Real 747 Pilot Plays Xplane 11 | Flight Simulator

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when I did that flight sim game on my
iPad last year I had one or two people leaving comments saying can you please
play X plane 11 so Kelsey plays X plane 11 coming up hay 74 crew welcome
back if you don’t know me my name is Kelsey I’m a 747 pilot by channel 74
gear is all about aviation last year someone had left a comment asking me if I
can download this app and play this flight team game in my iPad and I
thought that’s 5 bucks why not and after I did that video I had a lot of people
commenting asking if I could play a bunch of different games one of the ones
that I got a lot of comments on was X plane 11 so I jumped online for the 74 crew ordered all the different things I thought I was gonna need in
order to make this video so now you’re gonna see my first few landings on X
plane 11 let’s get into it I downloaded everything and I’ve set it all up and I
believe I got it set up to do the ILS I’m flying on a 6 left into LAX which is
going to be actually my new base and I have loaded everything up – oh it just
grabbed the localizer I guess I’ve loaded everything up so that way it will
come in bound and I don’t know if this thing can auto land like the normal
plane that we do I’ll be honest I put it on a 10 mile final it took me so long to
figure out how to get it on there I actually went into the explain forum to
ask someone about how to get it out here because I didn’t want to keep having to
do do a pattern work on this so I got it set up there and now I’m gonna come in
on the autopilot and we’re gonna see if it’s going to grab everything and
actually take it in and land it I have so far it seems we’re doing a pretty
cool thing I I should tell you I’m not sponsored by X plane or anybody else I
bought this yoke and if you’re curious to all the different things that I got
in order to play this game I’ll put a link to it in the description below so
you guys can check out what I got and so I don’t they explain it here while I this looks like it’s lining up on
actually the wrong runway yeah this looks like the wrong runway here so to
get some of the flaps out I am really high this is not the right runway this
is not coming down all right so let me get everything configured here this is
totally not a stable approach oh babe nothing like a face full of the seat as
you coming in to lay it let’s go ahead and roll it out here take the autopilot
off all right so that’s definitely the wrong runway we are definitely low I’m
gonna have to get it over here this is not ideal all right now I got
this all right come on back come on no that’s gonna be a wicked straight oh you can steer on the ground with your
yoke just for all you that are wondering that’s not how it actually works in real
life all right let’s see how this looks on the replay I don’t think this is
gonna be a very good landing that looks good I’m fully configured for totally
the wrong runway and then sliding over now in real life sometimes they’ll
actually have you slide over usually not that close but I’ve had them do it
usually not in the seven-four either but on smaller jets I’ve had them asked to
slide over runway so that’s not too uncommon but that whoa that right wing
tip is way too low yeah that’s definitely I’m pretty sure I would have
struck an engine if I did that one thing about flying heavy jets is you always
want to have the wings level always when you land because obviously if you have a
pod strike that’s gonna be a big deal all right well at least I finished in
the middle of the runway let’s see a different angle I’m gonna see a
different angle from the runway I see if I can load that up all right this is actually pretty cool
you get to see all these different angles at least I made it to the runway
this is the better start that I might I played that other sim game so this is
pretty cool yeah no that’s way too heavy of a bank coming in but that’s a really
cool shot though isn’t it let’s see if I have a oh it doesn’t show but I’m pretty
sure that would be an engine strike for sure we call it a pod strike
I’m sure that’s what would have happened all right so since it did work really
well I’m gonna try to dis hand fly it in and see if that goes better because that
for some reason it was lining up on the wrong runway I don’t know why and it
didn’t catch the glide slope I know how it works on the real plane but for some
reason I couldn’t get it to activate on here I don’t know if it does out of land
this is like my second day messing with this so I got to see how it all works
but it’s pretty fun actually flying with this yoke and stuff it’s pretty cool all
right let’s do it again I’m gonna hand fly it let’s see how
this time messes with all these different settings and I found this one
where it takes you around the whole plane that’s pretty cool I’m all
configured up ready – well I’m not configured but I’ve got the gear down
and we ryan ban it was I set it on a ten-mile final coming in and while most
of you know I don’t fly for United I have flown some of their 747 so it’s
actually pretty pretty cool they have a little bit of a different setup than
some of the other plans that we fly let me get us back in here alright so
there’s been some things that on that last one that didn’t seem to work out
quite right and the reality is I don’t know if it’s me messing up how it’s
supposed to be done or it’s actually the game isn’t set up for all the same
features that we have on the actual plane so we’ll just do a little hand fly
in here and see how this goes and hopefully it ends better and I selected
