RAF 100 Flypast London

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Welcome back to my Youtube We are in front of the Buckingham Palace Where for the RAF’s 100th anniversary there will be a flypass We have half an hour to the start We failed to get a good place But I think I’ll be able to record some of the planes In a moment the Queen will appear on the balcony of the palace The show is organised for her theoretically It’s after the show now The planes flew, it all looked pretty nice It could’ve been a bit longer and have more aircraft I thought that it would take an hour Fast, fast, fast, fast There, here, they flew over 100 flew over, British flag flew over And that’s how the flypass ended And now we’re taking a short walk We’re going from the Queen’s From Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar Square And maybe we’ll go to Westminster We’ve reached Trafalgar Square already This is the last point of today’s trip It got nice because the sun came out The air show was pretty good It was nice to see Buckingham palace during an event To see the royal family on the balcony To see all the people from all over England come to see this event I consider the 100 anniversary of the RAF to be closed I invite you to the next video If you liked my video then thumb up and subscribe to my channel


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