Santa is fit to fly and ready for take-off


okay so Santa I’ve got good news for you
once again you aced your pilot’s exam and so here’s your certificate and your
eyes are still in good shape 2020 your health is good your sugar levels are a
little bit high but but you are clear to go so that’s good news but let me
tell you one thing before you leave just a reminder don’t use your cell phone and
don’t do any texting while you’re driving your sleigh through the skies
so Santa and his reindeers are cleared to go so stay out
of their way. Be safe this Christmas and Happy Holidays


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  1. yossiea

    November 13, 2017 7:34 pm

    Is an American license not valid in Canada? Santa received his license in the US in 1927 and it should be valid in Canada.


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