear what’s
happening around you. So take the earbuds out. Now, what do you do about the cars parked
in the street?>>TOMAS: Step out to here and then look for
traffic.>>NARRATOR: Yes. You have to get far enough
out so you can see cars and the drivers can see you. And then…>>LISA: When it’s clear, walk across –>>NARRATOR: Thank you.>>LISA: — and keep looking for cars while
we cross.>>NARRATOR: Excellent! You guys do know what you’re doing.>>RACHEL: So we’re done, right?>>NARRATOR: Not yet. Let’s go back to those
earbuds. Music, cell phones, texting –>>LISA: Sorry.>>NARRATOR: — even just talking a lot in
a group – these are all distractions. They’re fun, but they also take your attention away
from what you’re doing. And when you’re near traffic, you have to pay attention. Otherwise
you could walk in front of a car by mistake and maybe get seriously hurt.>>LISA: So no texting while we’re walking?>>NARRATOR: Right. Get rid of distractions.
That’s really important.>>RACHEL: Okay, what else?>>NARRATOR: Wear bright colors.>>RACHEL: Oh, right, because otherwise we’re
invisible.>>NARRATOR: No, but you’re harder to see.
Drivers have a lot to focus on, so make it easier for them by wearing bright, reflective
clothing.>>NARRATOR: Especially when it gets dark.>>LISA: That was cool.>>NARRATOR: Thank you.>>NARRATOR: Now one last thing.>>TOMAS: What?>>NARRATOR: Remember when you were younger,
you always had to walk with someone older? Well, now you’re the one who’s older.
And if you have a little brother or sister, you could walk with them. Help them cross
the street. Show them some of the things you know.>>TOMAS: Yeah, I could do that. I have a little
sister.>>LISA: Me, too.>>RACHEL: Fine. I’ll take my brother for
a walk. But he better do what I say.>>NARRATOR: Good. So guess what.>>TOMAS: What?>>NARRATOR: We’re all done. Walk safely!


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