That’s how you can actually save 1.800 Euro
on a business class ticket – isn’t that amazing? So we’ve been quite down the past few days.
I think it’s mainly because we are not in Miami. I had assumed that it’s the environment
here in Austria thats actually bringing us down but after searching for flights and researching
locations we could travel to in the next few weeks. I realized that it’s not specifically
this environment thats bringing us down – its not being in Miami and missing the Miami environment.
Thats one of the main reasons why today I want to make sure I find and finalize our
flights to Miami in mid April just so I have some sort of closure or something to hang
on to. Something to look forward to and its definite it won’t be changed. So after all
is all just basic psychology and the way that you handle your own mental state. You are
the only one that can influence your state of mind and the mood that you are in. So this
morning I decided that I am going to be in a good mood, I’m gonna find my flights, I’m
gonna book them and I am going to arrange everything. And then just work on our goals
on a daily basis. Booking british airways business class flights on the iPhone was awesome.
Recently I posted a video about how to book cheap business class flights every time. Now
I want to show you guys how all these tactics in that video really work. The best example
is today I booked a flight to fly back to Miami mid April and the best price I could
find from our home town was 3.569 Euro per person. So that would fly via Frankfurt and
Toronto to finally arrive in Miami. Now that price was way to expensive for me and I would
never pay that much money for any flight anywhere. So I went on to check my preferred cheap airports
which are Copenhagen, Oslo and Dublin but I couldn’t find anything so I broadened my
search a little bit and found a flight from Istanbul which only costs 1.648 Euro so that
save more than half in comparison to flying from Linz – now obviously I need to get to
Istanbul somehow so I additionally booked a ticket from Austria to Turkey which costs
115 Euro so in sum the ticket to Miami cost around 1.800 Euro per person in business class
but thats not all. I was able to book with British Airways my preferred milage program
right now where I am collecting miles and with this flight I am going to be collecting
over 50.000 Miles now 50.000 Miles is enough for a one way business class ticket from Europe
to the US or from Europe to Asia. So you see every second flight – we buy 2 flights and
the third flight is going to be free because we’re using the miles to buy that ticket.
So that is how this tactic works. I just wanted to give you some insights. Thats how you can
actually save 1.800 Euro on a business class ticket. Isn’t that amazing. Go and check that
video out right now if you haven’t seen it and definitely subscribe to this channel because
I am going to share information like that with you guys – did you know before this video
that Istanbul is going to save you a ton of money to fly to the United States I bet you
didn’t. We are currently at the coffee shop shooting a new video for our brunch options
and our brunch menus. I want to ask you guys for some help. The past few weeks there has
been a huge stream of new subscribers on my channel so I just wanted to make sure that
I am delivering the kind footage and material that you guys want to see and I want to know
if there is anything that you guys, any topics you want me to talk about. Do you want to
see more travel videos, do you want to see more of me talking about entrepreneurship
and showing some insights, do you want to see more life hacks like the cheap business
class tickets, first class tickets, more travel hacks – let me know in the comments down below
what you want to see from this vlog, so I can give you more of that. I just wanted to
mention that today is my birthday. I turned 33 and had a fantastic day and I must say
I have never been as happy in my life as I am now. And everything seems to get better
and better and better. So, if you are worried things in life, just rest assured that it
gets better and better and better. But in any case I am gonna enjoy my birthday evening
with my girlfriend at home. Having a great dinner that she is whipping up in the kitchen.
So I am gonna close the vlog here. If you enjoyed the video, you know the drill, hit
that thumbs up and subscribe if you are new. I will see you guys next time. Remember to
stay awesome, be positive and make it happen. Bye bye!


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