Qantas 787 Dreamliner Business Class Review – Sydney to Hong Kong (QF127)

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hello my name is Paul Stewart and I’m in
Sydney, which for my international subscribers is just north of Wollongong
and later today I’m traveling to Hong Kong with Qantas in the Boeing 787
Dreamliner in business class. As you can see behind me the sun is coming up, as is
my appetite so let’s head over to the terminal and grab some breakfast. Here we are inside the terminal where
Qantas have set up this self check-in thing which actually gave us a
preview of what our aircraft looked like Although I hadn’t had any coffee yet and
figured it would be easier to visit the traditional check-in counters. Then it
was through the Express Path which actually has just been refurbished and
reopened only last week. Once you clear customs it’s up the escalators and turn
left. Straight in there is the first-class lounge and there’s a
separate video on my channel showing you there. On this trip, I kept walking around
to the business lounge. Here we are inside the lounge and to be frank, it’s
one of Qantas’ weaker business class lounges. It was meant to be
refurbished this year though that has since been delayed, which is a pity as
it’s absolutely nothing like the brilliant lounges in Brisbane, Hong
Kong, London and others. Having said that there is barista coffee and this long
table where drinks are available to pour yourself as well as breakfast of the day
which started at 8:00 a.m. Other than that, there is a
self-serve buffet which are on par with most international business lounges. I
had a quick bite and a coffee and then went to explore the showers. They provide
running water and will be brilliant for a long layover after a long-haul flight
although there’s no hiding the fact that the decor was clearly inspired by a
1960s nursing home. It was now 8 a.m. so I managed to snag
the breakfast which, well, can be best described as very healthy. My aircraft
was due to arrive shortly from Hong Kong so I found out which gate that was coming
to and I went for a walk Qantas only recently, well two years ago,
introduced the 787 Dreamliner with the apparent plan being to replace their
aging fleet of 747s. Obviously it has a lot less seats so the idea is to have
more of them flying routes more regularly which is great if you’re less
flexible with timings. As well as introducing new seating the 787’s biggest selling point in my mind is a higher relative cabin pressure and
humidity. As much as I love the 747 and the 777, after 12 hours my nose
and throat are incredibly dry and that’s because they’re made of metal which will
rust with too much moisture in the air. The 787, on the other hand, is made of
clever composites so you don’t have to worry about rust.
There’s still a few Qantas 747s remaining although they’ll all be
retired by the end of 2020. Boeing offer Rolls Royce or General Electric engine
options on the 787 and luckily for Qantas, they’ve selected the
latter as Rolls have been having huge issues with their engines. By the way,
they’re not actually running yet and the fans are just being blown by the wind.
Here’s a shot of three Qantas jets next to each other which really highlights
the new livery. The most distant two are the newest and you’ll note the new text
on the side and the tail includes some silver and the kangaroo looks a little
cleaner and no longer has any paws. As you can imagine the internet was furious,
as it usually is about most things, that the Roos paws have been chopped off but
I must admit I don’t mind. Comment below if you’re a fan or not. This is the
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Boarding began and my seat 6K was in the first of two business cabins where all
the seats are in a 1-2-1 layout. Here’s a quick shot of the second
slightly smaller business cabin. If you’re traveling as a couple, there is
this divider which you can lower if you have to. The a330 has a very similar seat
but it has a fixed larger barrier which may or may not be a good thing. The
window seats all alternate between being closer to the window and closer to the
aisle. My seat was one of the ones that’s closer to the aisle. As you can see in
this comparison, it’s more exposed although it’s still much more private
than the older 2-2-2 layouts. I’ll show you around the seat in more detail and
you’ll notice that there’s a lap sash seat belt which means that you can
recline the seat a little during takeoff or landing. To your side is reading-lamp,
somewhere for your noise cancelling headphones and a bottle holder. You’ve
also got this storage space which is fairly secure and well sized for the
amenity guest, passport, small tablets and phones. There’s also the usual
powerpoints and below that is a TV screen remote and a mirror. Here’s the
seat adjustments which work really well allowing you to select a few pre-set
shapes or adjust however you want to. There’s a fold-out table, which is
fairly solid and if you drop your armrests, you’ll be able to sneak out
even during the meal service. And here’s the infamous Dreamliner
windows which I’ll comment on later, and something I really really appreciate are
the overhead air vents. It seems that a lot of modern airliners seem to run
with very warm cabins so the option of the extra airflow is a really, really
good thing. There’s a magazine holder on your right and straight ahead is your
in-flight entertainment touch screen which I’ll also comment on later. And
below that, is the foot recess. Some people do find they are a little narrow
and if you’re one of those, try and select the bulkhead seats so row 1 and 10 as the recess is wider as you can see here. And I always forget one thing
on the seta tour and here it is, there’s more storage down near your knees and
finishing off with a fantastic view of the wing and engine. Drinks were offered
and I went with the champagne followed by a look at the amenity kit. As always
I’ll be running a giveaway where you can choose either this or a pair of Qantas
pajamas. Unfortunately this was a day flight so they weren’t actually offered
but I do have a pair sitting around. Anyway details of the competition later
although I must admit I’m a little disappointed that they’re no longer
proactively offering them as the flight is still pretty long and being able to arrive
fresh, including in clean clothes, and being ready to go is kind of the whole
point of business class. I suspect its cost-cutting which I’ll comment on later.