it again same thing six left because we don’t normally land this way normally we
end up taking off this way mostly because the noise noise the baby boys
abatement coming out they want it to be as quiet as possible and so we take off
over the water and we usually we land coming in over the water this is pretty fun though for for any of
you guys that play this I mean I got this yoke and you know I’ve been using
this keyboard for the power settings it’s not quite as good but I got this
yoke in it you could do a lot of stuff you can do the gear and flaps and all
that stuff with all the different buttons on here it’s actually pretty
cool but it looks like you know I’ve got it trimmed out coming in here and we’re
lined up for the right runway gears down flaps down and I’m sure there’s a way to
get that checklist out I actually I should probably see what the checklists
are compared to what what they actually are thing is is every airline is
different as far as for what what your checklist will be so there’s no one
standard for everybody it just depends on on each individual airline but this
is pretty fun if you if you’re if you’ve never flown a 747 before come this is
actually a pretty good overall image of what it looks like I’ll have to mess
around with some of the features and get the see see how the with the FMS and how
all that stuff works because when I was messing with it earlier it wasn’t doing
what I want and part of it I don’t know if it’s the computer or just I don’t
know how to program it correctly for what this computer game wants me to do but hey this is looking a lot better I
don’t know why it’s shown me off track this is a you know for those of you that
get to play all these games you guys can probably tell me how to do some of these
things better as far as for programming some of the different things within the
FMS and some of the computer earth camera angles and things like that
because I have not messed with that yet but overall this is pretty good and
power setting looks good usually it’s around depending on your weight which I
haven’t quite figure out how to figure that out yet but usually it’s around 60
something percent is what you want to come in on when you’re fully configured
and honestly that works out to be about that for just about every plane you know
you’ll come in and you’ll come in at about that
power setting so it’s pretty nice keeps it standard we know a little bit off of the
centerline and again I’m steering with the yoke I guess I need to get rudder
pedals too I mean I I can’t really do any like tight crosswind landings
because of this I don’t have anything to do with my feet I’m just doing it all
with my hands all right well that was better let me let’s check out that on a
couple of replays and see see how it how it went I think it was better though it
looks a little bit low to me I think we’re a little low there so low were
blowing out some of the dirt on the approach end oh oh it looks like I may
be bounced it a little bit all right but it better starts in the first one
let’s see about coming in over here off of the other runway it looks pretty good except I’m really
low I’m doing like a like what you see some of the smaller aircraft do where
you land really close to the numbers normally don’t land for that we normally
go for the thousand footers this will be a better angle where you can see how
it’s coming in and where I’m actually landing at I really like these different
camera angles though because you could really see how did you do and you could
probably have a bunch of like competitions with your friends to see
who can land oh yeah oh I definitely oh and I bounced a little bit to see who
can land that the best spot but these different camera angles are really cool
I’m really having fun with the flying with this yoke and everything so I’m
really enjoying this and I’m gonna stop to the middle room I know it’s the the
speed brakes didn’t come up I don’t know why they wouldn’t come up though oh I
didn’t hit the reversers what idiot or armed them I guess that’s part of it I
mean that’s one thing when you have a crew there’s a normal rhythm and a flow
that you get into normally when you land the speed brakes are armed so as soon as
those wheels touch up the the actual speed brakes will come up or if you put
the thrust reversers and they’ll come up and I don’t know which button I’m
supposed to do for the thrust reverser so none of that came up and I’ve heard
some gamers say things like oh you need to have your thrust reversers and and
your speed brakes a lot stuff because it slows you down more and it actually
doesn’t especially on the Boeing aircraft the auto brake system is
actually what it is that slows it down what happens is the thrust reversers and
things like that actually help with not making your brakes do all the work but
as far as for your stopping distance it’s based off of your auto brakes I
think it has nothing to do with your thrust reverse so you could lead use no
thrust reverse you’re just gonna smoke your brakes but you can land on a really
short runway you use no thrust reverse and your brakes are gonna land in the
exact same distance or at least that’s what Boeing tells us all right let’s try
this one more time I’ve got two landings and I haven’t crashed yet so let’s do
this third one and see how it goes all right so I got everything set up here
again to the third one I brought up the FMS and it’s loading up there but for
some reason I can’t get bit to go direct and Nathan that’s really what you wanted
to do is you want to go direct to Nathan and then
