Schiphol incident: Airline admits false alarm as airport put on lockdown – What happened? – News 24

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 A major security incident was reported to take place at Schiphol Airport, the third-busiest airport in Europe, on Wednesday However, the issue appear to have been solved as reports now suggest an error made by a pilot triggered a hijack protocol by accident  The plane, Air Europa flight UX1094, had at least 27 passengers on board when the alert was allegedly triggered  The airport tweeted: “Passengers and crew are safely off board. On-site research is still continuing ” Air Europa has since tweeted to apologise for the incident. In a tweet, the company said: “False Alarm READ MORE easyJet plane crashes at Amsterdam Airport Schiphzl  “In the flight Amsterdam – Madrid, this afternoon was activated, by mistake, a warning that triggers protocols on hijackings at the airport  “Nothing has happened, all passengers are safe and sound waiting to fly soon. We deeply apologize ” All flights at the airport were reportedly grounded, according to a passenger on a plane that had been due to take off this evening  Dutch emergency authorities issued a so-called “Grip 3 report,” when the alarm went off  This is a procedure usually initiated in case of “an incident or serious event with major consequences for the population ” Dutch news website NU said the Special Interventions Service arrived at the scene  Earlier reports suggested a plane scheduled to fly from Amsterdam to Madrid was “hijacked by three men with knives”  Schiphol Airport is the third busiest in Europe, afternoon London’s Heathrow and Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris READ MORE Flights: Fighter jets escort plane after on-board bust-up  Twitter users have since showed support for the pilot and the airline  One user wrote: “Very happy for your crew and passengers, and at least we know the protocols work!” Another said: “Well, better safe than sorry Great work by all the involved security services.” While a third wrote: “At least we know the alarm button works ” Trending  A fourth Twitter user said: “It’s a good rehearsal for potential real emergency (unplanned in this case) so people shouldn’t complain  “It may be a pain if one wanted to depart on time, but, safety first (as long as your staff doesn’t do this all the time) ”


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