S. Korean airlines to lower fuel surcharges on international flights from October

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now fuel surcharges on international flights operated by south korean
airlines they’re going to be reduced next month according to industry sources
on Tuesday local carriers such as Korean Air and Asiana Airlines will lower fuel
surcharges the level one notch lower from the current four to three on
international routes the maximum extra charged for fuel on one-way
international flights will be adjusted down to just over twenty nine US dollars
the surcharges are based on distance when the average Singapore benchmark jet
fuel price exceeds 150 cents a gallon from August 16th to September 15 the
price averaged 173 cents a gallon falling under level three fuel Sarge
chat agree for international routes issued in October fuel surcharges on
domestic routes will also be lowered by one level from four to three starting
next month to three dollars seventy cents


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