engage the L nav and it would actually come in and then on the altitude it
would grab the glide slope so I’m gonna get some flaps out
I pulled the speed brakes and I tried to arm them it’s showing fully extended
which is not good but you see him and they’re fully extended there and I’ve
got the outer brakes set but I armed the speed brakes but I don’t know if maybe
that showing is armed in real life it’s just you pull it up and back just a
little bit and it sits in this spot and it shows armed but the way it is right
now it’s showing that’s fully pulled back and it would also show on that this
screen right here if that was actually happening it would show on that screen
speed brakes so that I don’t know if that’s me or it I’m not quite sure and
you know I know this is not this is a $60 game and it’s not meant to be the
same as a couple hundred million dollar aircraft for the most part you’re kind
of you’re getting a pretty good idea of overall kind of what it looks like in
there actually it’s pretty realistic a lot of the switches are all in the right
spot so for me I’m pretty familiar and comfortable with everything as far as
for what way to look for the things that I need so there are a few variants on
different 747s but overall you know this is actually pretty good and it’s kind of
cool flipping through these different screens here now see again it’s lining
up here onto six right and I’m not sure why it wants to go to that and that’s
honestly probably something that I’m doing but it looks like everything set
up here and that’s got the auto brakes to max and then yeah see it’s not it’s
not continuing on I didn’t know if maybe it would just take a minute to process
but I don’t it’s pretty cool all these shortcuts you can do on the keyboard to
give the different screens and the mouse I mean I got a lot going on I guess it’s
time to head towards the runway supposed to be answers wanna be be that
guy landing on the wrong runway one of these days I have a party and get
my friend over here I have a landing competition and see who can land better
I think I need to practice a little bit more at least so don’t embarrass myself
even though these are like my first couple landings ever and I’m putting
them on the internet but you know I don’t know seven four crew that’s myself
I’m actually headed up to recurrent next week so if you guys are on the Instagram
I’ll show you some pictures of the simulators that that we fly on it’ll
probably be on my stories more than anything so this is not going where I
want it to go this yoke is pretty cool I mean the plane responds a little bit
differently obviously like every plane and obviously they can’t make the game
respond exactly like the plane does but I’m going to get here and land and
where’s the key for the the speed break thing oh look at me going off I think
that’s it and now I’m almost going off the runway come on back to the runway
there we go well we landed all three legs none of
them were really good but let’s see what some of these look like on the replay
though I’m kind of curious to see how this one looks like I think this is
honestly one of the best angles I think it’s so cool to be able to see the plane
from this angle obviously you can see I got it all flaps all the way up to 30
which is nice and it looks like oh I didn’t pull the
power back fast enough I really think I need to get one of those throttles
because I floated that thing but I made it into the touchdown zone and that’s
the rule into the touchdown zone and then obviously I’m going way off of the
centerline here because I’m looking for the button what actually happens in real
life there is when you land the speed brakes will come up right because
they’ll be armed and you’ll have that thrust reversers out and the other pilot
will look down at the screens and say speed breaks up
versus normal so that way you’d know without having to look away from what
you’re doing which is land and maybe keep your cross one component in and
keep yourself going down the runway with the pedals the other pilot will let you
know exactly what’s going on so that’s what actually happens in real life you
wouldn’t be looking down if you were ever flying the plane by yourself to
don’t know what scenario you’d be doing it in alright let’s see how the rest of
these replays look I think this is pretty cool angle to come in from the
other side I’m picked up a little bit high but a little bit it’s a better
descent rate yeah that’s definitely a better descent rate than what I did on
the second one but the but I floated I kept the power in too long yeah you can
tell I’m kind of rocking the wings a little bit you don’t really want to be
doing that you’re just trying to maintain the centerline but you can see
I’m at a better descent rate and that’s probably why the plane didn’t see if I
pulled the power back at about 50 and I cut off all the audio so that way I
could talk to you guys I wasn’t talking over it but normally what you’ll hear is
about 50 and you pulled it pull it back a little bit and then at about 20 I like
to start pulling the powder all the way back these landings weren’t that great
and I think part of the problem was is that on one I pulled the power back too
soon the other one I kept it in too long but as far as for maintaining center
line and things like this this yoke does a pretty good job and obviously it’s a
lot better than moving around on your iPad but if you’ve ever wondered why
pilots have hard landings in real life I’ll put a link to it right here I look
forward to hearing from you until then keep the blue side up


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