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Are you travelling for the first time on the
flight? Your’e asking questions yourself like what are the precautions should we follow? what are the items should we carry? What are the documents should we carry? you will know all the answers for the above
questions in a few minutes. Hey guys i’m Sai Santosh Kumar back with another
video, watch the entire video for detailed information and if you’re having any doubts
ask in the comment section below. Let’s get started Here is the first and the important tip for
boarding your flight. everyone should carry their passport with
them. If you’re travelling inside the country then
passport is not a compulsory proof for boarding. you can carry any proof like Aadhar card,
pan card, driving licence. But if you’re travelling outside the country
then passport is the main and necessary document for the journey. Make sure that your passport is up to date
and should be atleast 3 months before expiry. You should book your travel insurance before
you leave your home. print out your policy documents and bring
them with you. Make sure that you have a emergency number
for the medical assistance. for suppose you booked your flight ticket
online and you forgot to print them out. Don’t panic now a days most airlines are issuing
E-tickets and you can show it to the staff in the airport in your confirmation mail. Once you’ve shown the ticket at the checkin
desk, then the staff will issue a physical boarding pass. This shows the information, like your flight
number, seat number and time for take off. And this boarding pass grant’s you to get
into the aeroplane. So don’t loose your boarding pass in the airport. Even the seasonal travellers sometimes get
confused by airlines baggage rules. so as you are a first time traveller you should
be aware of the cabin luggage and hold luggage. if you’re travelling long journey that is
more than six hours then your luggage is asked to check in at the check in desk before boarding. it’ll be returned at your destination. cabin luggage is the hand luggage with less
weight and there are some rules for that luggage that is size of the bag and dimensions. separate bags are also sold in the shops for
cabin luggage. If you carry more weight as a cabin luggage
you will be charged extra. The weight of the cabin luggage and check
in luggage is based on the airlines you book. After your boarding in to the flight, first
you need to find your seat according to your boarding pass. If you have any doubts cabin crew will help
out. After seating, before your plane takes off
there are some procedures to follow which the cabin crew explains in a detailed way. After all the procedures your flight is ready
to take off and there will be a sensation like a heavy metal object suddenly taking
into the sky can seem unnatural. After reaching a certain altitude the plane
will go smoothly. Depending on your airlines and duration of
the flight, you may be served one or more meals on the plane, as well as drinks and
limited alcohol and snacks. you’ll already know if these refreshments are included or
not while booking your ticket. If you want to buy the food you can. Don’t worry if you forgot to bring the cash,
most airlines are equipped with electronic card readers. depending on your flight there will be screens
in front of you and there will be some songs and movies preloaded. but in some flightsi there will be no screens. so you carry your own books and gadgets like
whatever you have with you.. ok guys these are the things to remember if
you’re a first time traveller. thankyou watching and subscribe to my channel
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