PRANDTL-M Successful Test Flights

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[Music]>>There’s a lot of people, a lot of professors
that will tell you that aerospace has become a very staid, or even conservative, and that
there’s nothing new to learn, and I would say to those people that you’re not trying
hard enough. Mars is just such an alien world in so many
ways, and so designing a little airplane to be able to fly there, that’s a pretty good
trick, it’s been a lot of fun. [Servos moving] The hardest part about designing little PRANDTL-M,
we initially thought it would just be the aerodynamics, but that we sort of had handled,
we ran into another problem, where we ran into a very unusual instability, it comes
up every once in awhile, and it’s a function of the mass distribution; we struggled for
months trying to figure that particular problem out, and it turns out that the real answer
in that case is to use a stability augmentation system, and we have a really brilliant guy,
Ryan Dibley, who was able to design us a little piece of software in order to do that for
us.>>Alright, standby, here we go… …three, two, one, release! [Background propeller, power generator] [Music] [Background radio calls]>>Dropping in three…two…one…release! [Music] [Background chatter/radio chatter]


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