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They are probably some of the best young singers
on the planet. All the way
from the Philippines… Give it up for the TNT Boys! TNT Boys…
-From the Philippines, it’s the TNT Boys! -Wait. I’m sorry.
-Come on. I’m nervous.
Lord, please guide me. Hello, I’m Mackie Empuerto,
13 years old, from the TNT Boys. Hello, I’m Keifer Sanchez,
14 years old, from the TNT Boys. Hello, my name
is Francis Concepcion, and I’m 12 years old.
I’m TNT Boys. -Not like that. Do it again.
-What–? Hello, I’m Francis Concepcion,
12 years old, from the TNT Boys. TNT Boys started… Actually, we first joined
Call of the Stage. We competed as solo artists. Call of the Stage on Showtime, it’s a daily singing competition where we showed
their backgrounds, their real lives. The people knew their story. They performed
not just for themselves. Their inspiration
was always their family. This is our chance to finally achieve my dreams
for my family. I’m Mackie Empuerto, 11 years old,
from San Juan City. I’m always out playing. You can always find me
in the streets. I am seldom home actually. Our life used to be so simple. I never had
a proper birthday celebration, unlike some kids
that have grand birthdays. We just celebrate his birthday
at home. Sometimes, we would just put
a candle on top of a cupcake. I have a job,
but I’m not earning enough. Everything here costs money. When we were in a bus one time
and we saw a nice car, he said to me,
“Mom, when I earn enough money, we will buy a car like that so we won’t have to commute
anymore.” Whenever we see nice houses,
he’d say, “Mom, it doesn’t have
to be that pretty, as long as we have one. We will have a better life.” When we heard him sing
with a vibrato, we thought, oh, he can really sing. He just needs practice. I encouraged him
to just keep on singing. Who knows,
he might get discovered someday, then he’d be able to buy
anything he wants. From there, I started to join
singing contests. When his singing
has improved even more, he also started
winning bigger prizes. Then the auditions for Call
of the Stage: Kids came about. CALL OF THE STAGE
ON IT’S SHOWTIME I’m Keifer O. Sanchez,
12 years old, Davao City. Our old house was made of wood,
with one side falling off because of the floods. This is where we discovered
he can sing. It used to be difficult
to walk through here, you have to do it sideways
because it’s so narrow. This is only the house
without a living room. It’s the kitchen straightaway. Keifer and his brother
sleep on this side, this is our side. They sleep on a double deck. My father used to be a driver. I made him quit his job because his eyesight
is getting bad. My brother used to own this van
before it was sold. Keifer used to keep me company
while I drive. One more, then we’re leaving.
Come on. Thank you. This used to be our livelihood. While I’m driving, Keifer
sits on the front with me. When I see my kids help us,
their parents, to rise above poverty, it’s really so heartwarming. He was in my lap that time when he started observing
how our mouths sing. Until we let him give it a try. We were surprised because
he had memorized a whole song without learning
how to read first. I wasn’t planning on letting him
join singing contests at all. I’d rather he decide for himself
if he wants to. When ABS-CBN held another
audition, we let him try. That was my first audition. They asked us to come here,
to Manila, then I performed. He was so happy. His dream of becoming a singer
is slowly coming true. I’m Francis A. Concepcion, Jr. This is where we used to live. The last time JR was here,
we were living together. The house my father
provided for us was okay. We were happy. There’s a roof over us. The rain doesn’t get inside
and it has a window. It stinks. There’s a dog here. We had a small bed here. We used to sleep here,
all of us, in one bed. My dream for my family
is for us to have a good life, to give my younger siblings
a good education. I wish for my brother and my mom
to find work and for my dad
to find a nice job. -Hello, JR.
-Hello, JR! When his siblings see him,
they say, “I want to be like JR.” And I’m glad that he inspires
the younger ones to dream too. Our wish is to be able
to send them to school. We, siblings, took a child each.
I took Francis. I sent him to school.
