The journey of a little baby’s life (Our story)

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Like is in a stream We go to our vehicle they have great chocolate biscuit days the mom She’s very excited by her journey It’s just a nice hey Justin you need to leave now. Otherwise you’re gonna be too late you missed the appointment They’re not going to wait for you. But let’s rather say the bad word Give me the TV. Can I ask you a question? Yes. He definitely be able to do the Hazzard percent The result was great and months go get her eggs collected in two days Go to the hospital really early and this time we’re not allowed to come in to see her So soon mom’s gonna have a baby So like this is mum – laughs few moments of being non pregnant and she knows that she’s gonna get pregnant Ladies we Use good pray, it doesn’t go slip out not much jumping mum, you know, don’t jump get down John I’m John don’t run Eva Oh Like he’s in a stream do Shingle blue What do you think Pete babe pink I’d like to be pink You’re gonna find out right now say who else what’s a soft it’s gonna be pink candy pink I Hope don’t really miss in it is a boy I love baking soda running. We’re name is Curtis Vidya. It’s gonna be okay Legends, this is gonna be the first outfit our baby brother’s gonna wear straight away when he comes home from the hospital Extreme happiness being really sad so saber looked other days for the trials of the X Games and when I needed to go to America and you’re never gonna believe this guy’s the trials are the same when his walk mom’s gonna be giving birth to the Babies all around the world every Woman is a true legend for going through childbirth, and I never won’t do that. So I Cannot wait to be bounced back now The baby’s head started a car Here’s their head pressing more and more and mummys face is looking like all this skin is stretching That might be a little bit uncomfortable and the head has come out. Look at how big the hitties guys We’re heading into the hostel now and I’m wondering what’s gonna happen If it’s not getting enough through the placenta it will become quieter to your concern I Feel so bummed out I got my hopes up so much. This is really bad because I’d like Stuckey My baby boy, and I know how much she really was a good bearing partner and how much this means I’ve gotta go to the hospital I’ve got to be there at 7:30 8:00, and they are going to induce me today a hundred percent. You’re gonna have a baby brother What you Just think about how happy you’re gonna be with the babies and you’re gonna think about a Lot, like this is this girl’s life that is depending on you Mom just said this picture and he what do you say how apt said nice? I’m saying go deeper you What’s wrong I still what’s wrong Wow, we’re gonna have a boat gone. Okay, so wait and then we can ease off, baby Oh my god, there’s a baby. Hey, oh my god. There’s a baby I just dressed disco in the Hat that biggie peaked in a little top that be picked and the pants I’m gonna be manned getting ready to go home you decide to meet the nurse nuts You excited to go home. Disco you want to go home? Yeah, let’s take your home Ah Time to close my eyes See what your hopefulness You are the best baby brother I could ever wish for this guy now I’m gonna make sure that I take really good care of you But you all this thing. I’m going to cherish most in life and if there’s someone being mean to you I’ll make sure that your feelings aren’t hurt anymore if There’s a door Thank you so much for being Positive it’s your baby t this is our journey and we discourage another human being and I cannot wait to share info about life If you need us not Anyways Soldier Harder soldier


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