The Flight Crew Trailer with ENG subs!!!! Danila Kozlovsky. 2016

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«You are not the pilot of the airlines company yet You are just an intern! You have a trial period and you obey my orders and service instructions» «This is our new second pilot, an inter Gushchin» -So, you are a pilot.. -Why don’t you like pilots so much? Try not to do all your those things, can you? Live like other people do! -Go for landing! -You don’t care about yourself and you will kill others.. -You are a great pilot! You will not be able to live without flying.. You will have to do the last flight! -Ok, lets do it! from the creators of LEGEND17 -The earthquake is strong, they are asking for help -Sasha! Danila Kozlovsky -We have hands and he has wings! Vladimir Mashkov -Hold on! THE FLIGHT CREW -Yes! In spring, 2016


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