Spicy Hot Wing Challenge! ft. Nick Colletti and Casey Frey | Cooking with Marshmello


Good morning, Marshmello! Are you inviting some of your friends over for today’s episode? Who’s it going to be? Derek Fisher, Paula Abdul, Zac Efron. It’s your pals Casey Frey and Nick Colletti! Welcome, guys! How do you all feel about a hot wings eating contest today? Great! For our spicy chicken wings We’ll need olive oil, garlic powder, pressed garlic, salt and pepper, chicken wings and chili powder. For our competition We’ll need four levels of hotness. Meaning we’ll need four separate bags for the wings. In each bag combine the olive oil, garlic powder, garlic, salt and pepper, two chicken wings and increasing amounts of chilli powder. Mix the bags well so that the wings are entirely covered. Once ready, cook in the oven at 375 degrees. Welcome to the first annual Marshmello hot wing challenge! On the left We’ve got Nick Colletti, on the right Casey Frey. First man to finish all of their wings is the champion! Marshmello! Congrats Cacey, you’re that champion! Now go celebrate with a cool glass of water! See you next week, Mellogang!


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