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Although flying today is extremely safe, for 30% of people it’s a rather difficult and unpleasant experience. Fear of flying limits their life, sometimes even affecting personal and business relationships or professional growth. You know, that feeling of being out of control… Turbulence is my nightmare… There is this abyss under the airplane… If the pilot was sitting next to me and reassuring me that everything was gonna be ok, it would be so much better. My name is Alex Gervash. I’m a pilot as well as a psychologist. Over the last 8 years I’ve been helping fearful fliers to take control over their fears. Our latest development is the SkyGuru App. This app acts like a pilot, sitting next to an anxious passenger and explaining in real time every sound, movement and sensation during a flight. SkyGuru also predicts turbulence area and explains the aviation weather on your specific takeoff and landing. SkyGuru also educates users about safety systems, procedures and a lot more. Sky Guru even analyzes the possibility of going around in case of a missed approach, based on arrival airport weather forecast. If I knew what to expect and why it was happening, it would reduce my anxiety. SkyGuru holds my attention during the flight. So i simply don’t have time to plunge into… you know… those ‘what if’ thoughts and fantasies. Sky Guru was featured on Fox News, Yahoo Travel, Daily Mail, Telegraph UK and other major media outlets. Conde Nast traveller magazine included SkyGuru in their top 10 tips for travellers of all time. SkyGuru is a great success. We are proud to improve flying experience for thousands of fearful fliers worldwide. Today, our app is only available for iOS. Our next challenge is to make SkyGuru available for Android users as well. SkyGuru uses a set of iPhone’s sensors to determine the current flight stage. A lot of people want to use SkuGuru on Android, but it’s much more complicated to obtain an equal sensor reading from different android devices. That’s why we need your support to develop Android version. If you are an anxious flier and you want to help us help you – please support this project. We’ll be happy to give all our inspired fans unlimited lifetime access to SkyGuru usage. We appreciate your cooperation.


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