The 10 Safest and Cheapest Airlines In The World


Air travel is one of the safest methods of
transportation known today. While we all want to take the safest passage
possible, low-cost is a must when budget restrictions dictate. Airline Ratings has revealed its top 10 safest
low-cost airlines for 2019 in alphabetical order. 1. Flybe. Flybe is a British low-cost regional airline
based in Exeter, and the largest regional airline based in Europe. The airline flies to more than 100 destinations
in about a dozen European countries. Flybe employs allocated seating on all flights
and passengers have the option to choose a seat online in advance. Economy Plus ticket holders receive a complimentary
drink and snack, access to Flybe Executive Lounges, free prebooked seating and priority
check-in. Flybe doesn’t offer a First Class and Business
Class. 2. Frontier Airlines. Frontier Airlines is a Denver-based ultra
low-cost-carrier. The airline currently serves more than 100
cities in the United States and six international destinations, and employs more than 3,000
air-travel professionals. Frontier Airlines states: “We believe travel
should be for everyone and we are committed to delivering ‘Low Fares Done Right’. This is more than a tagline. It’s our driving philosophy.” Frontier has recently renewed its frequent-fliers
programme which will now be known as “Frontier Miles” and offer its regular customers new
and exciting benefits. 3. Hong Kong Express. Hong Kong Express or HK Express is a low-cost
airline which provides flights to many destinations in Asia. Its fleet of Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft
feature an all-Economy Class seating. As a low-cost carrier, passengers can expect
to pay extra for items such as meals and beverages served on board,
as well as premium-position seats and priority check-in. In April 2019, the airline Cathay Pacific
announced that it had bought the Hong-Kong based budget airline. 4. Jetblue. JetBlue Airways is a New York-based low-cost
carrier. It flies to more than 85 destinations within
the United States, as well as other points in North America, the Caribbean and South
America. Its fleet is primarily configured with just
an Economy Class cabin, however, two-cabin service is available on a limited number of
routes. JetBlue is not a part of any major airline
alliance, but it does have codeshare arrangements with more than 35 other airlines. The airline is constantly updating and upgrading
its fleet to bring in the newest generation of aircraft and has over 250 different jets
in service. 5. Jetstar Asia. Jetstar Asia is a low-cost airline, established
in 2004 and based in Singapore. It is the Asian offshoot of parent Jetstar
Airways, which is the low-cost subsidiary airline of Australia’s Qantas airline. Jetstar Asia’s fleet consists of A320-200s. Their aircraft features leather seats with
a seat pitch of 30 inches and passengers may purchase online seat selection and allocation. 6. Thomas Cook. Thomas Cook Airlines is a British-based airline
that flies non-stop to about 95 destinations. These include points across Europe, as well
as destinations in Africa, Asia, North America and the Caribbean. Primarily catering to vacation travelers,
the airline primarily flies airplanes with a single Economy Class cabin;
however, some planes also have a Premium Economy Class cabin. 7. Volaris. The second-largest airline in Mexico, Volaris
is a low-cost carrier that flies non-stop to about 50 destinations. These include about 35 points within Mexico
and about 15 destinations in the United States. The airline’s fleet is configured with just
Economy Class seating, though passengers can pay more for preferred seating toward the
front of the cabin, as well as seats with more legroom. Food and beverages are available for purchase
on the plane. 8. Vueling. Vueling Airlines is a Spain-based low-cost
carrier and is the country’s second largest airline. The airline flies non-stop to about 155 destinations
in Europe, Asia and Africa. Vueling aircraft feature a single Economy
Class cabin, though passengers can pay extra for preferred seating with extra legroom or
toward the front of the plane. Vueling’s fleet consists of Airbus A319-100,
Airbus A320-200 and Airbus A321-200. 9. Westjet. Canadian low-cost carrier WestJet Airlines
is the country’s second largest airline. The airline flies to about 90 destinations. These include destinations in Canada, the
United States, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and Europe. WestJet operates airplanes with all Economy
Class seating. Passengers can opt for certain fares that
offer preferred seating in the front of the plane with extra legroom. WestJet also operates a frequent flyer program
called WestJet Rewards to reward regular passengers with the airline. 10. Wizz Air. Budapest-based Wizz Air is a low-cost carrier
and Hungary’s largest airline. It flies non-stop to about 100 smaller or
secondary airports in 35 countries. This includes points across Europe, as well
as destinations in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Wizz Air’s fleet consists entirely of planes
with Economy Class seating.


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