Straight Up Punjab | Jasmine Sandlas | Artist Journey

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I sang on stage when I was 6 years old
for the first time. And everybody clapped. I was like,
“Wow! This is a fun feeling.” And ever since I was little,
I just wanted to be loved. Music showed me the way towards it. And I realized the more music I put up,
the more love I got. So, why would I be anything else
but an artist. International superstar,
Jasmine Sandlas. Dachi Waleya Mor Muhar Wey
by Surinder Kaur ji was my first song that I think I remember hearing and it was just probably
playing in the background on a cassette. I loved Surinder Kaur ji,
Shiv Kumar Batalvi ji. At a young age, I got introduced to,
like, the dopest people ever. So, the standards were high for me. That’s why I love my music
so passionately. So, I sang songs
that were really open like, from Muskan,
which is my first one. Muskan was a song somebody else wrote for me. And boom! England is where
I got the most love. I was heavily inspired by Bollywood music
when I was a teenager. Now I’m inspired by people that
passionately make music. I just love the way they speak
about their music and I want that, I want that feeling,
I wanna feel that way. I feel that way and I want people
to know that I feel that way. Everybody is an artist, to be honest,
we’re meant to co-create a beautiful world and we’re stuck with 9-5 jobs,
I know, I was one of them, too. I used to work at a school and one day,
I just decided to leave. I had no connections in the industry. And I had no money. My parents didn’t support me,
my family didn’t support me. They were like, “You’re not gonna make it.
This is just like a hobby of yours.” “Don’t take it that seriously.” They love me.
They are scared. While I was trying to be where I am today I literally had nothing going for me
and I went for myself confidently in the direction of my dreams
because if you don’t have dreams… …then you’re sleeping. There’s a lot of things I love, but there’s
nothing more than finishing a song. Like writing a song,
that’s the birth of a thought. It feels good. So, why do I write music?
For the feeling of it. I really love Punjabi. The reason I relearned Punjabi when I went
back to Punjab is because I wanted to be taken seriously
as a song writer. I make sure that I speak and communicate
correctly through my songs. Because your roots are a big part
of who you become. I’m nothing like Batalvi ji
or Surinder Kaur ji but the feeling that I get
from listening to their songs is the feeling my fans tell me they get
from my songs. So it’s just like I do it for the feeling. As a musician, I wanna connect
with the fellow human beings on this planet and music is the reason that I get to. Can you hear me? Is this Bareilly? I’m so happy to be here.
Thank you so much for having me. So I’m doing Straight Up Punjab. I feel honoured that I have been one
of the very few people chosen to represent Punjabi music. I wouldn’t be who I am if didn’t hear
the music growing up that I did so I’m so thankful
that I got introduced to it accidently and the fun
and the charm in music is still there you know, and it inspires
thousands of artists all around the world and I’m one of them.


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