He lived with me. We sell goods in Calgasan every Friday, Saturday,
and Sunday. Sometimes, when I leave early,
I’d go without him. I leave him with our relative,
Mendie. We all live in the same house. Francis lives in this house. Come inside. That’s where he learned
how to sing, to get used to people. We take him outside. I’d tell him, “After you sing,
we’ll swim on the beach.” He’d jump for joy. He’d even dance,
belt out a chorus or two. I love swimming. It’s nice to swim there
with my friends. He’d jump on the water
using this ladder. When business is slow, I’d make Francis sing
for entertainment. He helps me out. I didn’t know then
what was happening, why I had to move in
with Auntie Grace. I would just cry because
I didn’t know the reason why. But I understand it now. I’m so happy
because I get to go to school. I’d always dream of him singing and a big crowd
is applauding him. The day I auditioned
for Call of the Stage, I thought that after I sing,
I will just go home, and that will be the end. I never thought I’d make it. From the hundreds of kids
who stepped onstage in the span of three months, nine dreams were given
the chance to come true. The first time I saw them
was in TNT Kids. Each performer
has his own dynamic. They each have
their own strength. They have different voices. Mackie is the more formal
among the three. As for Keifer, he is very showy. He’s very showy
with his emotion. You must be confident
about this song. You must be sure
about this song. You must be sure
you’ll hit the high note. On the other hand, Francis
is a character of his own. When you perform on stage,
I’m sure you’ll go wild. But I still want you
to be relaxed. You will be delighted
not only with his voice, but also with his personality. Five voices rose above the rest
to gather in a showdown this coming grand finals! They are Mackie Empuerto,
Francis Concepcion, Sheena Belarmino,
Keifer Sanchez, and John Clyde Talili
from Mindanao! Congratulations… You are the Call of the Stage:
Kids grand champion… John Clyde Talili of Mindanao! Congratulations! During grand finals, I was third, then second,
then fifth. We thought that was the end. That helped them push
to become successful because they have the drive
to achieve more. TNT Kids had that opportunity
to guest on GGV, all of them, five of them,
including the winner John Clyde, Sheena Belarmino, so… Keifer, Mackie, and Francis
were invited to guest. Now, you will sing
a high-pitched song, “Listen.” The entire showdown thing
wasn’t planned. You’ll sing “Listen,” but you’ll
make it sound like an argument. You will diss each other
using the lyrics. Okay? And that’s it,
it happened overnight, they became a trio
right there and then after that “Listen”
singing showdown on GGV. That was amazing! Then, overnight, it became viral. because Snoop Dogg
tweeted the video, Rebel Wilson, and all
the other Hollywood celebrities. We realized that our singing
can go viral. For the longest time, there are no solo, or group,
or trio boy singers around. So when they performed
the higher note songs and they harmonized as a group, it really created an opportunity
for them to capture the audience
who are looking for that sound. Oh, my gosh. That was so cute.
They’re so little. -And just so like–
-They’re like this adorable and just killing the game. I just love that. Hello, Steve Harvey! We are the TNT Kids trio! -Our video went viral.
-Yeah. And I’m so happy
because there are many viewers -and reactions.
-Reactions. I’m so excited to see you soon. I wish we have more fun
with each other. See you soon. So, now,
we are here in Parañaque on the way to the airport, to go to US. So we are excited
because it is our first time, it’s our first time
to perform abroad. When we, including me, reached the international stage,
we felt, of course, we were overjoyed. I couldn’t wrap my brain
around it. How did we get here? And then eventually,
when they did Little Big Shots and World’s Best, they were tagged
as the world’s cutest boy band. They are a vocal group. So, they’re a trio
singing hit songs, belt-out songs. So they started
as the vocal trio of ABS-CBN. We are all ready! Your Face Sounds Familiar! Your Face Sounds Familiar is a weekly entertainment show
for family. When they were developing
the second season of Your Face
Sounds Familiar: Kids, they just had their stint
on Little Big Shots. So, we thought that the TNT Boys
should be as one name. They will give a unique flavor
for the show. The most important thing
in Your Face Sounds Familiar is that they can impersonate
the performances, impersonate the choreography, and impersonate the mannerisms. You are a trio.
You should listen to each other. You should be one. Your should be one
in heart and mind. The superpower that they formed,
for some reason, they were really able to carve
their own place in the industry by being together. And for the first time
this season, the big shot trio, TNT Boys! They were really expecting
to do “Bang Bang.” They really learned the song. Even them,
they were really surprised with the result of their union. And I feel so privileged
to have witnessed that. This is the tendency
when you’re a kid and you’re put
into this business, you suddenly lose
your innocence. They just really want to sing, which is why I always tell them
to maintain it. That’s how you enjoy
your childhood. At the same time,
you enjoy what you’re doing, which is singing, right? Even us, as a team,
we are actually surprised. One million views
are not enough. The comments and reviews
poured in from the international fans. So, I actually thought
that they would be solo artists. Sometimes
fate is different, right? Destiny has other plans. Do you know the phenomenon of right people getting together
at the right time? It’s like God put together
the perfect opportunity and the right people
in the perfect situation. The scenarios they came from
aren’t perfect. In spite of their youth,
they showed that… because of their singing,
they can have their own spot. They can also be stars. We are here in Los… Los Angeles, California. …Boys from the Philippines and they convinced me
to try balut. Well, it’s so nice
meeting you guys. Oh, thank you! We will see you in Araneta! I want to show
your individual characters. Don’t be scared
when we talk to you. At the end of the day,
these opportunities may fade also. And I don’t want them to be left out with anything
but that fame. A career doesn’t last forever. It would eventually end. TNT! TNT! TNT! TNT! Their voices are changing,
so it seemed like, like half of the concert,
their voices are getting tired. So how can we overcome this? Please welcome, the TNT Boys!


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