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TAKE OFF Female voice: ‘Baghdad.’ ‘Joining the health medicare in Iraq offered unique experience to work and share of my style
with the multi-cultural ethics, skills and devoted professionals with over fifty different nationality
around the world.’ ‘It had fascinating dimensions.’ Man: Listen. Go and sit over there.
Yes, there. [Female voice over speaks] Hmm. [Paper crackling] These papers… -What?
-Papers. It’s all a way to fool people. That place isn’t suitable
for the people to live. Have you heard of missiles? Kids play with the missile
taking it as ball. If you go there, who knows
you will survive or not. If you know so much,
why are you going there? Not me, my wife is going. There she is. [Laughs] Next. You go now. Next please. [Foot falls] [Shuffling of paper] Official: Sorry Ms Sameera. We can’t take you without
experience certificate. [Shuffling of paper} Next please. Please hold this. [Zip opening sound] Where would certificates go?
Check it again. I had kept all the certificates here. I have asked you umpteen times
to keep papers in order. Have you copy of it? Otherwise, application will be rejected. How can they reject my application
just because of it? I’ve given you hospital ID.
Call and confirm. No use shouting at me. Nothing can be done without verification. You go to hospital and ask them
to mail your experience certificate. I’ve done the best I could. No, sir. All four of us had
got the certificate at the same time. But only mine is lost. Man over phone:
‘What can I do about it?’ Please sir, I would lose the chance. ‘Issuing certificate on Sunday
is very difficult.’ ‘Request them to hold on.’ ‘If they don’t agree, try next time.’ ‘Sorry.’ Sir… Man:
You have the UE experience certificate. Show it and tell them that
new certificate will be available soon. All right? Papa, he’s Shahid,
he was in our hospital. [Clicks] There are only old photos in it. Nothing else. It must be in there, look properly. [Clicks} [Music on PC] Ibru, stop playing game. [Keyboard clacks] How was your exam?
Tell the truth. Questions were good. It means you didn’t know the answers. This printed folder, is it? Yes, that’s the one. Open it quick. Got it? Have you got it? Yes, got it. [Printer humming} 25 rupees. Yes. Here it its. Come. Sorry, its ten year old. We can’t accept it.
We’ll have to check present experience. What are you saying? Isn’t ten years’
experience is no experience? -Yeah?
-Calm down, Sameera. Come. -How can they do this?
– Don’t argue. They’ll reject you. But they have already rejected me. I can’t understand, sir.
We are totally seven. And we work in the same hospital. Give her just one chance. She will submit her
certificate by tomorrow. Please, sir. This her last opportunity. Okay, for now I’ll keep it with me. But you’ll have to mail your
new application within three days. Of course, sir. It will be done.
Believe me. Ok, give me the passport. [Zip sound] [Thud] We have to go there
after six months, isn’t it? Anyways it’s good that
we’ll be staying together. [Locker closing] You know Shahid applied
just because of you. Can’t you say yes to him? This entire trip has
many responsibilities. I can’t bear anymore responsibility. Then tell this to him too. Poor guy is unnecessarily waiting. Have I ever asked him? I don’t want anyone should wait for me. And you stop siding him. Oh God! You’re still on
night duty this week? I’ll handle that prude. He always does the same. [Footsteps] One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. Rhythm is normal.
Will have to check BP>BP also appears to be normal. Better we put him ICU. Hmm. He’s normal, doctor. -Needs to be shifted.
-Ok, it will be done. I want to see him… What’s this nonsense? Will I always be in night duty? There are already patients
in the Labour Ward. And we don’t have experienced nurses. Experienced, doesn’t mean
I should always be on night shift? I don’t want to listen this. I can’t change the entire shift
just for a single person. -Oh, so you are taking
advantage of my divorce. -What? What do you mean? Now don’t make me say it. Why have you put me in night shift
for four weeks? Now I’ve only six weeks here. Otherwise, I’d have shown you! [Rain] [Bike engine sound] Should I take up night shift this time? -Because Sameera is on night shift?
-Why ask when you know it? I’ll do night shift this time. Then I’ll sleep tight this week. Hey, hold on the umbrella properly. [Metallic clink and water falling] You think Iraq will have
bananas like Kochi? Do you know how far it is? If you can’t do it
then call the neighbour. Man: Better if she gets married and goes
to her husband’s place. -No, I’ll manage. We too don’t want it.
But the circumstances are such. Money is good there.
That’s why this decision. Man 2: Selling land for that sake
will be a loss, think about it. Whereas, for that land you can get good amount. Sending abroad a divorced girl
for two years, what would society say? [Clank of cupboard] [Clank] [Paper shuffling] Sameera: They are bank forms.
Not just one many. Everyone of it mentions
payments and details. If you pay them, neither will we
sell our land nor will I go abroad. Father: You go inside, dear. We aren’t begging from anyone, papa. This land belongs to mother. Our doing this would devalue his land. This show off is just for that. Mother: What are you doing here? I educated you as much I could. Now take up a job an earn. [Door closing]
Why are you calling me often? I have said, the moment
I get cash I will pay up. [Window closing] First get me the Visa,
rest amount I’ll pay then. [Foil tearing sound] [Bottle cap closing] [Soft music] [Door knocking] [Knocks] [Azaan… call for prayers] [Door opening sound] Ekka, will you drop me? I am late. Ekka: What use going to job? As it is, Sameera, my mother
doesn’t like you going for job. Why are you saying so? You do know situation at my house. Before marriage I had told you everything. You mean you’d do what you like? Fine. I am not going. You just do this. Give half of your salary to me.
I’ll remit it to my father. Can you do this? [Soft violin music] Mother:
‘Dear, we are not in need of money.’ You should take care of yourself
in this condition. Do you feel any movement of the child? It’s not that I am unaware of loan. But how can I go on job
leaving him like this? I can understand your situation, dear. I just would say, if you can, help us. [Baby’s cry] Father, did you recognise him? -Uh… Mohamed’s son?
-Yes, he’s. Oh, he’s grown up. [Introductions] Ibru:
What’s my gift for the birthday, mummy? Of course I will. Its a surprise. When you’re home during
vacations I will give it to you. There is still time for vacations. Why don’t you come now? You know that I work here. How can I come then? Mummy, do you know that
Ibru is eight years old now? Yes, I do know. I’m aware. It means now I can come and see you. Is it all right? [Scrapping sound] Where is the duty nurse here? She had some emergency. Come on, a child is crying there and nurse is absent here?
What’s going on? She just left for five minutes. -She’ll be here.
