SINGAPORE AIRLINES Excellent Service Experience SQ961 Jakarta to Singapore

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hi guys, welcome back to another flight report video Today i’m going to share my flying experience with Singapore Airlines from Jakarta to Singapore I came early to check in for my flight The check in counters were pretty empty during that time so it was done in a breeze Here it is my plane had just arrived from Singapore Boeing 777-300 in regional cabin configuration Singapore Airlines has a very strict boarding sequence All passengers board according to their boarding groups which ensures a smooth boarding process Disposable headphones are available to take during boarding Now, Let’s check out the economy seat features of this aircraft Krisworld entertainment system is on demand And offers quite a large number of movies, musics, games and TV shows After the seat belt sign is turned off, the cabin crew were serving dinner There were two options for main course Service was commendable as usual The leading cabin crew in charge were very professional and friendly too For dinner, i chose beef rendang with steamed rice and veggies it came together with chocolate cake for dessert A cup of mineral water A cup of orange juice and a glass of red wine as my drink of choice The beef rendang was very tender and delicious and the chocolate cake was very good too I also requested a glass of singapore sling which was gladly served by the cabin crew Few moments later, the cabin crew did a final security check prior to landing It was a great flight experience with Singapore Airlines as always The cabin crew were very nice and friendly yet very professional to serve a full load passengers on a short one and a half hour flight Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoy this video Please show some love and support by liking and sharing this video Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos like this See you next time, Bye!


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