Smoked Chicken Wings Recipe | How To Smoke Chicken Wings | Weber Performer BBQ Chicken


hello there I’m chef Johnny today I’m
cooking up some smoked chicken wings on the weber kettle I enjoy cooking wings
the family enjoys hot wings they enjoy barbecue wings so today it’s gonna be
smoked chicken wings on the weber kettle and i tell you what folks if you like
barbecued chicken recipes then you’re in the right place so look for my barbecue
recipes look for my barbecue chicken i’m gonna put a link down below so you can
see some of these other videos i’ll put my chicken playlist down below i got a
lot of them a lot of people enjoy watching my barbecued chicken so stick
around and let me show you how i do smoked chicken wings on the weber kettle so here we go big bag of wings John’s
got some friends down today and we’re gonna be seasoning them up with Phil’s
hot chick it’s an excellent rub and we’ll top them off with the original or
traditional barbecue sauce from Phil put a link down below for him but nice guy
made helmet his lovely wife in Amarillo and they did good but let’s get this bag
open and let’s see how we make some fantastic hot wings we’re going to use all
these wings here you can buy them already cut up a little bit cheaper if
you cut them up yourself so hey that’s what I’m doing tonight but going to open my
bag up got the whole wing and we’re just going to cut them up take my knife get a
good sharp knife see where it bends and if you hit cartilage it’s not hard you
saw how I went straight through it right there we go there and then we’re gonna
come find that joint here right stay where you’re at
come down again it’s an easy cut if you’re on bone it’s going to be hard
stop relocate find that joint again find the joint the tips we’re not going to
use it all cut that off find the joint here straight through I’m gonna cut
these up get right back with you and I’ll show you how I season these up now
while those wings are getting cut up I’m gonna tell you a little bit about a
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t-shirts go ahead order your one so let’s get back see how those wings got
up cut up and see if we get them seasoned up this one we’re putting on it
Phil’s hot chick Y’all can kind of see that it’s got a pretty good amount of spice
to it but I’m gonna take these wings and I’m gonna dump about half of them in
this other bowl I’m gonna take my hot chick and I’m just gonna sprinkle it
around on top or whatever was on the top of it pretty good amount in there the
stuff is up not for the weak at heart but we’re gonna shake it around kind of
see I’ll just shake it and flip it shake it and flip it and it’s gonna mix that
around on there kind of do it the same way you want to get the sauce on them
after they’re cooked want to spread that saucer out or that rub around but
they’re gonna put a little more in it Phil sgot this pretty spicy so these are
gonna be pretty hot but again right there you take your hands working with your
hands if you want to that’s not bad take my other bowl again up on top
winds blowing today’s on there and just toss these around until they all get coated
wings are all coated pretty good so I’m gonna put them back in a bowl to gether
they look seasoned pretty well I’m just gonna let these sit here while I get the
fire going so get these covered up and I’ll get back with you soon as the fire
is ready to go and that’ll give these time to marinate we’re gonna be using
some harder charcoal lump charcoal or with our slow and sear and we’re gonna
get that Weber kettle up to about all 350 375 I want to render the fat out of
this skin that’ll help them crisp up and then we’ll get them on there won’t take
long to cook them at all so let me get the fire going we got the fire going
pretty good I have got some Harder lump charcoal
along with a little bit of cherry wood in there so that cherry ought to give it
a nice flavor we’re gonna put the bigger pieces kind of up here by the fire and then I’m gonna put the flats right put the drummies up here and put the
flat back here a little further away it might take a little bit longer to get them all
on but you know I think it’s gonna be worth it we got five pounds of wings
coming on they are gonna be a spicy wing with this Phil’s gourmet rub on here and
there you have it they’re all on there and we have answer
the question can you get five pounds of wings on a Weber Kettle using the slow
n sear answers yes let’s cover it up that flame will go out some get this
open about twenty five minutes in their looking nice and brown and I think what
I’m gonna do is I’m gonna switch these I’m gonna turn them over and I’m gonna
move which rack they’re on or what position they’re on
so those are gonna go up these are gonna go back you see our fire is kind of
moving across there so start out with the heat here and it kind of getting
closer to these down here we’re going to check the temperature of all of them all right so we’re 25 minutes in we’re in the 140s
these are getting close I’m gonna close it up we’re gonna let this go another 10
minutes now let’s check these out see we’re at temperature-wise the front ones
are the ones who are worried about it is 165 lets do some random checks
here 165 170 70 quick fly over here then check these out they are looking
pretty what we get some of these wings out sauce
maybe about a third of them that way everybody can have sauce unsauce and
a few action just not sauced for me right I do have a video up if y’all want to
see how I lost a hundred pounds in six months that video is there so get over
there and watch that it is interesting now I’ll put a link down below some of
you look at it mean you’re still that big yeah
I’m still that big down 100 pounds got another 40 to 50 to go we’re hoping to
be there by June and I’m just going here y’all can see in there I’m taking the
Phil’s traditional sauce ah tried this before it’s very good we just ah oh yeah
good a little vinegar in it a little sweetness to it very traditional
barbecue sauce and all I’m gonna do is poor on my sauce now again I’m gonna do my toss take them
and just flip them over we get them coated real good all over I’ve kind of
found a lot easier and brushing them a lot faster and it’ll coat them real good and we want to set this sauce so what I’m gonna do is put these back on that
Weber Kettle now for maybe five minutes they’ve had a little time to cool off some
so they’re gonna be real good but we’re gonna have that nice hot hot hot chick
on it from Phil’s and now we’ve got a traditional sauce that’s not real hot a
little vinegar a little sweet and if we get these onto the kettle and set the
sauce and then we’ll do a taste test for you let’s open this up I’m just gonna kind of dump these on there no particular way I’m gonna put them on just want the heat to get on I’m gonna
separate them whether or not all touching each other and again these are cooked all the way
they’re fully cooked they’re all up to 165 degrees so they’re ready to go so
let’s close it up five minutes we’ll give them a try it’s been about five
minutes right get these off pulling these off real quick that
sauce like it’s set pretty good on them so we’re gonna plate these up and ah let y’all see how they taste tell you what they look beautiful smell
great that cherry wood was wonderful on them this hot chick rub is very good and
my wife she’s been putting it on everything so like I said I had to hold her back to
keep something for this video but ah just a beautiful wing the ones that the salsa
even prettier cuz it said on there it’s got a beautiful Sheen to him but these
not bad-looking either so my sauce taster got here he’d been out running
around Pierre you want to get in here with us crowd in here you can crowd in here I’m good
all right hey I’ve got a couple of taste testers here so I use the Phils hot
chick from Phil’s gourmet sauces for y’all guys if y’all trying the one but I
wanted y’all to try them I’m gonna try the one with no sauce Pierre take your
pick good smoke little heat these are good remember the last batch that were salty ya these are good what do you think Pierre these are on point here good stuff Pierre’s a good friend of
John’s they played football together in college he came down for the weekend so
he’s getting to partake in the hot wings as we’re filming here you want to try one unsauced ones John see what you think on it one thing about
this Phil’s ah traditional sauce that he’s got it’s not too salty where a lot of these
are to sake folks there you have it ah got a couple of hungry guys in here John
likes them just fine Pierre likes em good but great wings and thank you for
stopping by always appreciate you stopping by
Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine remember to get below check out my
t-shirts Big Sexy BBQ Society founding member t-shirts so get down
there get you one of those the link will be down below once again we do
appreciate ya’ll thanks for stopping by and we’re gonna see you down the road on
Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine good bye everybody how them boys put food away beats all I’ve ever seen


