The One Way Flight to Terror

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Once the lights go out it’s completely dark, your eyes are open and you can’t see your hands. It relies on tactile stimuli so we’re taking away every other sense and only stimulating you through the ears. So Flight is the second production in the Darkfield series and this time we’re taking you on a multi-universe multi-sensory experience. In one world you take a plane and land safely and in another world you may not be so lucky. The show is about quantum mechanics and in for one world you made one decision
in another world you made a totally different decision and that is the premise
of Flight. When the Darkfield team in the UK first came up with concept, the show Seance was in a theatre and being in a theatre there are lots of
variables then that couldn’t be controlled from emergency lighting to cracks
through doors. So through that, a shipping container
came into the equation. It allows us to completely have control over everything from sound from lighting and the whole thing. Loss of vision, allows us to do many things, play lots of tricks on the audience’s mind. It allows us to create things that
are not there and also we do a few tricks and maybe there are some things that you wouldn’t think of there and that they actually are. It also allows the audience to kind of put their own kind of thoughts into it they our own experiences. Many people have been on planes and stuff so they’ll have their idea of what this kind of plane is like once it’s up in the air. It’s a two-part from us creating sound space but then also as well from the audience but putting their own kind of experiences and imagination into it. Some people find being locked in a container very soothing, some find it very terrifying. There are many people have very different fears and kind of anxieties about being in a plane but also as well it’s a very different
experience it’s not a flight simulator. It is a kind of theatre experience. One thing we do always say to people who are claustrophobic is once the lights go out you actually have
no spatial awareness so being and feeling in a tight, confined space it disappears because we suddenly create this vast wide space. The themes in the show do come from a scientific theme on multiple universes and for every decision you made in another world, you made a very different decision. And so that does lather our thoughts when leaving the container of how you’ve lived your life and what kind of things you might have done in a
different and past life or in a different world. What I enjoy about – enjoy
most about the Flight is, as you can see we created a section of an economy
airliner in a very small shipping container. Once you go inside and
the show and everything is running it really does feel like you’re in a
plane and not in a shipping container so as soon as you get in there you’re
totally taken away with the sounds and the feel and the smell of what’s
happening up here and you totally feel like you’re on a plane.


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