Special Air Mission 41 flyover in College Station



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  1. Grand Delight

    December 7, 2018 12:41 am

    This made the entire salute to President Bush …perfect …THE Funeral was absolutely magnificent …with every detail…planned and executed to the absolute minute detail…perfectly…A WONDERFUL TRIBUTE FOR A REAL…PRESIDENT….!

  2. John Slater

    December 7, 2018 2:41 am

    How appropriate, as I am watching this video of the beautiful fly by honoring President George H W Bush, there are 41 likes. Even though I wanted to, I did not express a thumbs up… in honor of a life well lived… I am thankful for the 41 people who liked this already… you are representing me and my family as well.
    Godspeed Mr President. God bless the Bush family with the Spirit of comfort during this hard time of life.


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