The wind was playing havoc today with wind gusts up to 65 kilometres an
hour so the airport was using its single runway 25 which was a novelty for me as
I’d never taken off from it, although it meant that we had to join a pretty long
queue as you can see in this footage and on my phone. It was eventually our turn
to take off and unfortunately and annoyingly, the reflection wasn’t great
so I’ll speed up through the takeoff and upload the full footage on my second
channel Paul Stewart EXTRA and a link to that will be in the
video description below. Almost immediately after takeoff, the
windows will automatically darkened which I thought was pretty odd for a
flight leaving at 10 in the morning. Thankfully they weren’t locked and a few
of us opened them up to enjoy the view. I can understand people wanting to
darken the cabin to allow sleep on flights crossing time zones but this was
a morning flight to Hong Kong where we arrived in the evening so you won’t you want
to sleep during the day anyway. aA round of room temperature nuts were offered
and a drink. I was offered two, in fact, which was a Chardonnay and a cocktail
called lychee ginger sunset which tasted great. The lunch service shortly
began and my starters were prawn and corn fritters with tomato and cucumber
salsa served with some bread and greens. For the main I had a Shaanxi, which
I’m sure I pronounced wrong, style Humpty do barramundi with seasonal greens, sesame
seeds and jasmine rice which all tasted really good. For dessert I went with the
chocolate bread and butter pudding with mascarpone washed down with dessert wine. After lunch I settled down to watch one
of the most iconic TV series of our time and again was disappointed by the bizarre
non-ending ending. I can’t for the life of me understand what they were thinking
by generating these amazing rich storylines only to just end it all
in a rush, but anyway seeing the beautiful Australian coastline turned my
frown upside down and entering foreign airspace made this flight start to feel
international. There are three toilets for the 42 business passengers so I
never had to wait long. In fact I don’t recall having to queue at all.
Apologies for autofocus issues as I’m increasingly suspecting I’m going to have
to sack my Fujifilm and go back to Sony as their autofocus and stabilization
seemed considerably superior. The views over the Indonesian
archipelagos were impressive and I really enjoy seeing new places and
countries from 40,000 feet with a particular highlight being Antarctica a
few years ago on a flight to Johannesburg. Now if you look closely, and
I admit that this isn’t going to become a Windows wallpaper, but there’s actually
an active volcano in the distance. Please comment below if you can identify which
one it is as I think it was just east of Monado in Indonesia. As I had a bit of
work to do, an expresso was delivered and a few biscuits, or cookies for those
watching in America because you guys call scones biscuits as I discovered
earlier this year when I visited DC and was thoroughly confused. This was
followed by a dessert snack and then I settled down to watch a movie. Here’s a
look at the in-flight entertainment which was pretty good the touchscreen
worked most of the time except for now when I was going to show you a tour of
my seat. It’s a great option if this is the first time you’re using it, unless of
course you’ve seen the tour in these videos. There was a decent selection of movies
and as you can see the screen quality was pretty good. Another feature I really like is these
moving maps where you can see your aircraft and the terrain you’re flying
over. Years ago they were pretty rubbish although in modern times the view is
really quite high-definition and it can really make out the places out of the
window. There’s also a fair few TV series to watch including this rather
disappointing one including a final season that really should have gone for
more than six episodes. Another thing I really like about these seats that I
forgot to mention before is they’re raised footrests . I’ll mention these
windows which on one hand are really good because they’re massive and provide
a really good view. Unfortunately they don’t have the traditional plastic
window shades which means that they can be controlled centrally and locked closed
by the crew. As I’ve mentioned before, these were closed shortly after takeoff
although fortunately they weren’t locked as I’ve had on previous flights so a few
of us could open them again. Considering the fact that was a day flight, I just
can’t understand why they were darkened and then cynic in me suspects that it
was with the hope of passengers sleeping because they’re easy to look after.
