Perfect Day in Banff & Lake Louise | Alberta, Canada

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What’s up everybody? I’m Alex. You’re watching Vagabrothers, and right now we’re in Canmore, Alberta. We’re about to hop in this helicopter and take a scenic tour of the Rocky Mountains. Let’s go Good morning everybody. Welcome back to the channel. It is a beautiful day here in Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada, and we have an awesome day lined up. We’re doing a trip down the Icefield Parkway. Our last video was in Jasper National Park. Today we’re going from Lake Louise to Banff, and this place in itself is beautiful. Alex and I are staying in these suites overlooking the lake. We were here in the fall about a year ago. It looks like this in warm weather. We’re going to start things off today by throwing on some ice skates, getting very Canadian and enjoying this beautiful view. You ready? Let’s see who can stay off their butts the longest. You know that feeling when you drink a 12- pack of beer? No. When you were younger and drank a lot of beer? Maybe. And then you stood up and you had been sitting down the whole time and you try to walk to the bathroom? That is what your first time ice skating feels like. All right, skating is done. Successful completion of the morning ice skate. No falls on the ice. Definitely fell coming off of the ice. Got a little too comfortable. Went from ice to snow, slipped, fell on my butt. Camera’s, okay. I’m okay. So I’d say, “Great success.” We’ve just arrived to Canmore in Alberta. It’s just a little bit past Banff, and we’re right nestled up against the Rocky Mountains. We’re going to be hopping into this helicopter. We’re here at Alpine Helicopter Tours, and we’re going to get a scenic view of the Rocky Mountains from above. I love helicopters. I feel like if I weren’t doing this, then maybe I’d be a helicopter pilot. You know a lot of Instagramers always take the doors off the helicopters hit those feet over the landscape shots. I’m going to go ahead and say in this weather, let’s keep those doors closed. I’m going to superimpose my feet over the photo and just view this beautiful landscape from the warmth of the inside cabin. You guys able to hear me okay? Loud and clear. Copy. Three sisters individually named for Charity and Faith. Faith is the tallest there, just under 10,000 feet. Get down. That was awesome. Alright, well, we’ve just touched down via helicopter to Snowy Owl Tours. I think it’s pretty obvious what we’re about to go do. We’re going to go sleigh riding just like Santa Claus, but instead of reindeer, we have dogs. They’re huskies. They’re beautiful. A lot of them. They’re ready to go. Oh my god, yeah! I highly recommend the princess seat. Everybody gets to be a princess sometime. Yeah right, dude. This is so awesome, bro. We’re in the middle of a big frozen lake. We got here by dogsled, and we’re just surrounded by these majestic snow-covered peaks. This is so cool. It’s like time travel. I just kind of think back to what it must have been like to be a trapper or like a mountain man out here getting around in the winter with a with a dog team, but this is just so cool. This is honestly one of the best experiences I think I’ve ever had. It’s so high up there. If you get a chance to come out here, do yourself a favor, do this tour because there is nothing more fun than driving a dogsled through this beautiful place. We’re just going through this gigantic meadow right now, and it’s just beautiful to see so much of everything. There’s so much white. There’re so many trees. There’re so many mountains. There’s so much blue sky. There’re so many dogs, and they’re all making so much noise, but right now it’s a little bit quiet, peaceful. So my question is: are you a fan of the dogsleds? Dogsleds were really cool. But what’s also very cool is downtown Banff. This is an old mining town that’s got a ton of character and a bunch of great restaurants and bars. And hot springs. And hot springs. But we are going to go now to get some dinner at Chuck’s Steak House. Alberta, where the prairies meet the Rockies here in the mountains where you’ve got the best access, the best beef from Canada’s prairies, and we’re going to now eat that beef along with some other sides and have a feast for the books. We’ve ordered a table-side caesar salad. They’re pretty awesome. It comes in an excessively large wooden bowl. Very interesting to see all the steps that happen in a traditional caesar salad. It’s the beginning of an elaborate and delicious meal, one that we’re quite exited about. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back. We are in Sunshine Village. We’re in a gondola. We’re on our way up to do some riding. We’re joined by Kim. Marko, what’s going on? Super stoked today to try out a new board. I bought the Burton Flight Attendant 156. So I’m going to get this on, and hopefully it’ll be a good balance of a backcountry riding in freestyle. We’re suited and booted. We’re here with Connor Felix. He is a local rider here at Sunshine Village, and we’re going to go do some laps to the park and have him show us the mountain. Ready to ride. What’s the best thing about Sunshine Village? The best thing about Sunshine Village is probably… It is the best hill in Alberta, one. I would say probably just the amount of area there is to snowboard. Pretty good fun little tree runs today. All right, well we’ve done a couple of laps. We’ve shredded the gnar. Connor has shredded the gnar much gnarlier than us. We’re going to head inside. We’re going to get some lunch. The short rib poutine is actually attracting visitors who need to take a photo. I’ve never seen such a thing. It’s just amazing. All right, we’re on the mountain. We’re in the park right now, and Connor is going to chuck a backflip off of this jump. Fingers crossed. I got a feeling he can do it. He shreds. Thanks for riding with us today. Thank you. Good day. Appreciate it. Well, we’ve just finished snowboarding, and we’re back down in town here in Banff. It’s a snowy day. It’s a little chilly, so I think we’re going to warm it up, head over to a little distillery. Oh, yeah I’m all about that ap, all about that ap, apres ski. Sorry, we’re going to go do apres ski at a distillery. Well, we’ve made it to Park Distillery, aptly named because it’s the only licensed distillery in a national park in Canada. I don’t know if there’s any distilleries in national parks in the United States. Maybe, maybe not? But it doesn’t change the fact that they have a very nice gin, which I’m sampling right now in a gin and tonic. Mark got a smoky cocktail, the observation deck. We got some rye whiskey, which is Canadian style whisky with just a little bit of rye in it. We have some seven-year-old rum, and it’s basically an old-fashioned, and they smoked cedar wood to give it a little flavor. Oh, yeah, it’s like turning ham into bacon, just that much more smokey. Alright ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately after an epic week, it’s time to call it an end. All good things must come to an end. Big thanks to Travel Alberta for bringing us out here. It’s been an epic week here. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you’ve not seen the first one from Jasper National Park, go check that one out, as well. And if you like this video, you know what to do: ding Give it a big thumbs- up, share it with your friends, subscribe and turn on notifications, if you have not already. And as always, stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you on the road. Peace.


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