‘Suicidal’ Delta passenger tries to open plane door mid-flight

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A suicidal Delta passenge
tried to yank open the p
ane’s door mid-flight — f
rcing a pilot to declare
n emergency as it landed
t LaGuardia Airport on Fr
day, sources told The Pos
. The chaos on Flight 5935,
which originated from Nor
h Carolina’s Raleigh-Durh
m International Airport,
as captured on live air t
affic control audio. “We just had a mentally d
sturbed passenger tried t
open the forward door,”
he pilot said, according
o the audio obtained by N
C New York. “Everything i
under control now. We’re
going to be taxiing to th
gate.” The pilot initially alert
d air traffic control, “W
uld like to declare an em
rgency. The forward servi
e door has been opened.” The passenger, described
s a 20-year-old female, s
ated that she wanted to c
mmit suicide as she tried
to open the emergency doo
while the plane was desc
nding to land, sources sa
d. The woman’s fellow passen
ers were able to detain h
r and stop her from meddl
ng with the door, the sou
ces added. The flight landed safely
t 1:35 p.m., according to
FlightAware. The woman was taken into
ustody and brought to Len
x Hill Hospital for an ev
luation, sources said. No
one was injured. Stacy Herbert, who was on
board, tweeted about the
arrowing experience. “A young woman in perhaps
her early twenties became
suicidal and tried to ope
the door of plane as we
escended into LGA,” she w
ote. “Her father pulled h
r from door. She was scre
ming her head off that sh
needed to open the door
nd die.” Herbert tweeted photos sh
wing police on the tarmac
surrounding the plane, ad
ing that passengers were
roviding statements to au
horities. “I wasn’t scared as I kne
the door could not be op
ned but her shrieks were
errifying,” Herbert conti
ued. “And she was sitting
behind us so when she was
pulled back to her seat i
was awful to see her sui
idal distress.” Republic Airways, which w
s operating the flight, s
id it was aware of the in
ident. “What I can tell you now
s that the flight landed
neventfully and proceeded
to its gate,” a spokesper
on said.


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