– So what do I do, just watch the kid crying? Only your wife isn’t
a delivery patient here. Ward is full already. [Child’s cry] See, he’s constantly crying. [Child’s cry] Close the door after me.
I will bring him right back. [Child’s cries] Uh… Sir, go to your room. You can’t wait here. Please go. Don’t worry.
Please come. [Child crying] Don’t think I’d say thanks. No need of it. I was just helping my friend
during duty time. So what happened? I was just talking to my son,
no one else. Today he eight. I had to wish for his birthday. Even now he feels that her mother works far off. I have no intention
to play with your sentiments. I just wish you stop hovering around me. Fine, at least you think about me. I have nothing to think about you. Why don’t you understand? Reduce being angry. I know you are not like this. I don’t want pretend
being in love with you. I want you to be part of my life. When I saw you for the first time, I immediately knew
that you are under stress. I love you. I understand you. Why did you take up job in Iraq
without informing us? What to tell you, mother. I felt like taking it up, so I did. I am grown up enough
to take my own decisions. If I am burden to you,
I will go to Hasina. Huh, yes. Just think that.
[Door bell] Two days… just in two days, she will bring you back
and dump you here. [Door opening] Uh… Mother wants to shift at your place. -What do you say?
-Uh… [Scoffs] Where were you? On duty. {Door closing] He has decided to go. Let him go. I am here with you. Don’t you worry. Salary there would be
four times than here. -This would solve our problems.
-You’re right. I would repay all my debts. And would buy a beautiful house. And then, if any boy asks for dowry
I would smash his face. Uh, sounds nice. Look, our hospital is close to
Saddam Hussain’s mansion. Who is this Saddam Husssain? I talked to everyone about your job. It doesn’t makes a difference to them
that you are a divorcee. Moreover, your age is also not too much. After all they are not wrong too. At least, women do not go abroad
or outside from our race. So it will be better… you forgot about that job. I don’t feel now it is needed. Your properly you keep with you. If I marry will everybody be happy? I have to go at any cost. What may come. [Mood music] [Door banging close] Is you job more valuable than
our family that you’re so stubborn? What else do I do? I have to take care of my family. When Ibru is here, how is it possible? I will take him along with me. You took this decision all alone? How will stay without me? Look, he’ll stay right here. In this very house. For good. Either chose the job or Ibru. It’s your decision. [Exhales] [Sound of elevator door] Senior doctor:
So you’ve understood everything? Yes? Sorry, doctor. I want to speak to Shahid. Okay. Go. But don’t be late. Ok, sir. Right. So I was saying… What happened, tell me. Uh… Hey, Sameera! Um… You don’t want to marry me now? Uh… when did I say that… You can marry before going abroad. Think it over and reply. Come tomorrow to talk to my papa. Tell him that I am going to Iraq
not alone but with you. Instead of tomorrow, If I… what if I meet him today? [Laughs] [Music] ♪ Life has blossomed ♪ ♪ Since the time you’ve met me ♪ Male:
♪ you dwell within me ♪ ♪ Keep smiling all the while ♪ ♪ This world of mine
is nothing without you ♪ Shahid’s mom:
He’s already married with a kid. Haseena:
But child doesn’t stay with her. No mother can live without her child. I won’t give permission for the wedding. I am not seeking permission from you. So long I’ve been listening to you. Now you listen to me, mother. ♪ You dwell within me ♪ ♪ Always keep smiling ♪ ♪This world of mine
is nothing without you♪ ♪ Life has blossomed ♪ ♪ Since the time you’ve met me ♪ Female:
♪ Our coming together ♪ ♪ Is the bond of souls ♪ ♪ The confluence of hearts
is so exhilarating ♪ ♪ Your love is so different ♪ ♪…I am in it, my love ♪
-Hello, what does it mean? ‘During actions
he will come to you, right? -Just a minute, ok?
-Hmm. We shouldn’t inform him now. You have married him, Sameera not me. Tell him about you. Our Iraq Visa has arrived. I won’t be here till Ibru’s vacation. You can send him sooner. As it is that place is not right. That’s now my responsibility now. You may take him wherever you want to. -‘Rest will be according to the deal.’
-Listen, uh… You miss him a lot, don’t you? This time, after the vacation… Come on. …he will be with us. Have you any objection? Not at all. He is our child. What will you… tell him about me? [Sad music] [Stuff falling] Have you checked properly.
Is it confirmed? I checked twice. Results are the same. Listen, you take an appointment
with Dr. Sussain for me. Doctor is in her room. There aren’t many patients too.
You come right now. No, not here. I will go to his house this evening. And please, keep it a secret. Hm. Did you tell this to Shahid? The fetus is 24 days old. And there is no heartbeat. Have you some problem? Are you trying to abort
due to second marriage? It’s not so, doctor. After a long time we have
got a job in Iraq. In this condition
I will have to carry this out. Also, I can’t afford it too. This isn’t the reason, doctor. She wants to undergo abortion
due to her first child. Why are you saying this? Even the baby heart isn’t beating. I didn’t say I don’t want the bay now. I’m just asking to wait till Ibru is gone. Right now her age is 31 years. If she gets abortion done now
won’t it be a problem in future? You’re a nurse, you must know you might not be able to
conceive in future. I am unwilling to accept this, doctor. How’s Ibru? My first child Ibrahim. He still doesn’t know about our divorce. Ibrahim will return
after five months, doctor. She’s afraid he might feel bad. What else can I do?
He is already troubled. If he comes to know I’m pregnant,
he won’t be able to bear it. Both of you discuss and decide
and then come. What’s there to discuss. [Motorcycle engine revving] -Wait.
-Where are you going? Medical Center, it’s my night shift. You had day shift, didn’t you? Jincy is on leave.
I’m doing her shift. Let’s go. [Autorickshaw engine revving] Sameera. Good morning, If BP is under control,
she can be discharged. -Come quickly.
-Yes. It shouldn’t be like last time.
Dr. Sanjeev checks everything. Nurse 2: Sis, do you want to die
doing over time for money? [Gate creaking] Last night he told me. I wanted to come at very time. To meet you. Now you shouldn’t do night duty. You should take care of yourself, dear. [Sound of sizzling] What happened is good, dear.
I happy for you. [Sound utensil clinking, water pouring] Does she really wants to abroad? She will have to go. Her Visa is issued. Get it canceled. Now it’s too late. We have already paid 200,000.
