Top 10 Cheapest Places To Travel In The World

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10 Cheapest Places to Travel in The World
Planning to go on a vacation and got a budget to manage? You’ve come to right place. Traveling is not just a get-away from your
regular life, it is a get away from your stress and is a way to realize how amazingly beautiful
the world is! After you have traveled the nation you are
living in, international vacation is next on your bucket list. But it is a myth that international trips
are expensive. Let us spell it out for you- IT IS NOT! We are here to tick that one vacation off
your list. Here are 10 cheapest places in the world you
can plan your next trip to! Number 1. Karpathos, Greece
Whenever we hear a name of the Europian city, we reconsider traveling due to the pricy feedback
of europian states. However, some gems of Europe have still not
been discovered and such is the well kept secret island Karpathos. Karpathos is an Island in Greece which has
a rugged look to it and some picturesque villages with exotic beach locations. The best way to explore this city is to rent
a car and explore it by yourself after your thorough research. The capital of the island, Pighadia is an
urban place but in rural villages, the traditional dresses are still worn in day to day life! The traditions and customs are still very
much present and are untouched by the urbanization. The cost of per day traveling is $100. That is quite reasonable to the Europian standards. Number 2. Phuket, Thailand
When you think of a pocket-friendly trip, Thailand is the first place most people think
of. The mix of ultra-urban lifestyle and rich
cultural heritage is what you will get here, so this location is a whole package. The nightlife is full of loud music and entertainment
at the same time going to the town in daytime will give you a feel of being in Portugal,
the colorful buildings will leave you awestruck! You should keep the visit to Phi Phi Islands
for the last. The two-hour ferry ride is worth the white
sand beach and crystal clear water that you will get to see there. According to a research by a website the average
expenditure of traveling per day is $89. Number 3. Piran, Slovenia
While looking at this picture you will probably think that this place must be Croatia or some
other exotic location like that but trust us when we say that this beauty belongs to
Slovenia. Piran has a little bit of everything beaches,
caves, castles, lakes, say it and you have it there. Wanna know the best part? It fits perfectly with your budget! $55 per day expenditure doesn’t sound bad
to us! This place’s beauty has forced people to
call it the New Zealand of Europe. The seafood of this little Venice costs less
than $10 Number 4. Havana, Cuba
Forget budget, every place to stay here will fit your need. This tourist place is being traveled to a
lot in recent times. The history of this city attracts a lot of
geek tourists here. The colorful buildings and old cars will definitely
catch your attention which adds up to the liveliness of this city. There are many myths about security in Cuba
but it is nowhere on the list of dangerous places but it is definitely the cheapest place
to travel. The average cost per day for a traveler is
$50. Access to all parts of the city is very easy,
you can enjoy the nightlife as well as the exotic beaches at the same time. Travel tip: You need to have an insurance
to travel to Cuba! If you don’t have it, get it! Number 5. Komodo Island, Indonesia
Due to the hype Bali is getting, other islands in Indonesia are not getting their due recognition. Komodo which is one of those undiscovered
gems is considered in 7 Wonders of nature. The scenic beauty leaves you in awe. As the name implies, it is home to mini-Godzillas
which you can get to see if you go for the boat ride to tri-color beach. A piece of advice: do not book with any tour
companies in advance. Most of them are a bunch of crooks. Book your own flight and make all the arrangements
once you arrive there. Your average expenditure per day should not
be more than $50. Number 6. Jaipur, India
Looking for forts? Handicrafts? Indian Traditional food? We have the perfect place for you! Jaipur it is my friend. Talk about cheap stays, spicy food, easy transportation,
Jaipur has got it all and it is one of the most attractive tourist places in India. The places to visit are endless, you can start
with Hawa Mahal and continue your exploration with Amer Fort. City Palace is a must visit. For all the cultural treasure, have a look
at Chowki Dhani which also serves the food to die for! The average cost of traveling will be around
$45 per day. Not bad at all! Number 7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
It is a place that has not been discovered and exploited yet. If you are planning to go to Asia, Kuala Lumpur
is a must visit. You will get a mix of mostly all Asian cultures
in food, monuments, and other stuff! Cheap stays, amazing food, and reasonable
shopping are what you will get here. You can get a five-star room at a price of
$42 for a night. The city is known for sky bars (rooftop bars)
and also the most famous Petronas Tower. Also, the flight between Kuala Lumpur and
Thailand is just for $24, so maybe plan a multi-country trip! Number 8. Budapest, Hungary
Budapest is a city that has value for money. It is probably the cheapest city to visit
in Europe. It can be as expensive as it is cheap depending
on your interests. The average cost of traveling in this Europian
city is $38. The city has affordable transportation and
is very walk friendly. Discovering a few parts of the city on foot
is the best way to explore it. The city is very young and full of life, you
could never get bored of this place, not even in years! Maybe that is why Bollywood actors are seen
there vacationing! The little Paris of Central Europe is very
modern and full of trendy restaurants and marketplace. Do visit a thermal bath, which is a unique
part of Europe! Number 9. Trujillo, Peru
If you are good with financial management and bargaining, the place is suitable to travel
for you! The northern part of Peru has some beaches
that are budget-friendly and Trujillo is no exception. This coastal city has warm effects to its
scenery without your filters. The culture and adventure activities co-exist
with upscale restaurants which are not as pricey as they are mostly said to be. You can find inexpensive stay in hotels or
can even opt for hostels if you are backpacking. Whatever is the purpose of your trip, make
sure you experience Spanish-influenced architecture. The point to note is even if you are high
on budget, the average per day expenditure will be $35 per day. So, we guess you have the next place on your
bucket list now, if not wait till you see the last place on our list! Number 10. Philippines
Phillippines is one of the most incredible locations to visit in the world due to its
white sand beaches, enchanting seas, mesmerizing scenic beauty along with the relaxed and tropical
environment and to top it all, it is inexpensive AF! Visit any city and it’s as affordable as
it can get! The country has everything to itself, from
the volcanoes to its raw coral reefs to lush green jungles, huge caves, underground rivers
and some of the most enchanting waterfalls in the world. Travel cost of per day is $20. That takes cheap deals to the next level. Transportation is as cheap as it can get! So, if it is on your bucket list, don’t
think twice and pack your bags! So, which of these places caught your attention
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