The Impossible Flight Preview


A feat never before attempted… “A flight around the world with no fuel.” …powered only by the light of the Sun. “It’s completely crazy. It’s very dangerous.” Can the batteries last five nights over the
Pacific Ocean? “Someone has to do it first.” A daring test of technology. “Someone has to try.” The Impossible Flight, on NOVA.


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  1. ondine hd

    February 1, 2018 4:14 am

    What a beautiful, elegant, and majestic airplane! Stunning images of plane flying over The Pyramids in Egypt, and flying over the San Francisco bridge! Great pilots, and team: inspiring optimism, open-mindedness, and un-bias! Saint-Exupéry's "NIGHT FLIGHT," ("Vol de Nuit") published in 1931, has a lot in common with, and is very relevant to the "Solar Impulse 2" project: a MUST read, after watching Nova's documentary!


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