We won’t get it back. Is money everything? Dear, what’s wrong? What happened? [Door opening] [Monitor beeps] Have you taken some medicine? You’re a nurse. You shouldn’t have taken stress
in this condition, don’t you know? Good that baby is safe. After you went, Shahid came to meet me. Perhaps he is bothered about your health. Take one tablet daily. If you get dependent on it, you can go in depression too. You’re nursing a live within you.
You’ll have to forget the past. You have to become accustomed
to sleep without these tablets. You should let this baby be born. And start a new life. You may see her. Don’t talk to her about this subject. [Monitor beeps] What’s all this? You are doing it for job sake, right? Look, nurse’s job is full time job. You want to work till ninth month? Do it. Who has stopped you? As you get labour pain
you’ll get admitted here. Right? Your doing this would benefit us. Ibru will understand. Why are you thinking so much? He’s your son. Our son. Let him come. Our baby is on the way. He will accept it, I know. Don’t worry. Shahid. I am Yusuf. Somya, get up. What’s it, sister? Please… Security man: Where is he going?
Come one hurry. Don’t delay. Bring him fast. He is here. Let’s go. Don’t try to act funny. Hurry up! Come on, hurry up. Quick. [Police siren] Everything is fine. Now we can leave. [Call to prayers] Are they taking us to kill? Sit quietly. Don’t worry. All of us are working for Iraq Government. This army is for your protection. This place is absolutely safe. It’s not the way you have felt. [Call for prayers] We are about to reach the check point. Ladies cover your heads. Because Iraq is a Muslim country. Girl 2: – Heard?
– Uh… Cover you head with scarf. This way. Yes. Make it like this. [Ambulance siren hooting] [People talking] Attendant: Take him inside. Careful. -Take out your passport.
-Here it is. -Hm.
-I’ll be back from washroom. – Ok. Shahid. There is a emergency situation.
I need your help. Man: Give your passport to me.
– What for? They are asking for it.
Don’t worry. Hand it over. Hold on. We can manage our group.
You may go. Sister, we have come together.
Then why talk of group? I was just trying to help. We don’t need your help. Is everything all right?
Check everything is fine. Are you talking about SIM card? We have just landed here. As long as we are settled here
forget your Whatsapp and Facebook. How will I manage without it? Listen. He needs our help. An accident case has arrived here. And they don’t have staff. He is requesting us. They have started on our arrival. We just made a journey of ten hours
and they asking to get to work now. Man: Whoever wants to go, go. I am going to my room. We will get ready and come, sir. [Running footsteps] Quick. Hurry, along with that. [Door creaking] Doctor: Hurry. Hurry up. Quick. Change his dressing. Hey, don’t do it like this. Got it? Wear gloves and come. Go. Nurse: Please come. Can’t you see he is in so much pain? Are you taught to treat like this? Don’t act overs mart. I know my job. Do what you are asked. This is not an accident. This wounds are from gun powder. You were the one eager to come here. That’s why they are paying so well. And don’t worry. Did you hear what manager said? All of us are working for the
Iraq Government. There is no need to be afraid. Yeah? -Are you husband and wife?
-Uh, yes. I am Shahid and she’s my wife Sameera. I am doctor Taariq. Sir. Both of you did good job toady. Entire staff here is too careless. I feel, you will have to rise
the standard here. -Of course, sir. As you say.
-Ok, see you later. [Care swishing past] Me and my wife came here
from Libya last June. Whereas there too… Indian nurses are very respected. I wish that both of you take it
as your responsibility and not take it as merely a job. But here, compare to last year
30% patients have increased. Situation is getting very dangerous. Shahid tell me one thing. Why did you only chose Iraq? Firstly it’s the money. And secondly you value our work. [Laughing] Woman: Wear this. You’re Muslim. They can ask anything. [Car halting] [Knock] I am doctor. Tirket Talim Hospital. Soldier: Show your Id. [Knocking] Soldier: – Show your ID.
-Yes, fine. [Car window opening] Are you a nurse of doctor? Come out of car. Hurry up. Right now. Come out of car immediately. Come on. Hurry up. [Car door opening] Come out. Hurry. [Car door banging shut] [Children screaming] April, May, June. Ibru will return in three months. And this one will be in seven months. [Indian music playing] ♪ Now the Lord is with us ♪ ♪ Everything is full of happiness ♪ ♪ The way you move and smile ♪ ♪ O my sweetheart ♪ ♪ None is like you in this world ♪ ♪ I have realised it making you mine ♪ ♪ My prayers be for you ♪ ♪ O my sweetheart ♪ ♪ Live life to fullest, life is lovely ♪ ♪ Every moment gives all the happiness ♪ ♪ Adorn yourself a bit more ♪ ♪ In your own colors ♪ ♪ Make good stories… ♪ ♪ Make life better for one to be born ♪ ♪ The dreams we had seen ♪ ♪ Now they are going to fulfilled ♪ ♪ Listen to the rhythm of heartbeats ♪ ♪ Weave the scattered dreams ♪ ♪ Pick all the pearls from the ocean ♪ ♪ Listen to the rhythm of heartbeats ♪ ♪ Weave dreams ♪ ♪ Pick all the pearls from the ocean ♪ ♪ I have started feeling as if♪ ♪ I have found everything ♪ ♪ Unfulfilled dreams are realized ♪ ♪ Lord has heard our prayers ♪ ♪ The blue sky of hopes overhead ♪ ♪ Would grant us all the happiness ♪ ♪ Let’s gather our courage ♪ ♪ Only then we’ll be blessed ♪ ♪ O Lord have little mercy on us ♪ [Music] ♪ Listen to the rhythm of heartbeats ♪ ♪ Weave the scattered dreams ♪ ♪ Pick all the pearls from the ocean ♪ ♪ Listen to the rhythm of heartbeats ♪ ♪ Weave the scattered dreams ♪ ♪ Pick all the pearls from the ocean ♪ My return flight is in three hours. If you are not in hurry,
I want to talk to you something. He didn’t come? No. [Footsteps] -You know the Pin number?
-Hmm. Don’t worry.
Now he can take car of himself. And how is your life going on? You are happy, right? Now you have found a new job
and new family. You will have to decide Ibru’s future. When will you say,
he should not be brought to you? Because truth is something else, Sameera. I have no other choice. Now the conditions are also unlike earlier. Business to isn’t doing well. I am unable to even pay staff salary. In such a situation… Managing Ibru… has become too difficult for me. You always wanted to keep him with you. Ibru will stay with you. Not just during vacation.
