Swimming With The SHARKS 🇵🇭 Kawasan Falls – 1 day in Cebu // Philippines Travel Vlog


We had lots of fun in Manila and El Nido,
but when we went to the Philippines my main goal was to search and find the great whale
sharks. Therefore we took a flight to Cebu City where
we went to see the thaoist temple, which wasn’t so interesting (you can check the crocodile
vlog) and after that we decided that it was about time to go see the best of Cebu island:
the whale sharks next to a village called Oslob and the Kawasan Falls. After a 6 hours bus drive, we arrived to Oslob,
where we needed to kill some time until the early morning (which is the best moment to
see the sharks). Is fascinatining that in the Philippines they
love basketball as much as i do. And that they use the ball also to make bets. Well, this is amazing! I the moment I stepped on the boat I was so
happy and excited because finally my dream was becoming reality! Then I jumped into water and I couldn’t stop
smiling. These beautiful creatures were sliding next
to me. They were so huge and they brought me an amount
of joy bigger than the Ocean. My footage was shaky and when I asked my cousin
Walter to film me, it got even worse because he almost got kissed by one of the sharks. Ok, let’s go. Walter, you can tell everybody how you got
scared from the sharks. Yeah, I got *quack* guys. I so literally his face in front of me. Is like the shark wanted to kiss me. I’m not fitting in beds, I’m not fitting in
trycyle anywhere, but Walter fits perfectly. Look at him, so happy! We are heading to the Kawasan Falls, finally
Walter. Who’s gonna jump first. As you can see, here they are cleaning clothes. Guy’s, we are stopping here to do some pics. Walter doesn’t seem satisfied. Okay, okay. In Italian: Tell me, I can take it again. I really like to walk. Maybe seems strange to some people that are
from cities like me, but walking is what makes me breath. Is a great feeling. So beautiful.


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  1. Ken Wigger

    September 2, 2019 4:10 am

    I wouldn't dare swim around crocodiles after you having ate one. But you may be safe around the sharks unless you forgot a shark steak that you ate in the past.


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