Sustainable Development EF Challenge 2018 Belgium


Hi, I’m Apolline Ducobu, and I’m gonna be competing for the Education First Challenge Enjoy your watching ! What does sustainable development mean to you? To be honest I didn’t know what it was At first I thought it was some adult’s topic that doesn’t concern us, teenagers When I try to understand it by looking at some pictures I felt completely powerless It was so intricate That’s why I decided to deepen my research. I did what most people do and I googled it When my research was done I decided to choose a definition of United Nations Association of Norway and UNICEF Norway Sustainable development is to make the world a better place for everyone Without destroying the possibilities for the next generations If you want to know if something is sustainable You can ask yourself : Will it be possible to do this over and over forever ? Basically, there are three spheres That we have to keep in mind at the same time to make sustainable development work Social progress Economic development Climate and environment While we are here as citizen and humans in general, we must complete these goals The Sustainable Development Goals it doesn’t matter who you are Or what you choose to believe in It doesn’t matter if you’re black White Hispanic Asian If you lavish in wealth Or drenched in poverty We all have a role to play Governments Businesses civil society and everybody in between Sustainable development is a common movement that should bring all of us together United by the actions we do daily we will be a real factor of a concern that affects everyone on this earth But what are these goals you may ask? What can we do concretely to change the world? No poverty Zero hunger good health and well-being Quality Education One child One teacher One book And one pen Can change the world Gender equality If not me, Who? If not now, When? There are more goals of course, and there are even more Sustainable Development topics We can name some of them as Biodiversity and ecosystems Technology etc So it’s time to make a difference to change the world it’s not too late We can all make decisions that will help building a new and better world So I ask you as my fellow human beings let us change the world for the better And create a brighter future for all of us Thank you for watching, Thank you to the education first program for proposing as this challenge And good luck to all the participants


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