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  1. The Gallery Backyard BBQ

    March 7, 2020 3:12 pm

    Big Sexy Chef Johnny, looking good buddy. wings look awesome also. kettle and wings are defiantly perfect together.

  2. Pull My Pork BBQ

    March 7, 2020 3:16 pm

    Good looking wings Chef Johnny, nothing like spicy wings on the Weber. Gonna have to try some of that rub for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Behind the Garage BBQ

    March 7, 2020 3:30 pm

    Awesome cook Chef Johnny! Wings looks amazing, I definitely would say that the Weber kettle is the most versatile grill you can own,one of my goto grill, great video,thanks for sharing 👍Craig @BTGBBQ

  4. Tin Tức Tinh Túy

    March 7, 2020 3:43 pm

    My name is Tinh Tuy
    I am from VietNames
    Nice to meet you
    👇 Come to my chanel. Please


    March 7, 2020 3:50 pm

    Awesome man! I have yet to use my slow and sear to do wings might have to give it a shot! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Kevin Staggs

    March 7, 2020 4:06 pm

    Really enjoyed this video as usual… I do love a good "wang." Also order my Big Sexy BBQ t-shirt… Not sure I should wear anything that says "sexy" but hey, I'm a Chef Johnny fan…

  7. The Roed to Good Cooking

    March 7, 2020 4:50 pm

    Holy Moly those wings looked delish Chef Johnnie😋 You look amazing too my friend. Keep grinding I have no doubt that you will crush your weight loose goal by June……let’s get it💪🏽. Have a blessed weekend. Say “hey” to the fam😊

  8. ngatiramona

    March 7, 2020 8:18 pm

    That seasoning alone, made me kick my shoe off.. humdinger they're gorgeous looking. Speaking of loveliness, you are looking F.a.n.t.a.s.t.i.c! You and Kirby, Sir, incredible goals. Young lads getting to try out the wings.. blessed. Hello John and Pierre! Thanks Chef.❤❤🖐

  9. Anderson’s SmokeShow

    March 8, 2020 2:43 pm

    Wowzers! Those wings look heavenly! Since I’ve started grilling and smoking food, it’s gotten really hard for me to enjoy food out. We have a dinner date at Texas Roadhouse tonight and…. I’m not very excited 😆 Great job Johnny!


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