Having just returned from London and struggling with jetlag as I edit this
video, I can’t understand why anyone would want to sleep during the day only
to then try and sleep again that same evening. Anyway here’s the seat in a few
different positions. First up it’s fully upright followed by a slight relaxation
which you’re allowed to use during takeoff and landing in conjunction with the lap-sash seatbelts. I find this particularly useful if you’re stuck taxiing for 30
minutes like we were during this flight as it’s far more relaxing than bolt
upright. Then, of course, it folds fully flat and there’s this thin mattress
cover also provided although I’m not sure it provides any noticeable
difference. The foot recesses is fairly average in width and there’s not much room to flex your knees if you sleep on your side. Before we arrived into Hong Kong
there was a very light meal service consisting of this beef kofta with
chickpea mint parsley salad and cucumber yogurt it tasted fine although I can’t
but help think that for an eight-hour flight in business class from mid
morning until the evening it really should have had a two decent meals. As
you can see by my British Airways concorde watch, it was after 7:00 p.m.
Sydney time so surely a full dinner service would have been reasonable. I
must admit that i did arrive feeling fairly hungry especially after i was
unable to stomach that healthy breakfast bowl of greens in the lounge beforehand. I
briefly mentioned the wifi which didn’t exist. This was followed up by a
wet towel, the only one for the flight which I’m sure is less than I’ve had in
the past and a Qantas theme fantail chocolate which are objectively the best
tasting lollies or candies known to humanity. The trivia question was who
designed some of the crockery in this Qantas 787 which was exciting… Presumably
it’s the guy who decided that these dark stains on the nuts bowl look good and
yes that’s actually intentional. They had been washed although I wonder how
many passengers have suspected otherwise. Anyway our descent into Hong Kong began
with some awesome views of this General Electric GEnx engine. Before I conclude
a reminder about my giveaway. You can select either the amenity kit or a pair
of Qantas business PJs and simply comment below including the text giveaway in
brackets and after a month I’ll select a winner and put them in the mail. Don’t
forget to click the thumbs up button and subscribe as well also make sure you
keep an eye out on my channel and Instagram pages as some of the previous
giveaways have gone unclaimed. So to summarize everything, it’s a
perfectly good business class product The crew were really good and I really
enjoyed the down-to-earth interactions I have with Qantas crews. I find some
crews on other Airlines quite subservience. it’s like they’re terrified of premium passengers that may be unhappy so I
really liked at the Qantas interactions where they come to you from the same
level. I suspect this is a reflection of Australian society in general where we are
much less hierarchical than others which i think is a really good thing. The food
was fine although there just wasn’t enough of it. They do offer snacks
between meals although they’re just packets of chips and fruit and things.
Qatar Airways, on the other hand, offer impressive snacks like burgers and chips
as snacks between meals. Like I said before an 8hr business flight over
lunch and dinner time really should include two decent meals. Remember that
once you include transiting through immigration and getting to your hotel
it’s going to be 8 or 9 p.m. before you’re able to start finding somewhere
to eat. The seat itself is really good and it offers good privacy, space and storage
although I’m only 180 centimeters and I can imagine a larger and longer frame
feeling quite tight. I flew with Cathy Pacific last weekend on board their 777 in
their business suite which offers a fantastic amount of space in comparison
and the review of that will be at my channel soon. The 787 itself is a great
aircraft and I certainly noticed the increased humidity and some of the crew
also mentioned that they find it more comfortable than the older 747s. Anyway overall it was a great flight and I’ll happily fly Qantas again,
in fact I am as I’ve just booked flights to Santiago and I’m sure that will make
for some interesting videos in the future. If you enjoyed the video please
give it a thumbs up and check out my channel for more similar aviation
content. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you another time.


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