For good. If you had taken this decision,
you should have told me earlier. With great difficulty
I could come out of home. And now… In two months everything changed. Now nothing is under my control. I feel my decision was wrong. You were really right. It was me who was wrong. Ibru needs you. He needs your care. All his stuff is in the bag. Take care. [Kisses] I’ll leave now. Shall we? Mummy. When will we return home? Hmm? When will we go to see grandpa? -Hm… we will go.
-But when? Not now, later. Later when? In two years. Till then I have to work here. But my actions will be over soon. Ibru, now you shall study here. What? And Papa? Papa… Papa, will not stay with us now. This thing is,
when you were four years old. Then I didn’t tell you. From now on, you are just… going to stay with me. Hmm? Though papa is not here but… mummy is here. [Kiss} -Nurse: This one?
-Nurse 2: Yes. Yes, I gave it. Yes, this one is right. Hey, see who is here. Do you remember this aunty? Ibru, come here. Come. Have you forgotten me? -How cute he is!
-Yes. -Listen, we will freshen up and come.
-Okay. -Bye. Ta-Ta.
-Fine. Come, son. -Bye.
-Ta-Ta. Ibru, he is my friend. Shahid uncle. Here, take it. Hey, not now. Go in the room and see. Say thanks to uncle. Thank you. [Sound of opening box] Uh… Aah… Yes. Yes, he is asleep. Are you outside? I will come there. Ok? Uh… Ah… Ibru is on visiting visa now. We will have to get it changed. Do you know the formalities? I will find out. I will talk to manager about it. -Hm.
-Hmm. We have to do much more now.
We’ll have to find a school near by. Such a school where he could study. Where he won’t have a problem. Everything will be done It’s just matter of two months, Sameera. Till then we’ll have to carry on
with this drama. As he is not going back now… can we… tell him that I am his… Before we could tell him… what if finds out himself? Morning. [Cutlery falling] I don’t want! I told you I don’t want! I am leaving. Why this uncle is always here? I want to go to my papa.2 Your papa has left you.
I had told you, didn’t I/ All this happened because of
this uncle, right? [Stuff falling] Ibru, don’t shout. Listen to me. No! You lied to me. You left papa. I won’t live here. I want to go to papa. Ibru, papa won’t come. Get aside. Ah… uh! [Slap] [Sobbing] [Crying] [Door shutting]
Ibru! -Ibru… Ibru!
-Ibru! -Ibru!
-Ibru, don’t go. Stop. Ibru! Ibru!
[Running footsteps] Stop him. Ibru. Ibru, hold on. Stop! -Ibru, listen to me.
-Ibru, stop. – Ibru. [Siren hotting[ -Ibru!
-Ibru! [Running footsteps, and siren sound] Ibru, listen to me. -Ibru.
-Ibru. -Ibru, don’t go there!
-Ibru! Ibru… [Noise of crowd] Ibru… Ibru, no. [Shouts of crowd]
Ibru, wait! Ibru… [Shouts of protesting crowd] [Sound of sirens and vehicles] ‘War has started in Iraq.’
[Gun fires] ‘According to sources it is known
the ISIS is involved. ‘Many places have been attacked
and may lives have been lost.’ ‘Indians living in Iraq
are in quite a shock.’ [Sirens hooting] Look after him. I am on duty. Casualty is full.
It’ll be difficult to take care of him. Critical cases are referred to Mosul. They want to send more
supporting staff there. Hmm I can’t go anywhere. He has found everything about us. You tell me. Can’t I take care of my child/ I have always lived in fear. When young, in fear of papa. Then the decision of divorce. And now this. Shahid is thinking of going there. Talk to him. It’s not safe to go there. [Engine revving] Ali, take him. [Sirens] You sure, you want to come there. It’s possible it will take
two weeks to return. Yes, doctor. I am ready. Okay. Listen… What’s this madness? Yeah? [Scratching sound] -Shahid.
-Yeah? Give that to me. Ibru, said this, yeah?
This is the reason, isn’t it? No. He’s still a child. I didn’t mind. Then why are you going? Please don’t go. We will tell him everything.
He will understand. I know. He will understand everything.
He’ll need time. If I stayed here… you won’t be able to handle him. [Saying prayers] [Kids footsteps] Sameera, if I go from here for some time, he will calm down and this is needed. He will adjust. I am confident. [Running footsteps] In all of this… don’t forget this. [Door banging shut] [Sound of sirens] Army is with us, then what’s to fear I will call when I reach there. [Door banging shut] [Sound of engine] Mummy… I won’t go back to papa. You won’t send me from here, will you? [Sound of lightening] [Door clicking] ‘Iraq’s certain area now has been
overtaken by ISIS fighters now.’ ‘Iraqi soldiers are leaving for Mosul
along with their armaments.’ ‘People are running towards
the southern side of the town.’ ‘This condition isn’t for the first time.’ ‘We should ask the leaders of Baghdad how come they are going back
on their responsibilities.’ ‘About one third of the area of town
is under control of ISIS.’ ‘Let’s see what our government
decides about this issue.’ [Bomb blast] [Female news readers voice] [Sound of people talking in panic] Yusuf, sir! Yusuf, sir! Sir, please help me. Sir, my husband’s… I can’t reach my husband’s phone. Sir, please help me. Sameera, I am helpless. We have no connectivity for Mosul. Contact your embassy. Please. Sir… How can you say that? You had said, we work for your government. Please help me. I want my husband back. Yusuf, sir. Bring my husband back. Sir, please help me. Sir, bring my husband back. Sir, please help me out. Sir… Colleague:
Sameera, come here. Listen to me. Shahid went there for their government.
How can they say this now? Unless Shahid comes back
I won’t go anywhere. Sameera, get up.
It’s not right to behave like this. -We are staff here.
-I won’t go. You go. Sameera… Woman: ‘Please tell them
not to harass us.’ Please. Give way. Yusuf, sir… Come here. Yusuf, sir. Please listen to me. Sir, you had said,
we should trust your government. Sir, now where do I go?
I want my husband back. Sameera, please try to understand. Mosul is no more in Iraq’s hand now. So government too can’t do anything. Sir, where to I go now?
I want my husband back. Where do I go now? Please sir… Please. [Crying] Sir… All right, I will help you one way. I will take you to Indian embassy.
You request them. I am sure they will help you out. [Sound of printer] Hmm. You’ve written the phone number? -Yes.
-All right. You may go. We shall see your case and
call you later. Hmm. Sir, my husband had gone to work in Mosul. He’s missing since ten days.
Please look for him. Please. Madam, we will find your husband. And it is no so easy.
