The First Flight – Kinetic LEGO Model

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Hey everyone, Jason here. Today we are
going to take a look at another variation of my Pursuit of Flight model,
and for this one I wanted to go all the way back to the early days of aviation
history to celebrate the flight of the Wright brothers first powered airplane.
Which, of course, was the Wright Flyer. Now, in this model I only have one airplane
but I did want to add a little bit more motion, so I decided to make Wilbur jump
up and down in his excitement at watching his brother making the first
flight. Despite only having one plane, I’m using the exact same base and mechanism
as for my original model. I just designed a new top for it to represent the beach
where they made the flight, and we have the launch rail here with the wing
supports and instead of having a slot for each airplane, I just have one slot
for the supports of the Flyer, and I also have an axle hole running through the
top with an axle through it, and at the base of that axle I have a brick, so that the crank of the unused piston acts as a cam on that brick, to push it up and down. And then we can just put Wilbur on it, and now he can jump up and down. To support the Wright Flyer I’m actually using much shorter supports than in the original
model. I’m using these transparent antennas. And that’s because it didn’t
actually get that far off the ground during this flight, but they still
achieve the same side-to-side motion as in the original model. I tried to play
around with the scale in this model as well if we look at the scene from the
perspective of the classic photo taken of the event, I have Wilbur in the
foreground here, obviously at full minifig scale, and I thought it would be
cool to try and represent the flyer in the distance by making it as a much
smaller scale. The flyer itself is pretty small. I tried to add as much detail as I
could, which can be quite challenging in a model of the size, but I have all of
the flight surfaces represented as well as a small little motor here and the
propellers. And I’m even using a string to represent the chain connecting them. I also have a little black lightsaber hilt here to represent Orville lying on the bottom wing. And that is about it for this model.
I actually designed it to celebrate passing nine thousand supporters on my
Pursuit of Flight project on Lego Ideas. It is finally getting close to the ten
thousand supporter mark, which is what it needs to enter the review process. So, if
you’d like to see a model like this potentially become a real LEGO Ideas set,
I would definitely appreciate it if you headed on over there and added your
support, it’s really easy to do. As always, I hope you enjoyed the model and the video. Thanks for watching, keep on building, and I’ll see you next time.


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