Ted Danson’s Romantic In-Flight Surprise from Wife Mary Steenburgen

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You look fantastic. Did you just turn 70? I– Or you’re turning 70? Well, technically, yes. But because of the fires,
we had to postpone my party. So as far as I’m
concerned, I’m still 69. OK, all right. [LAUGHTER, APPLAUSE] Good. Yeah. Can I just jump in one second? I loved your
testimony to your dad. I just loved that. Thank you. It was so sweet, really. Thank you. He was a kind, funny guy. [APPLAUSE] Thank you. So speaking of the
fires, because you live in my old house– I do. How is my old house? How is your new house? It survived. It survived. Good. Yes, absolutely. We are very lucky. I mean, the town of Ojai,
it’s just a little miracle because everything
burned right down to where the buildings
started in the town. Some people lost homes. Yeah, it was very
scary and very sad. But we’re fine. And I’ve discovered that
if you’re a celebrity and you talk about
your home burning down, people tweet, (IMITATING)
Oh, too bad on you. Buy two more. You know, so I’m
always hesitant– Wow! –to talk about– But it was a big deal. Everybody has to take all
their furniture out, clean it, scrub it, literally. Because it’s so
toxic, the smoke that came our way because of oil
fires and lots of other things. Anyway. Well, I’m glad you’re OK. We’re OK. We have friends in our
house who lost homes. So the house is full of kind
of refugees at the moment. They’re staying there? Yeah. Well, lucky them. That’s a great place to stay. Your beautiful wife, Mary, did
something recently for you. Was this for the birthday? What did she do to surprise you? No, she– [LAUGHS]
She got me, boy! I was going to go to New
York to do some press, the Inside the Actor’s Studio. And she said, oh, I wish
I could come, but I can’t. And she has stuff to do. So I kissed her goodbye
in her nightgown. I go to the airport. And it’s one of those busy
“paparazzi please pose” day. So by the time I
got to the airplane, I was exhausted from doing this. And I was a little
tired, a smidge grumpy. I get on the plane. And I’m in first class. And I come down the aisle. And there’s this
guy with the camera, just, you know,
taking a video of me and grinning the whole time. Oh! So then I see– yeah. So I think, oh, great! Some diva is sitting
in my seat and she’s wearing dark glasses and a hat. Oh, my– you know? What a bore! And she’s not getting up. All right, can I just– excuse me. Oh, my God! I’m going to put
this on the seat. And I’m going, the
guy’s still filming me. Like, what? Come on! You know? So I take my coat off. But I have to stick
my phone in my mouth to be able to get
my sleeves out. And– [ELLEN LAUGHS] [LAUGHTER, APPLAUSE] [CHEERING, APPLAUSE] How did you not know it was her? [TED CHUCKLES] [ELLEN GIGGLES] My brain! My brain is going,
I know where she is. She’s at home making
bread in her bathrobe. I know that for a fact. And I’m also slightly
trained in life to– if there’s a beautiful
woman, I only kind of peripherally
note, beautiful women, eyes straight ahead, you know? If the conversation
starts, then I will look at the
beautiful woman. Otherwise, it’s all
very peripheral. And I’m grumpy! Because who wears in first
class a hat and dark glasses? Give me a break! A lot of people. Well. Sneaky and romantic, that’s– Yes, very sweet. It really touched me, actually. I bet! It was really lovely. That’s really sweet. I love her and I love
y’all as a couple. And she loves you
and wanted to say hi. Hi back to her. Not on camera. She wanted me to
do it privately. Yeah, she doesn’t– not enough
to come here and tell me. Just through you. No. I get it. So you both play yourselves
on Curb Your Enthusiasm. And now you’re playing
yourselves, but separated and dating other people. Yeah, that sucks too! Weird! That was weird! It really was. When I heard the idea, it
was like, oh, OK, Larry. [FAKE LAUGHS] OK. And then we would literally
get, when it aired, texts from friends that we had
had dinner with three weeks before going,
(IMITATING) oh, no! Oh! Oh, I’m so sorry! People literally believed it. They didn’t realize
you’re playing– No. I mean, you’re playing
yourselves, but characters. Yeah. And I think it’s actually
Larry just floating a balloon, seeing whether he
could hit on my wife. It seems like it, yes. How’s it going? Not well. She turned him down. No, no! Let’s talk about the Good Place. Such a smart show. Such a clever concept. You’ve been nominated for
Critics’ Choice Award. Congratulations! Thank you. That was last night. Yeah, I won. Yeah, good! [APPLAUSE] [TED LAUGHS] Or– or I didn’t. [ELLEN LAUGHS] How did you do? Because you were nominated too. Yeah, we were nominated too. So I either won or not. That’s pretty zen. So I like to wait
a day and find out. [TED LAUGHS] We’ll let everybody
know tomorrow because we don’t like
to say it right away. So all right, so
let’s talk about, you picked up for another sea– So we could basically be a
couple of losers sitting here. Losers or winners. Or one could be a loser
and one could be a winner. We don’t know. Ooh! Yeah. So let’s get caught up. So the Good Place. We all thought it
was the good place. And it turns out? Yeah, that it was– I’m, actually, instead of
mid-level good place guy, I’m mid-level bad place guy. And I came up with
this idea of how to get human beings
to torture each other. Instead of the old
fashioned throwing him in the lava pits
one at a time, I get them to torture each other. So at the end, you discover
I’m in the bad pl– yeah, I’m the bad guy. And then this year’s, you
see me scrambling to keep trying to pull this off, this– So people don’t figure it out? Yeah. And Kristen Bell turns out to
be way smarter than me, so– It’s a really clever show. You know what I love about it? It’s about something. It’s about ethics. It’s about what it
means to be good and that there are consequences. And I think that
is the point of it, that there are consequences. And I think people need
to remember that in life, whether you’re a
religious person or not, that there is karma. There is such a thing as
being kind and being good. And somehow it all
comes back atcha. It does, it does. Yeah, I agree with that.


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