A war is on in Mosul. Sir, why don’t you understand? If war is going on there
then look for husband. Sir. [Phone ringing]
Woman: I’m working here since one year. I am running around for long time. Sir, I call him every five minutes. Sir, you have this number…
Dr. Tariq’s number? Madam, you wait outside. Officer: We are trying our best. Woman:
Sir, why aren’t you looking for him? -Sir, please bring that file back…
-It’s not easy, try to understand. Woman 2: -Please step outside.
-Sir, check in that file. -At least you try to undrestand.
– Sir, please…. -Bring that file back…
-Yes, madam. -Sir… Sir, will you call that file back?
-Don’t worry, madam Please come out. -Please call it.
-I will talk to you. -Madam, please your work will be done.
-Please call that file back. -I will write my husband’s number on it.
-Please come out, madam. -Sir.
-Hm. What’s wrong with you? Sir… I won’t leave here till the time you find out my husbands whereabouts. Do you see all of them? All of them are here with their problems. Some of them have their relatives killed. We are finding it difficult to
even get back their bodies. In such a situation, is bringing back
only your husband is our priority? Should I wait for him to die? Do you think you are in India? Do you know what’s happening here?
A brutal civil war. All of us are sitting in this office
to help all of you. Government has already told us
to close it down. Yet we are sitting here for Indians. Unlike you, that we leave here. Why don’t you go back to India? You don’t realize how much
we have spent to come here. We have borrowed so much to come here. We too can take up some other job. But we won’t be able to pay
even the interest. Now it’s no merely my thing. This has become a fight of
every country’s nurses. People call us gods who
save people’s lives. But they aren’t aware of our
and our family’s problems. We pray with our hearts for
all those patients to live. [Sobs] I am confident Shahid will come back. Sir, please try to find him out at least do it once more. Just… that’s all. Uh… uh. -Madam…
-Never mind. [Footsteps] [Sound of car passing] Will you take me to Mosul? Sorry, Sameera. It’s very dangerous there. Come let’s go back. [Sound of car engine] -Mr. Shukla, connect me to our people
in Mosul. – Yes, sir. [Prayers] [Prayers] [Prayers] [Prayers] [Van halting, door opening] [Sound of injured being carried] Terrorist: Treat them. Our people are dying. Hurry up! I can’t do it. I don’t treat terrorists. Do as I say or you will be killed. Right now it won’t be
right to argue with them. No, I can’t. It’s nowhere written in Islam
to kill innocent people. -You will have to give treatment.
– No. -You are a doctor, aren’t you?
-I won’t do it. -Doctor please.
-You better treat. No, I won’t -Doctor please.
-You’ll have to. No! -Do it!
-No! Otherwise die!
[Gunshot] [Sound of vehicle passing] Doctor. Doctor? Are you a doctor? Who is a doctor among you? [Ticking sound] [Car turning] [Gun shots, car screeching] [Gunshot] [Knocks] Terrorist 2: Show your ID. I have the ID. Ugh… Here it is. I am a nurse. [Crackling of paper] -Uh, let her go. She is my sister.
-Hmm. [Humming sound] [Sound of hitting, and falling] Uh… Terrorist 2: Come on. Move fast. Move fast. Come on, move it. Move. Hurry up. Move fast. Come on quick. Make them sit in. [Footsteps] Make it quick. Step inside. [Clanking of crockery] -Le it be.
-I will do it. You must remember on thing here. She is from Yazdi community. Yazdi women are not safe here. That’s why I married her. Because she is fearless. Be quick. [Truck door slamming shut] Take them away. [Knockings] [Rattle and ricochets of bullets] [Women crying in fear] Terrorist: – Hurry up. Move fast.
-Yeah. I told you to walk quick.
Move it. No! Move quickly. What are you looking at? Move! Uh… Move inside. Inside. Uh… This way. This way. Go inside. Come on. [Echo sounds] Don’t just stand. Move. Keep moving. Come on, keep moving. [Unlocking the door] You, go inside. Go in! Uh… ah… They have made the hospital their camp. There are no Iraqis here. Just us. Ibru… Where is Ibru? Where is he? Come. Ibru. Ibru… come out. What happened, son? Get up. Mummy… Yes? Is the little baby okay? Yes, he is fine now. Nothing will happen to him. There! Look there! Check him. Check him up. [Huffing-puffing] Uh… ugh. Mother… Mom… Namaste, sir. They are working on
constriction project here. Merely money is not the issue
sending them back. They don’t even have passport. [Humming of aircraft] [Sobs] Sir, this poor girl. She picked up teddy as a toy. How was she to know that it is
bomb which will blow up. [Siren] -Mr. Shukla.
-Yes, sir. I want to evacuate them
as early as possible. But their passports?
How’d we confirm they are Indians? Mr. Shukla, I’m not concerned with
their papers. I’ve to send them back to India
in two days. -Got it?
-Yes. Sir, we have found a nurse who has
run away from Maysor’s school. This way. He is the one. He’s too scared. We won’t be able to escape from here ever. They are everywhere. Look at that car. We can escape from here.
They are on the other side. Woman: Not the other side
of the road, Nanay. They are this side. And that car is theirs. Stop blabbering. You look carefully. Woman 2: If I die here,
you don’t marry again. As long as you are alive,
live in my memories. I have told you everything about
this place. Yet you don’t understand. [Aircraft flying noise] [Mobile ringing] Hello? Man: ‘Sameera, I am Manoj
from Indian Embassy.’ ‘Are you all well?’ Sir, any news about Shahid? ‘We are trying to locate him.’ Right now he is in rebel camp.
We’re planning rescue. Yeah. Eh… in the hospital here
only rebels are there, sir. And only we are here.
There are no Iraqis left. Don’t be afraid. Hospitals do not fall in fire zone. Army won’t find in that area.
That’s why rebel camp is there. How many of you are there? We are… We are 24 people here, sir. Four of them are from Bangladesh. Show me. Ugh… Mom… mom… Mom The word “Mom” you only remember
while dying, don’t you? Why is this violence? This way, one day your nation will vanish. What do you get out of it? Ugh… Abdul Rehman-e-Rahim. I want to be alive. I grew up studying Islam. And no where in Islam
it is written that you kill people. Islam show the path to live. But you don’t have much time. I don’t want to die. I want to live. Want to live. I want to go home. Want to see my mother. Ah..,. First we have to extract
bullet from you body. But I… can’t do it. Only a doctor can save you. And here… there is one doctor. Where? Where? [Knocks on the door] [Banging on the door] [Banging on the door] [Banging on the door] [Banging on the door] [Banging on the door] [Banging on the door] [Banging on the door] [Banging on the door] [Banging on the door] Don’t worry. Rebels aren’t here anymore. All of you come out with your passports. We are here to rescue you.
