The One & Only USA to IIT Journey | Why I Chose to work in India over USA?

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I had wrote my Goal on a Cardboard to stay focused 99% of the Indians want to work in USA to make money and to get work experience. But why wasn’t your goal the same? All IITians are blamed that they are misusing the subsidized education by not returning any penny back to India First of all tell us how you knew since 9th or 10th that you want to get into research. Normal students like us don’t know that. We choose CS only for better salary I remember when I was in 11th or 12 grade. Teachers used to ask me what is that you didn’t understand And nothing used to make sense to me as I was in 11th grade back then Then I started practicing a lot of math and I used to get stuck on a single chapter for a long time Which university you joined after 12th grade? You did your research in IIT as well Is it the people who are advanced, technology or infrastructure what is so unique here Par1: People are advanced. You will see majority of CEO of big companies are Indians There is professor here from IIT too, leading a big team That’s something I really would like to do. Collaboration of Mechanical with CS, IE etc When sharp minds collaborate something innovative is discovered Why didn’t you gain experience first rather going for MS/PhD at IIT Chennai? How you finished your MS and PhD so fast at IIT? How many years it took you at IIT Chennai? So that’s how i did in 4 years 5 months. You always have a pressure of finishing Research quickly as well Usually 5 papers take around 5 years to complete. But you finished in 4 with masters. so that’s incredible How you planned to come to US then. Can you share your journey from IIT Chennai to USA I have learned from Chitraang Murdia that Research professor matters more over the university Which VISA are you on currently? 99% of the Indians want to work in USA to make money and to get work experience. But why wasn’t your goal the same? One thing was clear in my mind that When I ask kids in Bihar (my hometown) what you want to do? They talk about doing Govt jobs, decent salary etc There is only way is that I go back home, work there and help them grow And I will be able to stay close to my home Patna. I will be working at IIT Patna and work for the nation at the same time That reminds me of Super 30, built by Indian which produces sharp students which are impacting to great level to the global economy of India What will you be doing at IIT Patna? Why did you had to study a lot after PhD? I thought Phd is enough Same is the standards at MIT, GaTech etc Any tips for 9th to 12th std kids. They still don’t know about the best career choices after 12th. Why India produces more Doctors and Engineers as compared to Researchers? I thought about it. why students want to go for easy degrees?


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