REAL ways to find cheap flights in 2020 | Travel Hacks

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who doesn’t want to know how to make
their flights cheaper love that feeling of booking a flight
hate how much it can cost me too so here’s a few of my favorite hacks to
finding the cheapest flights out there my number one tip above all is to delete
your search history or search on an incognito tab flight providers will know
if you search for that flight recently and will hike up the prices to make you
booked sooner timing is everything research shows that the cheapest flights
come out on a Tuesday and the most expensive on a Friday it also shows that
midweek deals are the best so look out as you approach hump day use flight
search engines like sky scanner and kayak so you can compare times and
prices to get the best deal for you you can also set up a price alert on your
preferred route so you can be alerted if the price goes up or down be flexible if you’re not set on a date
and time to travel and aren’t Precious about traveling at antisocial times then
you could save yourself loads of money but maybe not sleep but it’s worth it
right if you can avoid it don’t travel in the holidays or if there’s a big
event going on in the country you’re traveling to you will never find a cheap
flight during this time ever so don’t bother check to see if it’s cheaper to
fly into a surrounding Airport as bigger airports tend to be cheaper to fly into
especially in Europe so you might save money by flying into a bigger Airport
that’s a little further away and then just get a bus or train to your final
destination sign up two airline deals and be the first to hear when the best
prices go live and finally if extra luggage is not
included with your flight then try to fly it with only hand luggage not only
is this a fun challenge it is fun I promise it will also save you bags of
money and it will stop you buying stuff when you’re out there because you’ll
have no room to take it back double money wins so those are my set of hacks
for finding cheap flights but I’m sure you’ve got some of your own so please
share them in the comments below so we can all learn from each other and also
don’t forget to subscribe to our channel thanks for watching and see you again
soon on travel hacks


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