Let’s go. Come on. [Mobile ringing] [Mobile ringing] [Mobile ringing] Hello? Sir, it’s sameera. Red Cross’s rescue team
is here to evacuate us. What should we do? We have no information about them.
Leave only if you feel safe. What are they saying about themselves? I don’t know sir. People are going to them
from the other block. Okay, let me check. Sir, says only leave if you find it safe. If you want to go you may, Sameera.
We aren’t leaving. You know we aren’t paid
for last four months. How can we leave? We will only leave
once we are fully paid for our work. Can’t you see what’s happening outside? We only have to save our lives. Sameera, you just want to go there because your aim is to find Shahid. But it’s not so with us. We won’t leave until we are paid. Sir. -They are being taken to Kurdistan.
-Is it safe? No, sir. That route is very dangerous. War is waging there. Don’t you understand? Within a week there will be nothing
to eat here. How will we live then? Government here will take time to settle.
Why are you so stubborn? What will I tell my papa? He had warned me, either come
with the money or never come. Somehow we have to keep alive.
We can’t afford to die. And also we have all the rights
over our salary. I can’t go empty handed like this,
Sameera. Sir… The red areas here are
very difficult to cross. Let’s think of something else, Mr. Shukla. Do you feel, we should talk to Delhi? Sir, if we could talk to
Foreign Secretary once then… [People shouting in excitement] [Mobile ringing] [Phone ringing] All of us should be together. If we don’t do this, it will be difficult to handle it later. What’s left here now? Try to understand once.
We have return home alive. Yeah? [People shouting] Yes, Manoj. Called so late night? Sir, I’ve to talk about nurses
stuck Tirkit. Red Cross vehicle are here to shift them/.
What should we do? Secretary:
You take your own decision, Manoj. I don’t want to interfere.
It’s your decision. Okay? [People shouting in excitement] [Sound of footsteps] Indian passport holder can’t go.
I am sorry. Indians are not allowed there. You may contact your embassy. A woman: We are from Baghdad. Hold on, I will call the embassy. Sorry, Sameera. Indian Embassy doesn’t feel
that route is safe. [Engine starting] Show the passport.
Be quick please. Hurry up. ‘Gun wielding men have taken hostage
many people along with many nurses.’ ‘Along with the central government
the embassy is also included.’ According to local sources,
there is no way to escape. Man: ‘You see, Red Cross was
taking them to Kurdistan to rescue them. ‘This way, they were in danger.’ ‘You also find many war zones along.’ ‘I didn’t find it safe.’ ‘Right now, 19 Indian nurses are
in the ‘No fire zone”. ‘It means they are safe.’ ‘Indian Government’s rescue operation
is hundred percent safe.’ ‘So we are waiting too. Thank you.’ Female newsreader:
We hope they come out safely. Shahid in other block, mom. Can’t get him on phone too.
There is nothing to fear. Dear, you take care of yourself. Nothing will happen, mom. I am perfectly fine. [Water dripping] Once I meet Shahid, I will call you. [Chatter on news channel] [Women saying prayers] [Women saying prayers] [Glass shattering, shrieks] [Door being opened loudly] Terrorist leader:
Don’t try to escape from here. All of you are under control
of Islamic State. [Whispering] All of you take out your mobiles.
Give us the mobiles. Come on. Give the mobile.
Come on give it. Give your mobiles. Come on. Hey, you too give it. Mobil! Give the mobile. Give it to me. Give the mobile. Huh! -Take out the mobiles.
-Hurry up. Give your mobile. Give your mobile!
[Shrieks] Give it. Mobile… Give you mobile.
[Sound of vessel falling] Heavy footsteps] [Knocks on door] Open the Gate! Open the door! Give your mobile! [Knocks on the door]
Give me your mobile! [Knocks]
Give the mobile. Give it to me. Give me the mobile!
[Knocks] Give the mobile. Give it to me.
[Knocking on door] Does Islam teaches you
not to respect women>I too am Muslim. Inside a women is scared of you.
I will bring her mobile. [Knocks] I am Sameera. Open the door. Handover your phone to them. Open the door. [Door clanking open] [Door closing] [Car engine sound] Female: Who is he? Good morning, sir. What do you think of yourself? Red Cross option,
was a golden chance to us. Sir, it’s you who told me
to do what is right. I didn’t fine Red Cross option safe. Sir, how was your flight. Forget the flight, Mr. Shukla.
Why did you talk to media? Didn’t you know, we had to keep
this entire thing confidential/ All the responsibility is mine.
Fingers are pointed at me. Sorry, sir. I talked to media just to give
courage to nurses’ families. Any wrong information could panic them.
What else could I have done? You are implying that I am feeding
wrong information to press? [Mobile ringing] [Mobile ringing] Hello. What? When? Put the TV on. Hurry. There! I’ll watch and then call you. Female Newsreader: ‘Red Cross vehicles
which had left from Tirkit they are burnt on the way.’ ‘All the Bangladeshi and Pakistani
citizens have been killed.’ ‘Timely decision take by Indian embassy life of 19 nurses have been saved.’ ‘Who are still safe in Tirkit hospital.’ Female Assistant:
Sir, there is call from Delhi. -Transfer the call. I’ll talk.
-Okay, sir. [Beep on phone] Man: ‘Good morning, sir.
Madam will join you now.’ ‘And the call will be
passed to Kailash here.’ Yes, sir. Madam: ‘Thank you, Manoj.’ ‘You did right thing at right time.
Hope all all the nurses are fine.’ We do hope the same, madam. But now they don’t even have
mobile phones. It means communication will be
more difficult. ‘What’s the plan next?’ First of all we will have to
provide them a satellite phone. ‘But how will this be possible?’ [Tearing of paper] UN will supply them the food, madam. And we would send satellite phone
in one of those boxes. ‘Cool. What’s your plan then?’ Sorry to interrupt you, ma’am. I am Rajan, the Foreign Secretary. Good morning, Rajan. Speak Madam, I feel we should back
the military operation. Our relations with Iraq are good. ‘Manoj, what are the chances in it?’ This is very dangerous, Madam.
There seems to be no chances. Man: ‘Manoj, P M is on the line.
You give us the solution.’ ‘As it is we are very troubled.
Don’t add to it.’ Sir, it’s risky to use transport
to rescue them. Because firing can start there anytime. Air-lift is also not possible. Only Arewill Airport is way out.
