Power Rangers Ninja Storm – The Samurai’s Journey – Battle for the Samurai Amulet


– My judgment, is that I find you… – Not guilty. – Huh? Kiya? – Now, tell the truth! – I’m the one who took the amulet. I caught him in the woods, trying to use the dark ninja powers
to unlock the amulet. – You always did know how to spoil the party didn’t you, brother? – Any use of the dark powers
will bring immediate expulsion. This is the first rule of
the Wind Ninja academy. Have you anything to say, Kiya? – Not really, I’m more a man of action. – Stop him! – This is between me and the new kid! – We can’t get through,
it’s a force field! – Pity! Things are going so well
until you showed up! – Sorry to spoil your fun. – You wanna make it up to me? Hand over the amulet. – I can’t do that. – Well then, I’ll have
to take it from you. You’re a stubborn one. – Runs in the family. – Give me that amulet or you’ll regret ever crossing my path. – Like I already don’t. (suspenseful music) – You put up quite a fight. But now, prepare to meet your fate. – Are you okay? – Yeah, what just happened? – The samurai amulet has
found its rightful owner. – But this is yours, I can’t take this? – You must, it’s why
you came here, isn’t it? – You think you can
stop me from harnessing the darkest powers in the universe? I will rule this world and
all others within my reach. – You’ve brought this fate upon yourself. You will be cast adrift in the universe where your dark ninja
powers may cause no harm. You are hereby, stripped
of your ninja rank and the man known as Kiya,
will no longer exist. – I have no use for your
archaic ways or worthless name. From now on, I will take the name of the ancient warrior of evil. From this point forth, I
will be known as, Lothor! – No! – I will not forget the part
you played in this, brother. I will have my revenge. – Be gone, Lothor. – He has to be destroyed,
what if he comes back? – We can only judge
someone by their actions in the present, not by
a future we cannot see. – Please, trust me on this,
we have to destroy him now. Huh? I’m out of time. – Use the amulet! – Wait, how will I know? There’s so much I wanna ask you. So much I wanna tell you. – Goodbye, Cam. Good luck.


15 Responses

  1. Jaleesa Greene

    August 11, 2019 6:17 am

    Thaat moment whenever you realize that you uncle's Lothar and that your parents have been lying to you

  2. Kacie Remata

    August 24, 2019 8:48 am

    Young Kanoi Watanabe is Sensei Kanoi Watanate the Guinea Pig and Kiya Watanabe is Lothor the Bad Guy with the 2 Girls, his Nieces.

  3. kage3587

    August 28, 2019 12:00 pm

    Why is the school of ninja run by a black guy? Or is this guy Mace Windu up in here while Yoda be doing some shit in the back?


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