STORM Schiphol, DOUBLE RUNWAY USAGE, Landing & takeoff “real aviation” inc. ATC


Airplane info as captions in subtitles ↓↓↓↓ in the youtube app. Boeing 777-206(ER) KLM PH-BQP from Rio de Janeiro to Amsterdam on flight KL706 Landed 12:12 PM. Boeing 777-3DZ(ER) Qatar Airways (Oneworld Livery) A7-BAA from Doha to Amsterdam on flight QR273 Landed 12:16 PM. Boeing 767-322(ER) United Airlines N669UA from Amsterdam to Washington flight UA947 departure 12:16 PM. Boeing 737-7K2 KLM PH-BGR from Amsterdam to Billund on flight KL1345 departure 12:20 PM. Airbus A320-216 Alitalia EI-DSU from Milan to Amsterdam on flight AZ120 Landed 12:24 PM. Boeing 777-35R(ER) Jet Airways VT-JEW from Amsterdam to Toronto on flight 9W234 departure 12:25 PM. Airbus A320-232 Air Malta 9H-AHR from Luqa to Amsterdam on flight KM394 Landed 12:25 PM. Embraer ERJ-190STD KLM PH-EZZ from Amsterdam to Kristiansand KL1209 departure 12:26 PM. Boeing 777-FFX Etihad Cargo A6-DDB from Miami to Amsterdam on flight EY986 Landed 12:29 PM. Boeing 747-428F(ER) Saudia Cargo OPERATOR MyCargo Airlines TC-ACM from Jeddah to Amsterdam on flight SV941 Landed 12:34 PM. Boeing 737-76N SAS SE-RET from Amsterdam to Oslo on flight SK822 departure 12:34 PM. Boeing 737-8K2 Transavia PH-HXD from Salzburg to Amsterdam on flight HV6592 Landed 12:37 PM Airbus A330-343 WOW air TF-WOW from Reykjavik to Amsterdam on flight WW442 Landed 12:39 PM. Boeing 777-206(ER) KLM PH-BQd from Guayaquil to Amsterdam on flight KL751 Landed 12:42 PM. Airbus A380-861 Emirates A6-EOJ from Dubai to Amsterdam on flight EK147 Landed 12:45 PM. Boeing 737 KLM PH-BGD from Amsterdam to Dublin on flight KL935 departure 12:45 PM. Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner KLM PH-BHD from Minneapolis to Amsterdam on flight KL656 Landed 12:49 PM. Airbus A320-232 SAS OY-KAS from Amsterdam to Copenhagen on flight SK552 departure 12:50 PM Airbus A320-216 Alitalia EI-EIE from Rome to Amsterdam on flight AZ108 Landed 12:53 PM. Boeing 737-8K2 KLM PH-BXC form Hamburg to Amsterdam on flight KL1778 Landed 12:57 PM. Airbus A330-223 China Southern Airlines B-6542 from Amsterdam to Guangzhou on flight CZ308 departure 12:58 PM. Boeing 737-7K2 KLM PH-BGP from Amsterdam to Hamburg on flight KL1781 departure 1:01 PM. At this time i get an interview by a tv channel this way i normally stand on this place for filming. I looked at that time like Kenny from southpark. If you look at the crew they thought it look funny. So a big thanks to Hart van Nederland interview without asking. and making fun of me. So do not contact me anymore for Image usage. Many people went out this day for plane watching and filming it was during the Christmas holidays. Embraer ERJ-190STD KLM by KLM Cityhopper PH-EZG from Amsterdam to Copenhagen on flight KL1129 departure 1:02 PM. Airbus A330-243 China Eastern Airlines B-5941 from Amsterdam to Shanghai on flight MU772 departure 1:04 PM. Boeing 747-481(BDSF) Suparna Airlines B-2435 from Zhengzhou to Amsterdam on flight Y87497 Landed 1:08 PM Embraer ERJ-190STD KLM Cityhopper PH-EZP from Amsterdam to Gothenburg on flight KL1155 departure 1:08 PM. Boeing 737-86Q Belavia EW-438PA from Minsk to Amsterdam B2867 Landed 1:10 PM. Airbus A321-231 Finnair OH-LZN from Amsterdam to Helsinki on flight AY1302 1:11 PM. Embraer ERJ-190STD KLM Cityhopper PH-EXC from Billund to Amsterdam on flight KL1342 Landed 1:14 PM. Airbus A330-203 KLM PH-AOF from Amsterdam to Havana on flight KL723 departure 1:14 PM. Boeing 747-406F(ER) KLM Cargo PH-CKC from Miami to Amsterdam on flight MP6912 Landed 1:18 PM. Boeing 747-406(M) KLM PH-BFV from Amsterdam to Chicago on flight KL611 departure 1:19 PM. Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Xiamen Air B-7838 from Amsterdam to Xiamen on flight MF812 departure 1:22 PM. Airbus A319-111 easyJet G-EZFZ from Geneva to Amsterdam on flight U21351 Landed 1:24 PM. Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner KLM PH-BHA from Amsterdam to Calgary on flight KL677 departure 1:24 PM. Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner TUI PH-TFM from Cancun to Amsterdam on flight OR336 Landed 1:26 PM. Boeing 767-319(ER) Icelandair TF-ISN from Amsterdam to Reykjavik on flight FI501 departure 1:27 PM. Embraer ERJ-175STD KLM Cityhopper PH-EXP from Aberdeen to Amsterdam on flight KL1442 Landed 1:29 PM. Airbus A330-303 KLM PH-AKD from Amsterdam to Vancouver on flight KL681 departure 1:30 PM. Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Etihad Airways A6-BLP from Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam on flight EY77 Landed 1:32 PM. Airbus A330-323 Delta Air Lines N813NW from Amsterdam (AMS) Detroit (DTW) DL137 departure 1:32 PM Boeing 767-332(ER) Delta Air Lines N195DN from Amsterdam to New York on flight DL149 departure 1:35 PM


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