Which is 300 km away. Whereas, Red Cross vehicle
couldn’t even cross 50 kms. ‘Are you implying, till the war is over
we should let them be there?’ Madam: -‘Do we have any better plan?’
-No, madam. [Cork opening] [Pouring liquid] Entire world outside is watching moon and we are here. Huh. Start. This is prohibited area. With great difficulty
I’ve brought the wine here. Hiding in side the official bag. To rescue and peace. [Clinking of glass] So tell me, as to what Mrs. Teen Manoj
is doing in Delhi. She too wishes rescue first. From me. After that peace. [Laughs] I can’t plan two rescues at a time, sir. You are young, Manoj. Government liked your service. But it can’t take up
your family’s responsibility. You will have to understand it. Right now I have only one way out, sir. To air-lift all of those nurses. This is impossible, Manoj. Whoever is stuck in their grips
he has never been able to come out. We are no more than a onlooker here. Their survival is difficult. [Saying prayers] [Saying prayers] [Bomb blast] [Helicopter roaring] [People shouting in panic] [Clanking truck door} Come on, out. Run! [Rattle of gun fire] Man: Come here quickly. Come on. Men: Don’t let them escape! [Men shouting] Lift him up. Don’t go there. That way. Man: Go there. You guys go there. [Running footsteps] [Gun fire, shrieks] [Breathing heavily] Uh… [Sound of unrolling mat] Newsreader: ‘Foreign Ministry says
everyone is safe there.’ ‘With Amrita Tripathi, further news.’ Female reader: ‘Indian citizen’s
worries are increasing in Iraq.’ ‘Many people have expressed
their anger against Embassy and Govt.’ ‘But how long they will be
safe in Iraq now?’ [Interviews on TV] Man:
‘They should be brought back to India.’ ‘That’s our main concern now.’ Sir, road to Tikrit to Mosul
is under control of rebels. We can transport nurses from
this road here. Tell me what you are trying to say.
I can’t understand anything. Sir, we should talk to Iraqi military that they should not treat the
hospital as no-fire zone. And the rebels will know that very soon. You are making it still dangerous. No, sir, as far as I know,
they are using nurses as shield. We need to save nurses from them. If everything falls in place. Rebels will have to shift the nurses
in their Mosul camp. Why only Mosul? All the commanding officers of rebels
are in Mosul base camp. And till they reach there,
there can’t Ne any communication. But you know, the won’t negotiate. Sir, they won’t negotiate with India, But they will surely listen to
their suppliers. The Saudi camp. Rebels are funded by them.
They can be of use to us. But how is it possible?
India will have to bow to them. Sir, we can deal with them unofficially.
We also have people for it. Crescent Group’s chairman
Jai Mohan, sir. He is right man for this.
Let him talk about it. Manoj, you have only 24 hours for it. Entire nation is watching us. They are unaware of situation here. Man: Excuse me, sir.
Our Iraqi Ambassador Manoj is online. He wants to speak to you. Jai Mohan: Give us a minutes, Gentlemen. Yes, Manoj, I was thinking that with those rebels’s foolishness
those 19 nurses can be saved. And that too a place like Iraq! It’s close to suicide. If Saudis do agree yet who will
agree to just you say so, sir. Nobody is going to come
up front fearing terrorists. Sir, those nurses are living
in fear of death for last 20 days. Just to live alive they are facing this.
We have to do something, sir. Try and bring them to Kuwait.
I will arrange a private flight. Apart from this I have no way out.
I am sorry. Sir… [Door clicking open] Sir, it’s confirmed news. Finding Sameera’s husband is tough. Woman: ‘Along with them
my daughter too is stuck there.’ ‘We are resident of Tamil Nadu’s
Tutikoram. ‘I request the Government that… they save my daughter.’ Tell me, Manoj. Whom should I talk/ Sir, Mr. Mohan has agreed. ‘So what’s next? ‘Now what should be our next step?’ Sameera Shahid. She is only Muslim
in this group. And I think she’s capable. ‘-Are you sure?’
-Yes, sir. She has work experience
and she know Arabic too. She wants that her husband is
brought back alive. And she trying for it too. But unfortunately he is no more. ‘In this case, till the evacuation
takes place, Sameera shouldn’t know.’ ‘If Sameera losses hope,
no one will survive. It’s collateral damage. Okay, sir. First of all no-fire zone
will have to be removed from hospital. -They can attack there at any time.
-You are right, sir. [Blasts, shrieks] [Falling debris] [Glass shattering] [Injured crying] [Shell blast] [Drawer opening] [Cries] Nurses: Open the door! [Knockings on the door]
Please open the door! [Screaming and banging] [Banging the door loudly] Man: Come on. Man: Come on, move. Step back. Come on, move. Let me see. Yeah. Take them outside. Come on. Come out. Come. Walk straight down. Come on, go out. Come on. Come out. [Women shrieking] [Rattle of guns firing] Go easy. This way. Go there… Come on. Take them safely there. Come here. All of you go there. Come on. Be careful. Move that way. Hurry up. Come on. Yeah, do that way. Come on. Yes, go that way. All of you move that side. [Shell blast] Somya, get up. Open your eyes. Somya! Get up. [Bags falling] [Shell blast] Now it’s turn of UN food supply. [Helicopter whirring] [Pilots communicating] [Piolets on radio] Terrorist: Food is here, man! Come on carry it in. Terrorist 2: Get away. Take it in. Keep it inside. Come take it. Take all of it. [Helicopter whirring] Oh, easy. [Boxes falling] [Heavy footfalls] [Box unwrapping sound] Son, here drink some water. [Things falling] [Approaching footsteps] Terrorist:
Eat food and get ready quickly. We have to leave for Mosul. [Fading footfalls] Eat and get ready. They are shifting to Mosul. [Wrapper sound] Sameera! [Sound of unwrapping] [Phone ringing] Yes! Yes. [Phone ringing] [Phone ringing] Hello. -Sameera.
-Yes. Are you all safe? Yes, sir. We are in basement. Sir, Shahid… Shahid is here… in the refugee camp. Sameera, you have to face
little more problem. Tomorrow all of you will be
freed from Iraq But, sir, they have asked us
to get ready. They are shifting us to Mosul. That’s the way to your freedom. Trust me Sameera. Tell all of the nurses that they will reach India tomorrow.
