The Journey

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I never really got the feeling I belonged anywhere Always seemed as if I was on the outside looking in. I’ve not really been part of a family so it’s kinda… life was different, growing up. ‘Cause everybody’s family orientated and I’m not. There was never any major problems that made me turn to alcohol Good at school and that, had dreams and aspirations of becoming a doctor one day. I had decent friends then. They were all good at school along with me. I decided: no, there was other pals you know they were out having a good time smoking and drinking, 15-16 years-old and I thought that’s for me, you know, they’re all having a great time. I’m gonna try that. We lived in a big house. Went to a nice school. We could do things. Then my parents separated in Primary 7. And that’s when it all went down hill. I mean to begin with I was just a social drinker. I worked. I had relationships, friends. And then I started drinking a hell of a lot more and it became more and more of a part of my life. By the time I was 11, I found out I was fostered. I got the feeling I wasn’t really welcome in the house that I was fostered in. I struggled to cope so I kinda started stealing drink out of shops Lead to me taking drugs Which lead to me thieving to pay for it. just talk about any other kind of how we play this out the epic in the local populace a sixteen-year-old Saturday academy started any trouble had divinities betters didn’t use it so then I started experimenting with drugs or guns resorted to the little wheels that was some good for the North really think of it that fast trouble is actually alcohol obviously half was a fourth grade 13 years old then it was a house in it was ecstasy from a high school and college then I draw power they never get a job drop a and then was cooking strategies and hitting 27 and my daughter was two-and-a-half you’re finished click though and that was like the dreams I’ve been a doctor worry and it’s all hindsight and reflect on your loop but you can start to pinpoint then where things started to unravel a bit so for HFF teen that was me how’s a cape and the dr put back and forget half the things i have them people he hangs I’ve never repeat no Natalie sins and muscle we got operated Orleans who were you must be you something is your name because it’s going to be going if they were spent a good part materials and elegant use going to court after the fields get you a lawyer technology and you play this article off which probably made the boss swing by new probably were jailed and I’m gonna help me but before to build trouble with police thirty-six-year-old never been in trouble my life you know and now I start to connect police surgeon or in court beyond these really basically maybe see things in there with me of course President as well that’s been ongoing really for the last 12 years of being so love being involved with this or criminal justice system that’s being drink for being related to the different look all this after me is and put on how everything in jail okay we’ve it is a detection got that bad i gave me daughter to her dad he has a star is inject in in years just basically we’re past might be poison but one that basically can the last time I seen him have some signs buying opportunity and once in the state you find myself apologizing to people all the time because the way I was behaving through the drain and our reliable i was i don’t actually the main but let’s face it to Daddy have mastered somehow the drinkin was three the oldie Germany 24 hours of the visa my dad passed every year after that really see I took a really bad never showed any emotion North deals online business back then home to make another start with drinking came to Scotland about six years ago that’s great the first not you think i’ll move somewhere else fresh start changing that you just take a problem with it it goes with you as part of you dropped me before you go supper belong to know what kind of comforting to think that we just gave me only when i’m with you over anyways you drinking to alleviate the sort of depression to try to bring out the depression and makes it weighs and it’s just wonderful that she’s circle my job knowing the fire brigade of school places without and an offset of the two years because of my seizures and a I say and I just all related to alcohol we know what the problems are that that was hours may declare dialogues a fortune your style and I went back now I think ya had at Fort Knox was I drank exia or can i started off the weekends and in legislative action is a gradual insidious process so it takes over here without you notice e-house isself are mentally is our place to master nor time built and manic rather good-looking got one doing a 4-h club so almost bedrooms so I give props to nate is usually quite quite unless and subunit and yes I mean I was just gonna deteriorate it which led to me lose my job and that point I can you take them evenly bunnelby what one day and stop breathing heart stopped and work on maintaining care feat for days later you know I was like to myself all of my system that was it in just two years ago I got into high school and I lost my leg so I was lying in hospital thinking we call boil your other leg yeah maybe just glad that it was lying in hospital and I was looking around me and that’s really what the hell was therefore I actually felt as if I was wrong for being I because this is something I’ve done to myself remember for a cab all that much of a democracy go where we sleep frozen-columns about going on the Baltic little arms and therefore limited time you spoke from evil and I gonna do about the wall and seeing the college going back and forth to come back everybody’s with balls and starting tonight means and that was a backed-up ate my lease at that really save me save me this year to be too formal for both the other now but especially for those are the ones that partly for any more any decision tea commander cody has been for a particular 7-9 the psychiatrist look at all those look at medication Roman will Allah approach would be to go support worker had this ad idea of entrees recovery coffee so in Kathy storage throughout the southeast volunteer and now I’ve never looked back it’s an excellent from the f-18s today to help so that’s what coming after work how can she help me end up sugar two groups which I love video away to capital s and volunteers no i won’t tell winners group which is going to end yes we’re good at was barely used to compete seven and I was younger so I start conserving half a mile in contrast or now place a week and I started quoting are not good and then I started volunteering and careful science and ever since i started not my partner company it’s been great at a lot of the old ball field or not the shoulder boy starts walking through attended a football project before you joined the job and rips one date and a job in the group than half marathon which creates significant because I don’t bite about their treatment associate and it’s the first time we didn’t know soon i’ve been involved with I like basketball went along and don’t talk to the kids about drugs and training so been kept busy over the years and now obviously I wouldn’t be here by Moscow here so if you’re my role now is to super enter each other’s help others to assist all the people who are going through similar problems as well compensated under mental health ik that is a good job you know it’s a good kitty on then or worst alright because I packed up our call bill does not slow you as the causes of notes Lisa thinkin restore a decision to stop you to wait times some days are hard some days off Allah is all about the about 10 minutes let’s go about wind it’s about with me up local surely something up installed the Satan that and still green chili and I thought about enough all the table till so I’m still you know what we’re into alcohol we know it just doesn’t play any part of my life known and i can kinda see another role but applying the engines are gonna backhand volley it is late and external so after net md else can do to see recovery Tommy and I intend to enjoy


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