Sichuan Airlines A350 Panda One Flight

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– Hi and I’m ready to get on another flight right now. Do you like my suitcase? You have seen this pink suitcase before, I have used this suitcase for almost 12 months. I love it! It is such a high quality and well built travel suitcase by Away Travel. It is also a four wheel, spinning suitcase that guarantees a smooth ride. It has this TSA approved lock here. The suitcase comes with a removable battery which you can use to charge your USB devices like your phone on the go. Now, I’ve got one more thing to share with you: What I’m wearing is called the “Away Day Pack.” It’s compatible with the suitcase. It can sit on top of the suitcase, just like this. Camera lenses, my GoPro camera – they fit in to this compartment. It has a separate compartment to secure the laptop. It has a side pocket – I think it’s a very intuitive design in to which you can put all of your personal belongings. For Freedom flyers like me and you, we don’t want to check bags. So the beauty of the Away travel suitcase and the Away Day pack is that it’s all compatible with airline carry-on policy. What a convenience! For $20 off a suitcase, visit Use promo code SAM20 during checkout. This video is sponsored by Away Travel. This is a very special video because I am speaking in my mother tongue, Mandarin Chinese. Today, I have four brothers travelling with me.
– [Man] Hello. – They are from Yitiao Media, a Chinese media company. We are flying to Chengdu on the Sichuan Airlines A350 together. And they want to film me at work on the plane! In China, you need to take everyting out at the security checkpoint Like your phone, battery charger, literally everything has to come out, your camera, your lens. It’s not quite the same as in other countries. The security check in in China is so strict. I have never seen stuff like this at foreign airports. This is a karoake bar! You can sing a song here, even at the airport! Hello. – Welcome.
– Hi, hello. It’s pretty hidden Everything is red here like the red carpet that I am walking on. – We have snacks like “matuan” which is a Beijing speciality. – “Fulingbing” is from Beijing? – Yes! – Some snacks are a bit spicy because many of our passengers are from Sichuan. They love spicy food so this is for them. – Sorry, there are no hot meals right now? – Yeah…
– So it’s time limited, right? – Yes, our breakfast is from 5:30 AM to 8:30 AM – Hi! – [Sam] Hello guys. – Welcome on board. Sichuan airlines, the special aeroplane painted like a panda! – [Women] Yes! – [Sam] Hi. Hello nice to meet you. – Welcome on board, this way… – Wow, so many pandas here! I’m the first passenger to get on board here – [All] Welcome to beautiful Sichuan Airlines! – The A350 seat belt is very heavy because there is an airbag. – Sam, our A350 has quite a lot of new features like the air in this aircraft is on an automatic cycle every 3-5 minutes to make your journey more comfortable and the air more fresh. – Thank you for choosing Sichuan Airlines Welcome. – Sam, here’s a welcome drink for you. Lemon water or flower tea? The tea is a Chengdu speciality Which one do you prefer? – Ahh, the flower tea please. – Okay. – On foreign airlines, they usually serve orange juice or champagne but here we have a flower tea. – It is called “bitanpiaoxue.” “Bitan” means “green lake” and “piaoxue” means “flower!” This flower tea symbolises Sichuan and Chinese traditions. – Are you also from Sichuan? – Yes, of course! – Seriously, my brother is here! This is my first time making a video in the Chinese language and I chose Sichuan airlines. Do you know why? – I want to know! – Because, I like pandas very much like this little panda. – This panda on my pin is the same as our aircraft painting. Our panda is called “Youyou” because we adopted a panda in a zoo in Chengdu – Oh, the panda’s name is “Youyou?”
– Yeah. This aircraft is in our “panda road” theme. It is a totally panda themed aircraft. We have two panda themed aircraft so far (two A350’s) This is aircraft number 2. – From Beijing to Chengdu, the cabin door will be closed. Please check your ticket or boarding pass again. – Sam, we have many drinks on our menu Which one would you like? – Oh, you don’t use a paper menu anymore, you use a tablet? – Yes. – Wow, cool! Environmentally friendly! – True. – Sam, would you like a blanket? – Okay. – We’ve prepared a steam eye mask for you, you can use it when you go to sleep. – Oh, thanks. Wow, it’s a panda eye mask! – There is hot steam which makes your eyes feel warm and perhaps helps you to sleep better. A panda apron. Ah, I’m stuck! Finally, I got it on. So cute! I should wear red today like you guys… – Sam, I think this apron is perfect for you! – Okay, I will take this apron home with me and use it when I cook! – Today, we have two main meal choices in economy. One is sliced pork with bean paste and chilli chicken with rice and the other choice is noodles with a special sauce. – Do you want some spicy sauce? – [Sam] Is this “laoganma?” – [Air steward] Yes, “laoganma” spicy sauce. It’s a Chinese speciality. We are the only airline to pair two dishes together in the main meal – [Sam] Let me take a look. – Here are our sweet panda bean paste buns – [Sam] Panda buns.
– Yes. – Wow, so many pandas. How does it taste? – Not bad! – [Sam] It’s sweet, right? – Yeah, a Chinese speciality again! – [Sam] Let me try.
– [Air Steward] Okay. – Do you want some sweet buns? – Do you want one?
– Thank you. – Do you want sweet buns? – Would you like some? – No thanks, I’m full. – [Air Steward] Panda sweet buns? – I am preparing many small dishes. Sliced pork with bean sauce, spicy fish, seasonal vegetables and panda rice. You can see how cute our panda rice is. – [Sam] Panda rice? – Yeah. We also have panda cake. – Panda cake?
– Yes. Here are the special sauce noodles – So much food, wow! This is amazing. This Beijing to Chengdu flight is about 2.5 hours but there is so much food! Very good! – Have some fruit first as an appetizer. – First, let me try the sliced pork with the bean sauce. Cucumber with pork is refreshing. Let me try some stir fry vegetables now. Now I am trying the spicy fish! There’s so much chilli around – what a challenge! Don’t take the chilli – just take the fish. I am doing well. I am still fine. This fish is really delicious. It smells so good. If it gets too spicy, you won’t see me tomorrow, I will be in the hospital! These are the special sauce noodles. I thought that you had moved a whole Chinese restaurant on to the plane! – We don’t want customers to worry about choosing and so we offer everything at the same time. – I don’t want to eat this cake because it’s so cute! – This is our famous “covered” tea. This is very famous in Sichuan. It symbolises good luck and harmony. This is for you, Sam. – Usually, I like to drink Coke on the flight but today I am drinking more tea. – [Both] Shhhhh! – Let me tell you a secret! We found out that a passenger has her birthday today! We are going to surprise her now and wish her a happy birthday! – [Both] Surpise! – Hello, we found out that today is your birthday and we’ve prepared a small surprise for you. Happy birthday from all of our crew! Also, here is a birthday card for you. – [Sam] Happy birthday! The seat can go fully flat. As you are all probably aware, with this seat many airlines are using the reverse herringbone design in a 1-2-1 seating configuration. For me, I found it a bit narrow. – Please be careful. – What a pleasure to fly with Sichuan Airlines today! I’ve just realised that Sichuan airlines have pretty girls like her! So, if you love beauties, come and fly Sichuan Airlines! – Bye.
– Bye. – Bye!


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