That too safe. Sameera, don’t call home on this phone. Otherwise they’ll tack your number. Yes. Okay? [Knocking on table] Are you crazy/ Sending them with rebels
will be foolishness. We have to think of some other option. Minister sir. Attacks are on the rise there. What will the nurses do it we
leave them there. I’m sorry. They have no other way out, sir. [Telephone ringing] Hello, sir. They are ready to leave. But are confident now, Manoj. Let’s drop this. Minister has personally asked
Jagmohan to stop it. Nurses should be rescued
by the Iraqi army. But, sir they are going there
on my request. If military interferes they will
kill everyone I am sure. Listen to me, Manoj. If the same people are kill by rebels then it will be
a matter of shame for the country. Ask them to return. I can’t leave them to die, sir. I am taking the responsibility. No, no, Manoj. Tell the minister that
they are on the way. Sir is busy. Going to Bahrain
to attend a function. Who is it, Salim? It’s call from Manoj,
our ambassador to Iraq. But the minster is said no. What should I talk to him now? Sorry, sir. Sorry to disturb you. I want to talk about nurses
who are stuck in Iraq. When are you returning from your tour. I am sure, sir, all of those nurse
will be saved. Just five minutes. Please talk to them. Please, connect them to me. [Key beeps] Sameera, I am going to let you
talk to someone. Such a person who can save all of you. He wants to know your situation. He must realize as to how your lives are in peril there. He is the only one who can save you. Salim, fix my appointment
with Salman Shaikh. But when, sir? Right now, this moment. Sameera, you find many check points
on the way. Always cover your head. You are being taken to
Mehsul’s rebel camp. And there you will find their
dangerous and main leaders. O Lord… You will have to act as a Muslim
before them. If they find any of you is non-Muslim they will kill all of you. They should not doubt at all. Sameera teach all of them
to offer Namaz and prayers. O lord… No one should have any kind of
religious object. Burn all of your documents so that they can’t find any proof. Rebel: Are all of nurses religious here? Are all the nurses religious here? Come quickly. Hurry up. All of you guys get ready.
Take up a position. [Blast, shrieks] Tikirit Teaching Hospital
has been destroyed. Iraqi media reports are indicating
Indian nurses are stranded. Manoj! Sir, they are safe.
They have left there. Thank God. So what’s next? Meeting with Jai Mohan, sir. Before his reaching Mosul,
hie positive response. [Metallic click] Sir, they are going through
the road controlled be rebels. They are soon to reach Mosul. Sir… The meeting has started. [Religious chants] Come on hurry up! Hurry. Everyone come out of the bus. Come on be quick. Come on. Move. You get down now. Come get down. Okay, get down now. Come on. Come. Come on. Come straight. Move this way. Come in here. Come. This way. Come this way. -Mr. Shukla.
-Sir. Somehow we have to reach the border. Arrange for a bus for them soon. Okay, sir. Why have you come to Iraq/ You are not needed here. State your reason for coming here. We are nurses. From India. Show your passport or some papers by which
you can prove yourselves. Sir, here are 20 emergency certificates. All clean but temporary. They can use it only for this trip. We don’t have the passports. It is with our sponsor. If you don’t have passport then how did you reach here? What’s your involvement here? If you don’t have papers
stand on side. Sir, meeting is over.
Seems it is positive. Thank you, Salim. Shall we leave? [Clinking, and footsteps] The moment you hear “Azaan”
don’t forget to offer prayers. They will constantly watching you. Rebel leader: Are you all Muslims? Yes, all of us are Muslim. Then why don’t you have
knowledge of Arabic? Can you recite Koran in your language? Yes, in our language. In Hindi. [Koranic verses in Arabic} [Koranic verses in Arabic} [Koranic verses in Arabic} [Koranic verses in Arabic} [Koranic verses in Arabic} [Koranic verses in Arabic} [Koranic verses in Arabic} [Koranic verses in Arabic} [Koranic verses in Arabic} Take care of them. This water is for you. All of you drink it. Here, give it to everyone. All of you. Take your mobile phones. [Chatter in background} Hello? Hello, sir it’s Sameera. They have returned our mobiles. They will take us across the border. You’re almost there. Till the time you reach border,
we will be there too. Uh, sir… Could you Shahid speak to me? I am unable to reach him. Hello? Sir… Hello? Sameera… We haven’t found Shahid yet. Sir, you had said you have found Shahid.
Then… Now why are you saying this? Sameera I had told you so
in order to keep you strong. News from where Shahid was… No one survived there. I am sorry. Sir… [Sobs] -What happened, mummy”
[Suppressed cry] [Crying] Mummy! Sameera… What happened, Sameera?
[Cries] At least tell us.
[Crying] [Sobs] Sameera, what’s it? Tell us. They say Shahid is not with them. He must be fine. Calm down. [Crying] Nothing has happened to him. Everything will be fine. Don’t cry. Believe me, nothing will happen to him. [Crying] Sameera, compose yourself. Sameera… Look, Ibru is crying too. [Chopper whirring] Rebels: Come on move fast. Hurry up. Quickly. Come on move. Move forward. Move, hurry… Hey, you! Move fast. [Reciting verses] You can see they are digging their own graves. On the very place they were standing. [Truck halting] If you want to see your husband
then go there. Hurry up. [Metallic clinks] Go ahead. Make it quick. Move. [Gun shot] [Gun shot] Let her go. Wait! Come on, go straight. Move. …Mummy [Crying] Shahid. [Crying] [Chopper whirring] [Mobile ringing] Sir, Any updates? Did they reach? No, sir. Still waiting. [Cooper whirring sound] Bus has reached, sir. [Cooper whirring sound] [Cooper whirring sound] Sir, what’s going on?
Why are army snipers stopping the bus? What do they want from us? This their procedure, Manoj. This isn’t our country.
We can only request them. Then please request them, sir.
Else I will do it. Soldier: Come on, everybody.
Take up your positions. [Communicating in Arabic] Thank you, sir. [Chopper blades whirring] [Thud] Guard: Open the gate. Without Sameera this rescue operation was never
possible for India. Her passion to reunite with Shahid was our greatest weapon. This was possible due to her courage. Otherwise we… we couldn’t have saved our
19 nurses ever. [Click] We are nurses from India. We work in Tikrit. And now we are safe. And also… Jai Mohan sir’s contribution
to this rescue was very critical. This video is just a proof
for the militants. But he had made a deal with Salman Shaikh which no one could find. And that remained a secret. [CD braking] [Aircraft engine roaring] Sir, takeoff confirmed. I would like to thank Indian Embassy
and Indian Government that due to them we are freed and ISIS people allowed to let us go. And now I am very happy to come back.


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