The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash (Official Trailer)

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Cash:Through the paincomes confessionand care and concernfor myself
and for my fellow man.
He had a message.
And this message
was the truth
about being alive
in this world.
( train whistle blaring )Cash:
Hello, I’m Johnny Cash.
♪ I hear the train a’coming ♪ It’s rolling
around the bend ♪I feel like I was born
to perform, born to sing.
It was a time
for something with a new spirit
and a new mood to take over.
man 2:
If you look at the set list
of “Folsom Prison,”
the songs showed the struggles
that were happening
in the world.
What he went through
in his life.
The Album of the Year,
“Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison.” man 3:Johnny’s music
was a combination of sin
and salvation.
Saturday night,
Sunday morning.
Sunday morning
was about repenting
for the fun you had
on Saturday night.
Redemption was an enormous part
of his whole career.
Cash:Made a lot of records,
did a lot of traveling.
To living the life
of a rambler,
I began to realize that
there’s gonna be some friction
from me doing my music
and stay happily married.
woman 2:Do an afternoon show,
an evening show,
drive 200 miles.
Cash:I was up and going
23 hours a day.
woman 2:
Do it again, no break.
really super-charged me.
I was a bag of bones.I looked like the walking dead,
and I knew it.
When I stopped making records,it was like where did all
of the magic go?
( music playing )woman 3:
Music was spiritual to him.
It was the place he turned
in the darkest moments
of his life.
Cash:I still dream
about my brother Jack.
woman 3:
He always had this idea
that Jack’s death was why
he became who he was.
It was a deep woundand fueled his restlessness.He wanted to redeem himself.( music playing )man 4:
And just as he did
when he was a boy,
he followed the light.
He followed the music.
Cash:We put together the album
with just a guitar and myself.
The reaction was like the ’50s
all over again.
man 5:
He’s showing people
that he can change his life.
John:The most beautiful aspect
of my father
was his capacity
for forgiveness.
Cash:I’m thankful that God
has inspired me to write.
And thankful for my family.I’m thankful for the gift.


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