The Internship Experience at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center

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>>My name is Josh Peterson,
I’m from Suwanee, Georgia, and I go to Georgia Tech. I’ve been working on
the F-18 behind us, and we’re converting into a
flight controls test bed. Ever since I can remember I’ve
been fascinated with space and flight, and everything that
has to do with an airplane. So really, working at NASA is a
dream come true.>>My name’s Emma Ruano, I’m
from Tehachapi, California, and I’m going to
Bakersfield College and majoring in
Industrial Technology. This year I’ve been
working on IKHANA. I’m a mechanic for NASA’s
IKHANA MQ-9 Reaper. I became interested in working
for NASA when my mentor from both National Test Pilot School
and robotics encouraged me to delve further in the
aerospace industries. I got online and found NASA’s
internship website and I just applied.>>My name is Karter Rohrer,
I go to school at Cal Poly Pomona,
I grew up in Tehachapi. So I specialize in
cyber security, so I’ve been looking at NASA web
servers. I’ve been looking for vulnerabilities,
pen testing them, which means I try to hack them. The impact that I’ve made
on my department is I’ve improved the overall IT
security at Armstrong and after I leave I will improve
the agency IT security. It’s going to help a lot. It’s
going to protect our systems. I’m coming in as an outside
hacker trying to hack our systems. If I’m not
doing this, somebody else will.>>My name is Kira Headrick,
I’m from Boulder, Colorado, but I grew up all on
the east coast, and I go to Harvard University. I’ve always been interested
in things NASA does. When I was little it
was mostly the high profile stuff
like going to the moon, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve
gotten more interested in aircraft and stuff like that. When I was looking for an
internship over the summer, NASA seemed like a place
that I would try to go.>>My name is Loren Newton,
I’m from Corona, California, and I attend the University
of California, Berkeley. What I’ve really enjoyed about
my experience here at NASA is pretty much,
I mean, the entire experience
as a whole. The forward thinking, the
cutting-edge environment that we’re working in, the
various people that I get to work with, not just the
professionals, but also the brilliant interns that we
get to work with, the ground-breaking research, it’s been a dream come true.>>The internship program at NASA
Armstrong Flight Research Center is focused on bringing students
into NASA Armstrong and providing them with a
hands-on opportunity to pursue their career. The majority of our students
are in the STEM fields. We also bring students in
from everything from Graphics, Photography, Mechanical Engineering,
Aerospace Engineering. All across our Center we’ve been
trying to broaden our program and touch as many
areas as we can.>>It’s always fascinating to me
the things they figure out on their own. It would go much faster if
the engineers were to interfere with the
students and tell them, “No, we want you to do it
exactly this way.” But part of this is so that
the students can discover those those things for themselves.>>It’s been an amazing
experience working with the with the professionals
here at the center. This is what I aspire to do
in the future, so really getting to work with
people who are at the absolute top of the field
it’s really mind-blowing, but it’s at the same time
something to be very proud of and a very humbling experience.>>I really like how everyone
believes in their project. Even though I’m working in a
project under my mentor, I am also very independent. I’m treated like a
real employee here.>>Most out of my time at NASA
I’ve enjoyed working with the other
interns here, and with Oscar and Al,
my mentors. It has been such an
eye-opening experience to work on a center where
this is what they do, and they have so much
insight and experience. I think the people here
have been my favorite part.>>So my time at NASA has helped
my career in various ways, and it’s given me real-time
experience on real situations that I’ll be using for
the rest of my life, when I’m either working at NASA
or if I’m at another company. My experience here
has changed my life.>>My time at NASA this summer
has not only helped me choose
what I want to do, but it’s given me the experience
that I’m going to need to work in the field
that I’m going into. I’m working hands-on,
side-by-side with somebody who’s doing exactly what I want to do
when I graduate.>>Someone interested in pursuing
the things that I’m doing, I would just say, “Go for it.” It’s easy to think
that you can’t do that, or that you’re not going to get
chosen, but the thing is, that if you’re willing to put in the
time to learn it, you can do
anything that you want. At NASA, in other careers,
everywhere.>>Apply as much as possible,
because we have everyone from a high school
student to a Ph.D. student here, and who knows what they’ll
see on your application.>>If you want to work at NASA,
I encourage you to apply. It’s definitely worth the time
and it’s a great experience.


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